Secret History of Hadarians, Aliens, Starseeds, and God

Secret History of Hadarians, Aliens, Starseeds, and God

How did God become God? This is his/her story.

My film explains the evolution of Jehovah/Sophia who was once a Christ Being in another time and space matrix that experienced a devastation leading to a Fall. Jehovah Sophia was a two-spirited twin flame being that experienced supreme loss through a splitting of their two-spirited self into two separate beings. Jehovah Sophia became two beings in competition in this reality, which led to the population of earth, the separation from Divine Love frequency, alien invasion, and the parasitical pulling of divine love from a soul group from Hadar.

Hadarians are a soul group from the Beta Centauri star system and they hold divine love frequency in their DNA template. They are beings who were pulled into this reality by fallen aliens, or starseeds, who chose to go against divine right order. The fallen aliens chose to sever their connection to divine love so that Universal Laws did not apply to their actions. In essence, Draconians, Reptilians, Zetas, and other fallen soul groups gained ultimate control of this reality without creating personal karma by transferring karma to the collective unconscious.

Karma, or the Law of Cause and Effect, can be side stepped by shifting responsibility to the DNA template of unknowing, unconscious humans. Power is gained by placing blame on the masses in order to live on the frequency of each individual’s divine love frequency as it does not exist in the fallen soul groups.

Although this sounds like humans are absolute victims, there is a purpose. Humans came to earth to gain a Soul Connection.

Earth is an experiential realm in which humans chose to separate their divine love connection from Source/All That Is in order to understand its opposite, such as fear, then regain a divine love connection through a new parent known as their Soul.

It is impossible to ascend out of this time and space matrix because the DNA template is not activated, the Soul Connection does not exist, and divine love frequency is at an all time low in availability. Just look at the state of our reality and you’ll agree that humans lack divine love frequency.

The one frequency humans do not lack is Fear, which is a massive stopping point to experiencing the Higher Self connection, divine answers, and divine love.

Fear of Death, Fear of Judgment, Fear of CoronaVirus, or any fear can be shut off. I have not felt fear for over four years due to the techniques I explain in my film. You can also shut off fear. Fear is tied to your chakras and earth’s stargates, which are tied to your subatomic particles and DNA template. I use sacred geometry and words to delete fear.

I originally created “Secret History of Hadarians, Aliens, Starseeds, and God” in 2014 under a different title called “The Great Lie and the New Reality” then deleted it in 2017 to fix a few flaws. It is several years later so my perspective of this reality has expanded. I will simply say that I have come to understand more about the entity that humans identify as god, which is a severed, two-spirited being known as Jehovah and Sophia.

Jehovah represents the masculine energy. Sophia represents the feminine energy.

Ivonne Delaflor is the source of sacred geometry used in this video. She is the creator of the Codes of AH, Sheepless Life Academy, Network for Human Empowerment, Transcendental Rebirthing, and Sovereign Futures Podcast. I am an independent, certified practitioner of her work with my own methodology. The beliefs expressed in this short film are mine.

The inspiration for Secret History of Hadarians, Aliens, Starseeds, and God comes from my life experience and an intense desire to know the truth of our existence. I have used silent meditation, meditation in motion, prayer, fasting, sacred psychedelics in the form of Ayahuasca, reading, intense years of DNA activation to connect to my Higher Self, sacred geometry, shamanism, specific intention, angular rotation of particle spin, and ultimately experience to understand Sophia and Jehovah, the Goddess/God.

For sake of clarification, Jesus Christ is not Jehovah. God is Jehovah as is Sophia. Jesus Christ did live. His mission was far different than actually documented, which was about ascension mechanics.

For those who wish to know, I was raised from childhood as a Mormon, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but I disavowed myself from religion as I do not agree with the philosophy of this religion or any religion. I do not agree with any concept of sin as it is a term that implies the rejection of responsibility by blaming another person rather than being responsible. Choices are eternal. Choices cannot be erased; however, you can embrace responsibility for your choices by apologizing, cleaning up your mess, and living an impeccable life. This is emotional intelligence.

Although I disavowed myself from religion, I believe in God Creators. I believe that humans came from something. We came from perfection in the form of math. We came from multiple homes and star systems. We came from indestructible energy known as Divine Love. It is the greatest frequency of all. And if you can feel it, you will never want to feel anything other than Divine Love.

And yes, I believe that God/Goddess is Bisexual as they are a he/she are two-spirited. If you are in a heterosexual relationship, there is still the female love for the female or the male for the male in addition to the male for the female. You cannot separate these forces when you are a two-spirited, Twin Flame being. Homosexuality is just as spiritual, sacred, valuable, and necessary as heterosexuality.

For those who want to know more about Soul Groups like Hadarians, Sirians, Pleiadians, Blueprinters, Mintakans, Polarians, Arcturians, Andromedans, Alpha Centarians, Absolute Harmonic Universe Parallel beings, Angelic Beings, Lyrans, Orions, Avians, Felines, Reptilians, and Elvans, you can read Susann Taylor Shier’s book “Soul Mastery.”

Deborah Bravandt
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