Sacred Geometry Healing Symbols Online Study Course

Sacred Geometry Healing Symbols Online Study Course

Are you interested in taking a course on Sacred Geometry Healing Symbols?

Mandalas and are encrypted with specific imagery, intentions, wording, prayers, specific desires, colors, subliminal incantations, commands, ancient chants, Universal Laws, and hertz frequencies that induce deep states of meditation and transcendental experiences.

I use The Codes of AH™ as a tool to assist healing vibrations of any physical, emotional, or mental discomfort as well as initiate a path towards success and life purpose. The Codes of AH™ are created and copyrighted by Ivonne Delaflor.

I built a detailed course called “Sculpting Your Reality with Sacred Geometry Golden DNA Activation 1.0 and 2.0 Codes of AH for Soul Power.” The course is not a certification course but a series of clearings and activations that provide healing of your subtle body and physical body. The course uses specific words and the Codes of AH™ to initiate powerful change in your subatomic particles and DNA template.

It will CLEANSE:

  • discarnates
  • occupants
  • identities
  • personas
  • negative guides
  • aura attachments and intended creations
  • aura attachments and unintended creations
  • portals
  • wormholes
  • dark arts and curses, jinxes, hexes, spells, pacts, bindings
  • golden web tears and scars
  • hypnotic contracts
  • inherited karma
  • complexes
  • hooks and cords
  • implants and artificial intelligence


  • Higher Self Awareness
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Soul Restoration
  • Keys to Ascension
  • Life Purpose Realization
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Divine Love
  • Happiness
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Universal Laws
  • Manifestation Mastery
  • Prosperity

I Drank Ayahuasca, Viewed Sacred Geometry, Released Fear, Became a Codes of AH™ Practitioner, and Activated Divine Love 

The Sacred Geometry Healing Symbols Online Study Course will have five extensive modules, which includes an Aura and Chakra Clearing, Complex and Karma Clearing, Unnatural Death Seals Removal, Golden DNA Activation 1.0, and Golden DNA Activation 2.0. All modules include video and audio so that you can see the Codes of AH™ visually while hearing the commands. The course is extensive and will replace my MP3 audio file that I sell in my store.

This course is not designed to make you a practitioner. It is designed to transmute energetic distortions that build up in your multi-dimensional body as well as connect the missing puzzle pieces of your consciousness so that you know what to do in every given moment.

Just as your vehicle needs an oil and filter change every 3,000 miles, you need the same attention, clearing, and cleansing of your auric field.

Energetic distortions are composed of discarnates, occupants, archons, identities, personas, negative guides, aura attachments and intended creations, aura attachments and unintended creations, portals, wormholes, curses, hexes, jinxes, spells, pacts, bindings, golden web tears and scars, hypnotic karma, inherited karma, complexes, hooks and cords, implants and artificial intelligence. These words may not be familiar to you, thus I have listed what they are so that you understand the importance of removing them from your multi-dimensional body.

What are Discarnates?

Discarnates or earthbounds are people who have died but have not traveled through the Plane of Bliss for a life review to get a new body in order to reincarnate. In their disembodied state, they continue to embody emotions and a longing for a body. Discarnates are pulled towards similar thoughts, emotions, and mindsets in humans, taking up residence in your aura field. The discarnates can speak to your existing inner thoughts, influence emotions and mindsets, thus becoming a parasite of your energy. Discarnates do not serve you; they serve themselves. Since discarnates do not realize they are dead, it is important to send these stuck beings to the Plane of Bliss with specific words otherwise they will continue to seek out energy through a susceptible person.

What are Occupants?

Occupant is a generic word for an entity that is either an incarnated or non-incarnated being that possesses your subtle body field. An incarnated being could be any one you know, such as an abusive spouse or an abusive boss who is controlling your subtle bodies with his or her subtle body due to an unconscious contract. The incarnated being who controls your subtle body is able to do so with the help and instruction of a non-incarnated being, meaning that this entity does not have a physical body, such as an archetype, alien, fallen angel, demon, walk-in, or Archon.

Occupants enter a human’s subtle body to control the human’s DNA template and free will choice. Occupants penetrate your subtle body during childhood trauma, sexual abuse, relationship abuse, satanic rituals, religious rituals, dream time, ancestral karma, hypnotic states, or unresolved contracts from past lifetimes.

The goal of the occupant is possession of a human being in order to feed on divine love frequency through the human being by creating actions that go against your ethics, goals, and values. The occupant is self serving. Unlike discarnates speaking to your existing inner thoughts, emotions, and mindsets, occupants create the reality it wishes to see appear as opposed to allowing you to create the reality you wish to see appear. It controls your free will choice. If you are experiencing cognitive dissonance in which you do not want to do something and yet you do it, the cognitive dissonance is communicating that you have lost your free will choice.

As an example, your spouse wants to buy an investment property. You investigate the debt-to-profit ratio of the investment property and discover the monthly payments are higher than what you can charge for rent, thus making the investment a risky gamble for years until property values increase. You say NO to the offer. You spouse is determined blindly to buy this investment property.  You wake up the next day and agree to sign the paperwork for the investment property even though you feel absolutely against the investment. Your spouse more than likely has Occupants that influenced his decision as well as you have Occupants in your DNA template to influence your decision, thus creating a financial loss and extensive emotional food for the Occupants.

Emotions are a powerful tool for occupants to steal divine love or light frequency from your DNA template.  This is a fallen reality meaning that humans and non-incarnated beings are cut off from a direct source of divine love, which is why earth is so competitive. Although humans are competing for money, they are ultimately competing for more divine love or light.

The amount of divine love that you hold is called Light Quotient and that percentage of light will increase by releasing these occupants and activating your DNA template.

No person is free from experiencing theft of divine love; however, you can choose to limit this theft of power which is why this training is so powerful.

What are Identities?

Identities or Ids are a creation of the personality when influenced by multiple occupants possessing your consciousness. It’s like having multiple personalities without the disorder aspect as the consciousness is split into two functions, agreement and disagreement. The Identity Agreement Group functions without interruption while the Identity Disagreement Group stays silent. When the Identity Disagreement Group functions, the Identity Agreement Group remains obedient.

Identities are created by the occupants, thus occupants get their way. Identities create cognitive dissonance, such as “I love god/I hate god.” This internal love/hatred towards god can create the Joan of Arc identity. “I am good/I am evil” creates the pacifist identity. “I love my mentor/I hate my mentor” creates the idolatry identity.

What are Personas?

Multiple identities create a Persona. Personas are a hardened, deepened level of the shadow self created from multiple identities. Think of the Persona as a personality that has been formed by the occupant who possessed your consciousness then downloaded its resonance and frequency. This resonance and frequency becomes so entwined with your personality that it becomes impossible to know which beliefs belong to you and which beliefs belong to the occupant. In essence, the creation of the Persona is acceptance of the occupant’s take-over of your consciousness causing you to become the occupant rather than the occupant becoming you. You become a servant to this entity.

For example, the Joan of Arc, pacifist, and idolatry identities could create the Diplomat or Terrorist, Perennial Martyr, Righteous Virgin, Professional Victim, Absolute Perfectionist, Compulsive Destroyer, Obsessive Projectionist, Sorcerer, or Warden Personas.

In order to transmute Identities or Personas, it is necessary to remove all Occupants first, and then address the Identities and Personas. Since Identities and Personas are hardened aspects of the personality, they take more effort to remove. I have found from experience that I must address the highest priority Identity and Personas with a command as you, the individual, must decide for yourself if this Identity and Persona serves you. You see, you still have choice after the command is given to say, “No, I want to keep my destructive personality.” I recommend that you go through the whole course, give yourself reflective time to understand that which does not serve you. And if you so desire, feel free to review specific videos for additional clearings.

What are Negative Guides?

Negative, disruptive, or false guides are harmful in that they desire to create drama, chaos, or poor choices in a human’s reality. Occupants create thoughts in humans while Negative Guides attach to mindsets to feed future thoughts and emotions. Negative guides serve Occupants.

As an example, an occupant initiates an expectation of success in attracting the man or woman of your dreams. When dating leads to disappointment and the man or woman of your dreams abandons you for another option, the resulting mindset of failure can be amplified by a Negative Guide. The negative guide will influence thoughts of envy, rejection, or blame rather than acceptance.

What are Aura Attachments, Intended Creations, and Unintended Creations?

Aura attachments are energetic intentions that appear as weapons or tools of control. Aura attachments can be seen with the gift of clairvoyance or inner vision in the dream time. Aura attachments have the intention of harm, thus the Intended Creation is a specific suffering, such as physical pain, financial loss, emotional pain, or even suicide.

Unintended Creations are a secondary effect of the original creation, meaning that the aura attachment holds a specific intention that can unfold into different directions that is controlled by you, the individual, who has the aura attachment. The aura attachment is working hypnotically with your subconscious mind, creating results that ultimately draw attention to removing this harmful energetic weapon.

For example, an aura attachment in the form of an energetic blindfold has the intention of blocking your awareness of truth about a person, organization, or system of thought. Someone wants you to remain unconscious. Control is the intended creation while tripping and falling is an unintended creation from the energetic blindfold.

An energetic knife in the back holds the intention of revenge that manifests as physical pain in the lower back that can lead to an unintended creation of additional parts of your body suffering from pain, financial cost for medical attention, or addiction.

An axe in the head holds the intention of murder, which may or may not play out in 3D reality. At the least, the unintended creation is constant headaches or migraines or jokes at your expense as people see you as socially worthless.

An energetic vice on your tooth or a toe means someone wants you to lose that tooth or toe, which can lead to an unintended creation of embarrassment from the loss, financial cost to repair the loss, and ongoing health issues.

An insect, such as cockroaches, attached to a person’s aura field represents disgust. Disgust holds the intention of sexually perverting a person with sexual abuse. Sadism and masochism is always designed to create shame. If you feel itchy, this is often an unintended creation of someone’s sexual projection onto you. All humans are susceptible to sexual abuse projections during the dream time as it is easier to fall into an unconscious, hypnotic state where someone is controlling you instead of you controlling yourself. Thus DNA Activation is essential to protect your free will choice by connecting you to the guidance and direction of your Higher Self and Soul.

What are Portals?

Portals are superluminal information highways that can be beneficial or harmful. They are spiraling electromagnetic doorways that connect two people, locations, dimensions, or places in this time and space matrix. Portals can also reach outside of this time and space matrix, which are called stargates. From a harmful standpoint, negative portals serve an agenda of control or theft of ideas as portals are an invasive tool to see and hear into your private space. For example, if you are an inventor of a new technology that will be successful, if you have an active portal to your house, your work and your innovations can be stolen before you are able to bring your technology to fruition. If you have open portals, it means that a human, assisted by an occupant, has attached a portal to you.

What are Wormholes?

Wormholes are energetic highways to a negative astral realm that is experienced during sleep time. The wormhole is like a highway for occupants or humans to send “download dumps” of intention. Wormholes are experienced as nightmares in which the intentions play out as violent acts on the body. There are different degrees of violence to the body in the dream state, such as experiencing a car accident, verbal confrontations, physical assaults, severing of limbs, or rape. Although it is the mind that is raped, for example, it seems very real in the dream state. Even if you do not remember your dreams, if you wake up angry or fearful, this is a good indication that you have a wormhole open. Wormholes are designed to create emotion and siphon energy, but they also serve to feed subliminal suggestions as a potential to play out in your 3D reality.

What are Curses, Jinxes, Hexes, Spells, Pacts, and Bindings?

Curses, Jinxes, Hexes, Spells, Pacts, Bindings are invocations of cruel magic that are specifically designed by a human to target another human with force of pain and suffering. The goal of the dark arts is to create an expected outcome. Humans who invoke cruel magic invoke occupants, such as demons and archetypes, to create an expected outcome.

A jinx is cruel magic that has an immediate effect because it is smaller in its intention, such as causing a person to burn themselves on a stove or trip and fall.

A hex is often experienced as harm to the physical body, such as getting into a car accident, losing a finger, illness, or breaking a leg.

A spell is often experienced as control of a person in a relationship, such as a sexual spell, loyalty, or “love” spell. It is designed to attract and keep a person in a relationship against his or her own free will choice but the person does not know it is against his or her free will choice as the spell causes the person to feel in love and stay in an abusive situation.

A curse is the strongest of all magic as it is designed to cause you to lose all your income, wealth, reputation, physical health, mental health, friendships, and opportunities. For example, if a competitor in business is jealous of your success as a business owner, he or she could target your success by accusing you falsely of a crime, leading to a trial, accusations in the media that destroy your reputation, financial cost, and loss of contracts. Even if the accuser retracts his or her claim, the damage has been done.

Bindings are agreements that are designed to bind a person’s free will choice much like an unprofitable contract. It can be experienced as being bound to a job, religion, spouse, or organization that continues to suck your time, energy, and money without any return of benefit. It is certainly experienced in the Slave/Master bondage relationships. The binding may feel like a chain around the ankle, a choker around your neck, a blindfold around the eyes, or a chastity belt on your heart.

Pacts are deals with occupants in which the archetype, Archon, demon, or entity offers a gift in exchange for payment later. Much like Aladdin who rubs the bottle to release the Genie, the Genie or Jin behaves generous in order to gain your trust but the pact comes at a great cost as the terms of the agreement change as you age. Generally speaking, the occupant takes over your body and runs the show, causing you to do things that are debasing, such as illegal actions. Eventually the law catches up to the person possessed by a pact and occupant, leading to jail time or death. Recent examples of pacts that ultimately failed are Jeffrey Epstein a financier and convicted sexual offender and Bernie Madoff who turned his wealth management business into a massive Ponzi scheme.

What are Golden Web Tears and Scars?

Golden Web Tears and Scars can be found in the Merkaba. The golden web is a protective membrane that surrounds the body just as earth has a protective membrane. The protective membrane is composed of mathematical calculations of your soul matrix, thus tears or scars in the membrane are linked to soul loss.

Soul Loss is a term used to explain the fracturing of light quotient from your DNA template and subatomic particles, causing aspects of your consciousness to fracture from your light body. This fracturing is a loss of memory, loss of joy, loss of experience, and loss of divine love frequency. Humans depend upon divine love frequency to survive. Just as you need food and water, you need frequency or energy.

Tears and scars in the golden web leads to energy leakages that manifest in the physical reality as  tiredness, illness, disease, financial waffling, roller coaster income, or failure. It is a huge contributor of lack and limitation in attracting money.

What are Hypnotic Contracts?

Hypnotic contracts are vow, agreements, and oaths that happen at gestation, birth, childhood, adulthood, and ultimately at any point in an Hypnotic, unconscious, and vulnerable state. The goal of these hypnotic contracts is to fulfill an expectation with another person, group, or organization. Hypnotic vows or contracts can be beneficial in one lifetime while harmful in the next.

For example, you may have been a nun, priest, or monk who made a vow of celibacy that has carried into this lifetime, causing a difficulty in attracting relationships or proceeding into intimacy. If you made a vow of giving all your time, talents, and income to a church or organization, this vow can lead to financial failure in this lifetime as the concept of “giving all to someone else” is so strong in your subconscious mind. Money will simply slip through your hands.

A vow to always love a specific person in each lifetime can lead to attracting a powerful soul mate attraction and a powerful assault on your consciousness. Some entities love to play polarity games while you choose consistency. While you are consistent in love, your soul mate chooses gambling addictions, sexual addictions, pathological lying games, and verbal abuse. A perfect soul mate from a previous lifetime may create perfect awfulness in this lifetime, so I suggest breaking these unconditional vows and contracts of compassion and support.

Since this is a course for the many, rather than state endless possibilities of hypnotic vows and contracts, the commands are designed to transmute the highest priority hypnotic contract that is no longing serving your highest good.

What is Inherited Karma?

Karma is the mathematical cause of a person’s actions and reactions in all of his or her lifetimes, which leads to an effect. The karmic effect is often labeled destiny, fate, or punishment. Organic karma exists in which you incarnate to a family that has wonderful traits of entrepreneurialism, wisdom, and organization of spaces as you have developed these gifts in previous lifetimes. Inorganic karma leads to unfair circumstances because occupants, artificial intelligence, aura attachments, and manipulation of humans force circumstances to play out that you transcended in previous lifetimes. For the sake of ease, I will focus on inherited karmic imprints as they can be both organic and inorganic karma.

Inherited karma is either an old systemic belief that you have already transcended in a previous lifetime that you must transcend again, or it is gaining a new systemic belief that does not fit your personality. Inherited karma can be inherited poor health or disease, such as diabetes, mental illness, or breast cancer. Inherited karma may feel unfair while you are experiencing it in its fullness, yet once you transcend it, it feels empowering. Inherited karma will give you the full 360 degrees of human experience.

If inherited karma is all about experience, why does it benefit you to have your highest priority karmic imprint transmuted? First, I believe that many people DO desire to transcend their experiences after the learning is received, yet they are incapable of leaving the experience in the past as the cells and subatomic particles hang firmly upon the fetal integration memory due to the manipulative nature of our reality. Second, if you have done the work to transcend your inherited imprint and the imprints continue to hold firm, this is manipulation and manipulation can be transcended with commands and sacred geometry. Free will choice is honored with specific words.

What are Complexes?

A Complex is composed of a thought, emotion, and mindset. Thoughts, emotions, and mindsets are three separate energies that create a specific angular rotation of particle spin. Thoughts are projected judgment. Emotions are indicators of your state of well being or distress. Mindsets are projected punishment. There are 12 specific thoughts that interact with 12 specific emotions that interact with 12 specific mindsets. These 12 times 12 times 12 energies form 1,728 possibilities that create energetic chains between you and a secondary person or group with intent to harness and control your own light supply.

Thoughts, emotions, and mindsets work together, much like a combination lock, to form a complex or mathematical combination. In essence, this Time and Space Matrix is built upon 1,728 possibilities of experience.

Light supply is limited in this time and space matrix due to the fall of humanity. Just as your body needs food and water, your DNA template needs a source to exist in this time and space matrix. To increase your light quotient and gain power to attract money, actions are taken by friends, family, co-workers, and anonymous people to give or take. Power can be gained through kind efforts. Power can be gained through cruelty. Humans tend to default to cruelty as the first form of acquiring source energy as it is programmed into your shadow body to seek divine love at all cost, even to the detriment of your peace of mind. All cruelty is self defeating, self annihilating, and self destructive. Just look at the state of this reality.

Dr. Carl Jung defined complexes as knots on the mind that create foreign behavior. I chose to use his label “complexes” to be consistent with his psychological term.

Complexes can be formed organically, which is called karma, or inorganically by manipulation. It is organic to energize your own thoughts, emotions, and mindsets, learn the lesson, and then transmute the true karma by dropping your emotionally charged beliefs. It is inorganic to re-experience a looping reality of the same karma long after you have understood the message, assimilated the growth, and moved on by choice. Inorganic karma, or manipulation, is the reality of being stuck in a fabricated complex that ignores your personal growth of emotional intelligence and forgiveness by keeping you aligned to past choices. If you resolve the original moment of suffering with kindness and restitution, there is no need to suffer for years or decades.

Complexes formed by manipulation is tricky, upsetting, and painful as this reality is dualistic. Everyone is born with a subtle body, which is a shadow body. The subtle body is always functioning whether you are sleeping or awake. Human beings with more power than you can use their shadow body to transfer their karma to you during the sleep time as you are in a hypnotic, receivable state. If you go to bed happy then wake up angry, you have experienced a transfer of someone else’s intention or karma. The goal of these manipulative exchanges is power theft, meaning that the person is stealing light source or divine love from your DNA template. Complexes formed by manipulation, whether in the awake state or sleep state, must be transmuted by specific words. You have to ask or state a specific intention otherwise those sleep time complexes will remain intact.

What are Hooks and Cords?

When a complex is formed in you, an energetic Cord is hooked to your light body to siphon frequency, energy, and divine love from your DNA template and subatomic particles. Cords are energetic leashes or portals connecting one human to another human, transferring power. If you are feeling strong emotions about a person, such as hatred, disgust, or anger, this emotion is an indicator of a formed complex and a cord.

The cord can be seen clairvoyantly as light leaving a chakra or all chakras. Cords are designed to siphon energy or frequency for years, causing an inability to move on from the pain, post traumatic stress disorder, confusion, or a multitude of emotions and negative mindsets. When I transmute complexes, it is essential to transmute the cord as it stops the transmission of energy loss.

As an example, if you experienced a traumatic event as a teenager in which you were blindly pulled into an event that caused harm to other people, the event could cause years or decades of shame. And yet, the shame is not self created or self generated in this reality. Shame is always created by another human being who is declaring you to be at fault, and thus siphoning energy from your DNA template. Forgiveness is helpful but it does not delete the cords. Transmuting the original source of pain, which is the complex and cord, is essential. Transmutation is a benevolent end to all parasitical suction of energy.

What are Implants and Artificial Intelligence?

Implants, parasite entity devices, alien software, or holographic inserts are artificial intelligence that enters the aura field to serve the function of manipulating reaction with your pre-existing thoughts, emotions, and mindsets. Artificial Intelligence is both energetic technology and physical technology. For sake of clarity, I am only focusing on energetic technology in this course.

Implants act as a temperature dial on a thought, emotion, mindset, and complex. Just as an oven set at 500 degrees can scorch a pizza, implants function the same way. Implants dial up the frequency of response to different degrees. As an example, anger can be expressed as mild agitation, infuriation, or rage.

Implants enter the light body through Four Stages of development. The Gallbladder Meridian is the first stage of entry in which the Implants are an “intent” program.

In stage two, the implants move into the Four Brain Centers, Hara Point, Heart Complex, and all Chinese Meridians and Vessels. The implants direct thoughts, emotions, and mindsets in your central nervous system and neurological messaging system. Stage two is incubation of the program. It is establishing ideas, feelings, sentiments, beliefs, expectations, and behavior for your future.

In stage three, the implants enter the subatomic particles. This stage is interactive in that it learns your voice and personality.

In stage four, implants enter the DNA Template in which they are fully installed. The implants will raise the dial of pain at stage three and especially at stage four. The pain is unavoidable as it feels like an uncontrollable reaction to an action against you. If someone rages against you, it becomes easy to scream back rather than implement emotional intelligence. It becomes easy to get sucked into the moment. If you have made a practice observing your emotions or using self-review, the Observer aspect of the mind will come forward to separate what is YOU and what is FALSE.

You can get Sacred Geometry Healing Symbols Online Study Course by purchasing Sculpting Your Reality with Sacred Geometry: Golden DNA Activation 1.0 and 2.0 Codes of AH for Soul Power. It is a powerful method to cleanse and heal your lightbody of pain, suffering, and energetic disruptions as well as a powerful method to align you to your Higher Self wisdom and soul purpose. The course is now available. Get Sculpting Your Reality with Sacred Geometry: Golden DNA Activation 1.0 and 2.0 Codes of AH© for Soul Power.

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