Two Sisters were the Best of Friends

Two Sisters were the Best of Friends

Two sisters were the best of friends who each dreamed of creating their own business. One chose to sketch out her goals on paper then solidify her intent by embroidering an insignia on a baseball cap. The insignia was “entrepreneur,” which would be her daily motivation. The other sister watched.

The sister with the insignia smiled as soon as the cap slipped on as it reminded her of her desire to do powerfully what she came to earth to do. Boys noticed her, which created the seed of jealousy in her sister. One day, the cap went missing. It didn’t make the insignia girl feel less powerful as it was only a token of what she held inside her heart.

The cap had not disappeared for the sister had stolen it as she felt limited instead of powerful. The sister wanted to attract the attention of boys. To avoid discovery, she wore the cap in secrecy. At first, the secret act of possession created a false sense of power. She felt an insatiable craving to be her sister rather than be herself, but she didn’t want to do the work. She just wanted to feel powerful.

Soon, the magic wore off and she tossed the cap aside. She buried it underneath a pile of blankets in her hope chest, eventually donating the hope chest and all its contents to charity.

Years passed. The woman with the insignia had started a successful tech firm. She noticed an employee wearing a cap similar to one that had disappeared many years ago. It was her insignia and she smiled.

The belief in comparison is the basis of all jealousy, and jealousy leads to resentment. Resentment creates a belief in the need to manipulate or possess a person, place, or thing. Possession is the idea that you must hold tightly to that which you love or it might escape. In truth, it does not escape. It loses its value to the holder and often creates contempt. True power attracts the sweet pleasure of liberation within the harmony of love.

Deborah Bravandt
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