Refund Policy

Last Updated: July 6, 2021

Digital Download Products Bravandt no longer offers digital download products, such as MP3 and PDF, as Bravandt now offer streaming for all our audio and video content. If you were a past customer of a digital download product on our website, thank you for your business. All access to digital download products has been removed and now is exclusively available online in streaming format.

Streaming Audio and Video Products Bravandt audio and video products are currently delivered by streaming on demand through Internet connection and paid membership to DNA-Heal website. After your purchase has been approved, Bravandt  will process your order. Orders are typically processed immediately upon purchase.

Once your order has been processed, Bravandt will send you a confirmation email using the email address you provided on our order form.

This email will serve as your electronic purchase receipt and will contain the login credentials to access streaming online video courses.

Video and Audio Course streaming from servers are closely monitored to ensure you are able to successfully access our products. While Bravandt is flexible and allows you to complete a reasonable number of views, we will not tolerate streaming abuse. Bravandt reserves the right to terminate your access to website servers. Abuse is publishing your account login and password to torrents, forums, social media, website, newsletter, etc, publishing video and audio products directly to torrents, websites, forums, social media, newsletters, etc., or reselling your login credentials to a third party.

Refund Policy Bravandt values its products, services, and dedication to the creation of its courses. offers no refunds on past digital download products. Bravandt  does not offer refunds on streaming audio and video products once you have logged in and viewed content. Watching video for one second is considered viewing content. Bravandt offers no refunds for live sessions once they have been completed, meaning that you have had a consultation session over Skype, Zoom, phone, or in person with Deborah Bravandt.

If you change your mind about your video and audio streaming product, you have not logged into website, and have not viewed any of the content for video and audio products, Bravandt will happily issue you a refund upon your request. Learndash tracks your viewing time of courses, products, and videos so Bravandt  is aware if you have logged into and viewed any content.

Exchanges Bravandt offers exchanges on a case by case basis. If you prefer to change your order to another product, please contact Deborah at our Contact Page for an exchange. The exchange must be similar in price. If the price is greater, you must pay the difference. If you prefer something less expensive than your original purchase, you will be refunded the difference. Again, this is based upon making a purchase without viewing  streaming content on our website. Learndash can detect if you have viewed content on

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