A story of loss of a soul, love, sharing, and restoration of divine love in a destructive reality.

A Love Story of Soul Loss, Disempowerment, And Soul Restoration

An ascended being lived in another time and space matrix with his beloved. He was known for his empowerment and ease at success. His beloved, however, only knew loss and this created friction in the relationship. She endlessly competed with her mate while refusing to tolerate her losses, leading to a finite action. She allowed a parasite to enter her body to remove her soul, causing her to become a parasite. The ascended being was shocked as her decision had created a permanent separation. He stopped serving because his grief and distress overwhelmed him. The flow of love that once expressed so freely through his template for the other had ceased.

The feeling of abandonment, grief, and loss amplified. He had forgotten how to feel love for all the beings he served including himself. So he chose a new experience. He would go into a new time and space matrix to find a new beloved who had fallen but desired restoration of her soul. 

He would gift his soul temporarily to his new beloved so that she would experience empowerment while he would experience disempowerment. This choice created understanding and compassion for the one he chose to love. His new beloved experienced alchemy in which she remembered the power of a soul as the soul empowered her gifts, beauty, and wisdom. She welcomed the return of her soul and gifted back the borrowed soul to her new beloved.

The ascended being’s journey into disempowerment ceased while his love increased.

And this is a Love Story of Soul Loss, Disempowerment, and Soul Restoration.

Deborah Bravandt
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