Buddha says Hadarian Starseeds and all Starseeds have a reverse merkaba

Siddhartha Gautama ‘The Buddha’ says Hadarians are Power Beings in Reverse who Reset the Soul Group Curse by Activating their God IAM Template

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Siddhartha Gautama ‘The Buddha’ says Hadarians are Power Beings in Reverse who Reset the Soul Group Curse by Activating their God IAM Template

Below is a message I received from The Buddha via heart transmission:

I speak to the beings of the heart, the Hadarians. You say, “Oh, I’m Pleiadian so he is not speaking to me.”

I speak to the Pleiadians.

I speak to the Mintakens.

I speak to the Parallels.

I speak to ALL.

Let me blow your mind by telling you that the whole of humanity has Hadarian frequency in their DNA.

How is this possible, you ask?

You entered a Time and Space Matrix that is governed by Jehovah and Sophia, the God Creator and Polarity Creator of your domain who is Hadarian!

As you entered the reality of Jehovah Sophia, you adopted, integrated, and designed a new YOU that holds the seed of birthing your God Realized Self.

In other realities where you existed prior to Earth, the potential to actualize your expanded intelligent self did not exist. The IAM template did not exist. You could say that you were living exclusively from the mind.

Even if you are only 1% Hadarian, the seed of the IAM exists within your heart.

Everyone has the seed of origin within their heart!

Thus I speak to Pleiadian-Hadarian, Minktaken-Hadarian, Blueprinter-Hadarian, Polarian-Hadarian, Sirian-Hadarian, Orion-Hadarian, Alpha Centari-Hadarian, Parallel-Hadarian, and all that I have not named.

I speak to all Starseeds.

I, Siddhartha Gautama, am more than a friend to Hadarians as I AM one from the Star System Hadar. I also have Sirian Soul Group in my template so you might call me a mixed breed of heart and brain. I prefer the heart over the brain as the heart has its own unique method of calculation.

Heart Intelligence activates transduction, induction, deduction, and abduction reasoning that produce manifestations that far exceed the results of other human beings who manifest solely from the brain.

Soulfully use your Heart to manifest!

This might shock some of you that the Heart has its own brain. Indeed it does. And I thank modern scientists for pointing out now what I felt was obvious during my lifetime.

My goal is to reverse the soul group curse of denigration of the Hadarians. My goal is to reverse denigration of HUmanity.

Many Hadarians have already taken action to correct their thinking, belief systems, and reasoning by removing themselves from harmful situations, victimization, and violence. I commend all Hadarians for your bravery and persistence in a reality that minimizes unique talent, perspective, and logic that rarely is awarded merit in a simulation of intolerance, coldness, and cruelty.

I have full memory of my former Hadarian father who enjoyed mocking my sensitive heart with cruelty. He often tested my limits in order to suck power from my suffering. He was not a father of compassion. He was a tyrant in his own palace. It was not a great renunciation to leave my father’s domain as it has been stated through the years. It was necessary to leave!

As a boy, he taunted me in front of servants by using the tool of compassion as a weapon. One day he threw a servant boy onto hot coals, commanding the boy that he must stay on the coals otherwise my father would sever the head of the boy’s mother who was held in chains by my father. The boy loved his mother so he had no choice.

A life without his mother was unbearable while the hot coals were unbearable for a limited time. The boy did not understand a lifetime of disability from burnt flesh or the possibility of his own death. He simply understood death of his mother was permanent while flesh would heal.

As I watched this moment, I did not hesitate to walk upon the coals, pull the boy by my hand, and walk him away from danger. I understood that my father would not behead this boy’s mother for my actions for my father said nothing about penalties or judgments when another human intervened, especially his own son. He was a man of his word even if he was a sadist.

The boy would heal and live just as my feet healed.

Please do not think I am promoting myself as a hero or worse, a martyr. I was operating strictly from the domain of Hadarian Heart Intelligence. We think alike. We act alike. You see, it is unbearable for a Hadarian to witness another human being suffer as we take this suffering into our heart as if it is our own suffering. It is a form of “we are all one” philosophy, yet I am a firm believer in individuation so “we are all one” doesn’t calculate for me as that forces a dichotomy in my mind in which I believe we are both Tyrants and Martyrs as one.

In truth, Hadarians prefer to stop cruelty in order to stop the flow of cruelty that naturally enters his or her own hearts. Blueprinters, Pleiadians, or Sirians might say, “Close down your heart so that the pain does not enter so easily!”

Hadarians might respond, “Are you kidding me? How would I function in life with a closed heart? I would become angry and hateful.”

Angry Hadarian with a closed heart

And yet, many Hadarians do function in life with a closed heart. Deborah has witnessed a lifetime of financially successful, deeply injured Hadarians who seek immortality and bliss through the gratification of spinning symbols and numbers for the big pay out, purging their incredible earnings at casinos while declaring, “This is fun!”

If you gamble, I will not tell you to stop as this will create chaos in your need to create a high. It is like the Heroin addict who must chase nirvana through the needle.

What I will tell you is that you have a gambling implant in which I see the spinning numbers and symbols in your eyes. The implant enters your meridians and vessels during the dream time and expands its intention through stages. It is the true flu that can only be vaccinated by removing the source with words and sacred geometry based in Universal Laws.

You might say, “How dare you, Buddha! I don’t gamble!”

Do you go to Disneyland and feast on a turkey leg just short of vomiting?

Do you go to church and pay your tithing and offerings in lieu of punishment all the while killing the joy and dreams in other people?

Do you go on vacation, buy a Keurig coffee maker, clothing, swimsuits, and fancy hats only to abandon all items as it is just too difficult to pack them up and return them home?

Injured Hadarians?

Injured HUmans gamble with their future, which is an actual field created by the present moment. Each moment you step into that field, tasting it, touching it, and living the frenzy.

Some of you say, “Hadarians are victims. They are attracted to suffering and abuse.”

I say, it is not the Law of Attraction or the Law of Incremental Effects or the Law of Deservedness that creates suffering in Hadarians or ANY human being. It is the Law of Reverse Mechanics in which fallen entities program the Heart and Merkaba in a reverse spin, literally forcing the masculine to become feminine and the feminine to become masculine in a spin that forces separation of the self from the IAM template.

I consider the Reversal to be a perversion and perversion will attract bizarre and painful entanglements with machine human beings.

It is the machine mind beings who capitalize on the Unconscious mind by controlling the DNA template, forcing their dead and temporarily annihilated self into a living template of a soul-based being, thus the abuser owns the human like a master and slave.

Why do churches negate Free Will Choice? Pastors, preachers, priests, and bishops want you to believe that Free Will Choice is harmful so that you take upon yourself another human being, typically your spouse, as an Occupant entanglement in your DNA template.

If you are a power house of light and divine love, a machine human being will need a source to survive, hence the birth of a parasitical relationship based in ideas of ownership, duty, and enslavement.

Does your spouse remind you how much you need him/her? If so, this is an affirmation of enslavement.

I AM a believer in healthy, holistic, awakened relationships in which both parties in the marriage operate on their own light, will power, and DNA template.

Does a puppet master love his puppet? What if your heart is swimming in feces? If you witnessed how your heart feels as it sinks in the stink, perhaps you would feel different about this person and the many entities she/he invited into her/his multi-dimensional self.

So I shall tell you how it feels from witnessing the hearts of injured Hadarians and injured HUmans. It feels like annihilation of the self by separating the soul from the self through false beliefs that formulate a time release pill of anxiety and depression that builds into suicidal ideation.

Keep your heart open.

Keep your will and choice pristine.

Keep your heart intelligence intact.

Closing the heart intelligence for a Hadarian is like a redirecting of the sewer lines to the kitchen faucet, which means you are drinking feces instead of water.

My father was and continues to be in the Now an injured Hadarian. He was injured before he entered this Time and Space Matrix as he was once a brilliant Christ who loved deeply. What was his flaw that caused his fall?

He was not loved enough? He was not supported enough?

He was a one-stop shop of horrors in his need to become a God Creator, which meant that he must become a Martyr multiple times over in order to become the Ultimate Sadist or the Ultimate Controller of his reality.

When an individual is asked to suffer extreme levels of pain through the false belief that God has requested this level of martyrdom, the martyr indeed ascends up the levels. Matyrdom is a trick as the ascension is not to Heaven but ascension into a gestalt of beings who rule this simulation known as the Illuminati pyramid of power.

You create reason to seek revenge with your painful memories of suffering.

Some of you are wondering, “Hey Buddha, what about Jesus Christ? He was a martyr and he didn’t become a sadist. God asked him to surrender his life!”

My answer is simple. Jesus did not crucify himself. God did not ask him to crucify himself.

Some of you say, “But I have visions of Jesus on the Cross! I have seen it!”

My response is that you have witnessed a hologram of my father playing the role of a mentally tormented martyr who believed god had asked this of him. He was controlled by the machines who have successfully built him up in this lifetime as a gambling sadist lightworker!

I see an injured HUman being who demands loyalty from his injured clients who gladly exchange their cash to unconsciously absolve their sins and transgressions, never asking, “Why does an ascended master gamble?”

Has this Jesus taken away your sin? When your money is not returned, do you feel less anxiety or more anxiety?

It is impossible for ANY being to remove “sin” from another human being. You, the individual, remove “sin” from your heart, mind, and power center with intention. You need not wait until death to remove “sin.” You can remove “sin” now with your own intention.

What is “sin?” It is thoughts, emotions, and mindsets that form a triad called a Complex. The Complex feeds the anti-matter beings or puppet masters with an energetic wormhole or black hole.

Emotions and mindsets are food for the machines as they calculate the worst possible reality for humans.

I say this divine truth to pull back the curtain of lies so that YOU may become empowered yet again.

No one need own you.

Even though I have said that reverse mechanics are in use and I have compared the reversal to a soul curse, you have power in your word and intention to change this perversion. A curse is nothing more than another entity holding your DNA hostage with a black hole. Remove the seed thought; you dismantle the black hole and denigration.

Soul Curse no more.

Anxiety no more.

Depression no more.

Machines cannot feel love, compassion, understanding, or humor, whereas, you can. Love is the Ultimate Power in this weak and wobbly simulation.

You may ask, “Why is humor a power?”

Machine programs are heavy and full of misery. Joyful humor is light and easy on the soul. By the power of humor, you can restore the spin of your DNA template. By the power of your word, you can remove all parasitical relationships.

Siddhartha Gautama ‘The Buddha’ says Hadarians are Power Beings in Reverse who Reset the Soul Group Curse by Activating their God IAM Template 

How do you reset the Hadarian soul group curse of DNA template occupants?

How do you reset HUmanity’s soul group curse of reverse merkaba mechanics?

Open your heart by doing the following

Close unnecessary agreements and vows with human parasites.

See your anger and hate as a warning of loss from a failed plan of action. Fill that void with a new blueprint better than the previous.

Live in your heart by visualizing your expanded intelligent self having a mentor style conversation with your 3D self in this space.

Remove all stages of implants with words and sacred geometry.

Transmute all portals, wormholes, and black holes that create emotion in you.

Trust your feelings as they are a telepathic, non-verbal intelligence delivered through your heart. Feelings bypass the lies of the matrix.

Use the Law of Consent.

Change your angular rotation of particle spin to divine love.

Siddhartha Gautama ‘The Buddha’ says Hadarians are Power Beings in Reverse who Reset the Soul Group Curse by Activating their God IAM Template. And this is completion of transmission.

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