Blame-Anger-Violence, Lust-Disgust-Destruction

Public Shaming is an Addiction, which is a form of Lust by creating Disgust

Public Shaming is an Addiction like Vampires Lusting for Blood. Shame Lust is a Desire to Destroy with Words. Public shaming is like vampires to blood

Words of shame are the frequency of contempt and mockery. They start as a thought in the Shamer’s mind that manifest as images of spitting on a person’s face, driving a javelin into the heart of another, or overpowering another person with sexual distortions to minimize a person’s sovereignty and freedom. Soon enough, those images become words and words are powerful.

Just as a javelin has no business being in a person’s heart, shame has no business being directed at another person. Shame is a tool of destruction by building worthlessness in the mind of another person. The Shamer is seeking power from the person perceived as doing something vile.

All humans hold a percentage of light in their body known as Light Quotient. It is life force that raises and decreases as we interact. Just as the body needs air, food, and water, the spirit needs energy.

Shame creates anger. Anger indicates that you have received blame whether you are deserving of the mindset or not. Forced blame for shame is an agenda that happens like a silent handshake of agreement.

If anger is left unchecked or ignored, it builds into violence. Violence is assault, disorder, and confusion. Violence is a long-standing mindset of being wronged by a person of power who irretrievably alters your life through public shaming. The silent partner interwoven in shame is lust. Even if not obvious, the Shamer holds a position of power who discredits and defames the Shamed One through group assistance, which is a design for disgust energy as it fuels the power of anger. Silently the Shamer and the group who comply in the shaming are secretly lusting, such as lust for the victim’s sexuality, perceived freedom, personal power, beauty, or gifts. It is a game of theft by way of entitlement.

Public Shaming is an Addiction, which is a form of Lust by creating Disgust.

By transforming the shame into another form, such as worth and value, you resolve the anger and the violence. It’s a form of taking back your power.

How do you take back your power? Words.

Words that destroy can also rebuild. Your DNA responds to words. Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered that the genetic code in junk DNA follows grammar and usage rules virtually identical to the human language. Junk DNA is laden with indications of intelligence, purpose, and meaning. Dr. Jeff Delrow discovered that the A, T, G and C of DNA naturally form fractal structures closely related to human speech patterns.

Be kind to yourself and transmute the offending shame words with loving words. You are divine. Accept it.

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Deborah Bravandt is a storyteller, Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Codes of AH™ Practitioner, shaman, healer, sage, and founder of Divine Love Blueprint.

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