Selling your Soul to the Devil is a lie

Selling Your Soul to the Devil is a Lie

What is the Soul? Soul is like a surname in this time and space matrix. It’s the ever loving, abiding, and continuous connection to your auspicious origin. You can’t sell it or give it up. You might think you can sell it because of this upside down, backwards reality that believes selling a soul is possible.

Selling your soul to the devil is a lie.

It is not possible. Soul is you.

How can you sell yourself? 

You can degrade yourself in various forms. 

You can choke off your light through unkind actions. 

You can accept a frequency of cruelty known as a demon that gives you false power and pain, which is nothing more than a computer program that runs in your consciousness. This entity-like frequency can inhabit your consciousness to encourage you to steal power from an unsuspecting human being in the form of manipulation, feed it through your neurological system, and feel good about it like eating a juicy, buttery, fat burger.

Then you wake up the next day feeling like a bloated beast who needs a pill to end the pain. Your demon does not like your docile, stagnant ways so he/she will find another person who is willing to steal from you. The demon needs to move the power known as Light and that movement leaves behind a residue of emotion. 

Why does power need to move?

Power moves for the very reason Billionaires need more money. Greed will create fear of loss. 

Humans who sell their soul to the devil suffer from their own creations. 

If you want someone to fail, guess what? You will fail. It’s the rules of this reality. That which you wish for comes back to you.

You cannot permanently cut off the connection to what is you as your DNA holds the truth. You cannot permanently sell your soul to the devil as you will always be you. Selling your soul to the devil is like adding unnecessary layers of madness, nuisance, and nonsense to your personality that form personas and harmful identities.

Soul is your consciousness that exists whether you have a body or not.

Soul is like the funny, joyful Inner Child who loves to listen to outdated musicals about glory trailing from the feet of Saturday Warriors.

Soul is the personality that exists in either dimension 4, 5, or 6 who is the most sensitive to change.

Oversoul is the personality that exists in either dimension 7, 8, or 9 who is the most confident as it is protected from the dimensions below and above.

Christos Avatar is the personality that exists in either dimension 10, 11, or 12 who is the most likely to either help you or fail you. Dimensions 10 and 11 are loaded with compromised parasites that suck the life force of Avatars who live their life based in ethics and values.

If you are living in depression, anxiety, or some level of suffering, it is not an unexplained chemical imbalance in the neurological system. It is likely you fell from the safety net of dimension 12. This is not the divine blueprint.

And yet, the Avatar knows who she/he is, thus is capable of transforming the dark into the light like a sick shaman who must heal herself/himself in order to be a doctor of restoration.

Rishi is the personality that exists in dimension 13, 14, or 15 who is a template of what you shall become, which is the ascended master.

Beyond ascension, Soul is your Parent who was birthed from its Parent known as the Monad who was birthed from a Gestalt Consciousness known as the God Seed, also known as Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu, who was birthed from ALL THAT IS who is known as Source, God, and the Yunasai. 

You can never sell yourself. Drop such silly ideas. Soul is you.

Selling Your Soul to the Devil is a Lie.

Deborah Bravandt
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