Why Am I Angry? How do I Deal with Anger? How do I Stop Anger from Killing Me?

Why Am I Angry? How Do I Deal with Anger? How Do I Stop Anger from Killing Me?

Why Am I Angry?

Anger is a partnership of two forces in which one of the partners is silent. Anger is the present and accountable emotion while Shame is the silent partner, the thought form that projects in the background. Shame is the belief in eternal lack of resolve, which initiates from blame.

How Do I Deal with Anger?

Emotions are indicators. Anger indicates that someone has projected Shame at your choice or action. It doesn’t matter whether the other person’s conclusion of your actions are factual, truthful, or authentic. If you are labeled disgraceful, dishonorable, or degrading, that is how you are viewed and created by the minds of the masses.

Humans love to judge. Judgment is akin to lust. Judgment is primarily based in the need for hungry humans to steal from another person through hearsay, gossip, and faulty conclusions in the form of a bite to your neck. It gives the hungry person power.

Shame is linked to anger, and it does matter that you feel anger. Anger indicates that you have received blame whether you are deserving of the mindset or not. Forced blame leads to shame and anger, which is an agenda that happens like a silent handshake of agreement.

How Do I Stop Anger from Killing Me?

If anger is left unchecked or ignored, it builds into waste, destruction, and ultimately regret. Regret is a painful mindset in which you feel sad, repentant, or remorseful for something you did that was neither wrong or perverse. You were simply living your life.

By resolving the blame for the shame, you resolve the anger and the regret. It’s a form of taking back your power.

How do you resolve the past? Transmutation is powerful. It is a form of forgiveness without dogma, penance, or rules. Forgiveness has been distorted by religious conditioning. Religion is designed to control your personal authenticity, sovereignty, self empowerment, and check book. So drop all ideas of bending your knee to an entity that needs your worship as worship is parasitical.

Transform your life by releasing all cords of shame. From a physical body standpoint, shame might look like cruel posts, articles, and disgusted visual stares. From a thought standpoint, shame cords are energetic hooks to your DNA template for the goal of stealing power.

We all have a light body with a light quotient. Light quotient is a percentage of light held in your energy body based upon your DNA template or your higher self aspects. The light quotient raises and decreases based upon the attacks upon your template. To reclaim stolen power from a judgmental person, it requires fierce determination. I do not mean fierce determined cruelty to avenge your wrongs. I mean determined action to break the energetic cords, emotional indicators, and regain your rightful deserving self love, self respect, and bliss.

Be kind to yourself and transmute the shame thought form.

As you focus on something you desire, your intent collapses scalar waves of consciousness into 3D. Your DNA literally becomes your projector of reality.

Deborah Bravandt
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