What is your DNA Activation Potential

What is your DNA Activation Potential? Are you a Starseed?

Are you an Indigo? What is your DNA activation potential? Each type has a different DNA template, while both have one singular goal. They both desire a Soul Connection. Indigos and Starseeds are HUman beings who once lived in another star system before coming to earth. Indigo and Starseed are terms to explain lineage and lifetime progression in other time and space matrixes. Simply put, all humans have lived elsewhere before coming to earth. The “other place” is typically a star system like Sirius, Hadar, Pleiadia, Parallel, Polarian, Mission Realm, and many others.

Why did Starseeds come to Earth?

Earth is an extreme experiential time and space matrix in which the individual must sever his or her connection to Source Consciousness or All That Is to understand polarity extremes. To sever one’s connection to Source is to lose divine love, a frequency of light that sustains the lightbody much like food and water sustains the physical body. Severing the connection to Source and divine love meant that humans would experience pain, suffering, cruelty, fear, and loss before experiencing the healing power of divine love.

Since humans are cut off from a source of direct light, humans are living off a limited source supply. Light quotient is a measurement of how much a person is holding within his or her template. If a person holds 51% of light or greater in his or her template, he or she is more likely to desire a Soul Connection, expansion, and ascension. If a person holds less than 51% of light, he or she is more likely to enjoy lying, stealing, gossiping, or harming other individuals.

Why would a Person Choose to Give Up Divine Love?

In order to ascend in consciousness, a person must disconnect his or her immediate connection to Source in order to gain a Soul outside of time and space. Gaining a Soul connection allows the individual to expand in love greater than he or she has known prior to this experience. It’s a form of spiritually growing up, leaving home, and living an independent life. If you stay connected to Source, you remain a child while gaining a Soul is a form of becoming an adult.

To understand the purpose of switching from Source to Soul as your “immediate parent,” it important to understand that this is NOT your first lifetime. It is even more important to understand that this is NOT your first time and space matrix. In essence, you fell into this extremely difficult reality by choice in order to expand in your abilities, knowledge, kindness, and love.

If you came to Earth to get a Soul, what is stopping you?

The mass majority of humanity has an 11-strand DNA template. 11-strand is a reference to the highest dimension a person can ascend to in this time matrix. Earth is a 15-dimensional time matrix. Thus, the eleventh dimension is the highest holding consciousness level a human can achieve with this template and a stopping point for evolution.

All human beings with an 11-strand DNA template once had an Angelic 12-strand DNA template that was compromised and convoluted many years ago. One of the entities that seeded planet 950 billion years ago was Metatron who is part of a collective that created humanity, known as Jehovah or Jehovani. A group of Elohim based in the 11th dimension blended biologically with fallen entities who opposed Universal Laws, empathy, equity, and fairness. Due to the blending of their DNA and bloodline, it caused a literal downfall of earth, consciousness, and their DNA template. They were locked in the 11th dimension without any way to ascend into the 12th dimension until their DNA template was corrected.

Starseeds are gifted beings, just like Indigo Beings, that have developed clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and more talents. They are two-souls in one body, meaning that they are both male and female entities in one body. They are advanced in their evolution but limited in their ability to ascend. The only short coming is their 11-strand DNA template.

Starseeds originally held the 12-strand Angelic Template, so 11-strand is simply a reference to their current circumstance. The goal is to evolve back to 12-strands of consciousness. 11-strand DNA template human beings are the beings from history known as Noah-Abraham-Moses-Nibiruian-Nephilim-Jehovian-Anunnaki-Illuminati lineage. Since the Fall, many 11-strand DNA template beings have raised their consciousness and activated their partiki of empathy, ethics, fairness, and kindness.

Angelic Beings are also called Earthers in that earth is their first experience of life and living as a human being. They hold a 12-strand DNA Oraphim Template. That one extra strand allows Angelic Beings to be more than a Starseed in consciousness expansion, and yet it is unlikely that they will ever use this extra strand to ascend in consciousness as they are young in their lifetime evolution. Angelic Beings are less likely to be interested in spiritual matters, why they exist, and where they are going after their current lifetime.

Knowing that humanity was locked in this time and space matrix without any means to ascend, Starseeds and Indigos chose to come to earth to assist in the progression of humanity by being wayshowers of higher living. They also desired a connection to that which they are missing, a Soul and Divine Love.

There are three types of Indigos on earth. All Starseeds, Type 1 Indigos, Type 2 Indigos, and Type 3 Indigos are two souls in one body, meaning that a male spirit and a female spirit co-share a body. It is called Ardhanarishvara, which is a Sanskrit term explaining heritage and history. Balancing the masculine and feminine energies within one body creates the potential for divine love within the body, which is the ultimate tool for manifesting in 3D reality.

Indigo Type 3 beings are composed of an ancient 11-strand DNA template being and a young 12-strand DNA template being. The 11-strand DNA template being chose to enter the Emerald Covenant in 1875 for DNA template bio-regenesis. Bio-regenesis is a term to explain the restoration of the missing other half, the missing of either the masculine or the feminine energy.

The basis of bio-regenesis is joining two souls in one body to restore the missing 12th DNA strand that has been missing from the Noah-Abraham-Moses-Nibiruian-Nephilim-Jehovian-Anunnaki DNA template for eons of time. The 12th strand of the Angelic being provides the necessary key for the Nephilim being to pass through Stargate 12, and the Nephilim provides starseed knowledge and consciousness that the Angelic being would not have known in order to ascend. There are roughly 3 million Indigo Type 3 beings on the planet.

Indigo Type 2 beings hold a 24-strand DNA template, which means they can hold up to 24 levels of consciousness. They came to earth during this ascension time period, or Stellar Activation Cycle, to provide etheric and holistic healing. They are often gifted with the natural ability to heal the human light body and create wellness centers that step beyond older modalities of healing. They are the way showers for embodying the principle of unification and serving as the example of how to live in harmony with all things. There are roughly 2 million on the earth at this time.

Indigo Type 1 beings have a 48-strand DNA template, which means that they can hold up to 48-strands of consciousness. There are only a small number of Indigo Type 1 beings on the planet currently, specifically 2. They are ascended masters with contracts that involve restoring the divine blueprint on a micro and macro level much like Jesus Christ. 48-strand DNA template is a reference to a being having all 12 Master Key Codes and 144 Encryption Key Codes encoded in their DNA that are needed to pass through the 12 Star Gates for ascension. The Indigo Type 1 being has the power to override the fallen nature of Star Gates 1-11 by drawing the Divine Blueprint through Star Gate 12 and into all dimensions of this time and space based reality.

Additionally, Indigo Type 1 beings also have contracts with certain land demographics and are holding specific codes for earth precisely for this time of Ascension. They hold frequency in their body that can anchor those transmissions into Ley Lines and Axiatonal Lines of the earth.

Being two souls in one body, Starseed Beings, Indigo Type 1, Indigo Type 2, Indigo Type 3 may experience heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, or gender non-conformity. It is called Two-Spirited by Native Americans. Not all two-souls in one body are gay, lesbian, or bisexual as magnetic and electrical partiki can dictate sexual attraction.

Many children are being born during this time period as Transgender children to bring awareness to the planet that the body and the gender are two different things. In essence, the transgender person is a wayshower of free will choice in that the transman or transwoman need not accept the pre-set, pre-determined gender rules dictated at birth. Free will choice is magnified as he or she expresses his or her internal truth. Being truthful may create lack of social acceptance, yet the truth opens the door for happiness, self acceptance, and authenticity.

How does a Fallen Reality help YOU gain a Connection to your SOUL outside of Time and Space?

A person cannot understand compassion, empathy, fairness, kindness, or love until he or she loses it. This is the reality of loss. Everyone loses free will choice in exchange to gain a blueprint of established, pre-set, and pre-determined choices. Those blueprinted choices create pain. Those blueprinted choices create success. In other words, luck does not exist. A blueprint exists for each lifetime.

For those who experience wealth, health, and success, it feels fantastic yet is easy to become blinded to the suffering of other people. For those who experience poverty, sickness, and loss, it feels sorrowful and depressing yet it is easy to become blinded to your own potential. A balance of both experiences creates compassion, understanding, empathy, and desire to break free from restrictions.

It is extremely useful to know your your DNA template in order to understand why you are on Earth at this time of evolution, how to gain a Soul Connection, and your DNA potential. DNA Activation with the Universal Laws is essential to the process of awakening to your Indigo nature as it aligns you to your true soul purpose on Earth.

How do I learn more about my DNA Activation Potential?

To learn more about your DNA Activation potential, how to get connected to your ascending Soul, and your purpose here on earth at this time, please contact Deborah or read this article about the benefits of Golden DNA Activation©.

Deborah Bravandt
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