Psychological Complexes Explained

Psychological Complexes Explained

All humans hold a percentage of light in their body known as Light Quotient. Light quotient is a reference to having partial light as opposed to a constant flow of connection to a source. Light quotient is thus an indication of limitation and need for that which is missing.

Psychological Complexes Explained with few words.

Due to the fall in consciousness, humans have been separated from their Soul outside of time and space. The soul is the source of light, which is the force that keeps humanity alive, connected, and healthy. Since humanity has experienced soul loss, there is a competitive need for source light. Just as the body needs air, food, and water, the spirit needs energy. Life force is a tangible energy that runs through the central vertical current of your spirit body and it can be seen in a shamanic state as a bluish-white hue.

Earth is a game of theft in which humans steal life force from one person to the next in order to raise their light quotient supply. It is a dysfunctional game based in lack and powerlessness. Humans unconsciously seek more light by creating conflict, chaos, and contention with other humans. When a specific thought is expressed like Fear, it will create the same emotion every time, which is Aggression. The same emotion will always create the same mindset every time, which is Sadness in this scenario.

The chain of Thoughts, Emotions, and Mindsets create a lock on various parts of the body, which are labeled Complexes to be consistent with Carl Jung’s interpretation.

Carl Jung describes a Complex as a sign of unconscious psychological conflict manifesting in the forms of feelings, beliefs, memories, perceptions, intentions, and puzzling behavior. He believed that the complex is like an unconscious knot on the mind, and because it is unknown, it behaves like an animated foreign body in the consciousness.

Complexes are three forms of energy that can be seen with the third eye active. In a shamanic state of being in which your third eye is active, you can see thoughts being held in the medulla oblongata, hypothalamus, pineal gland, and pituitary gland. Emotions are held in the belly region. Mindsets are held behind the heart in the area of the Chinese Meridians that looks like energetic control board. All three lock together to form a complex on the quantum level.

The lock will have an energetic cord leading from this person to another person, much like a slave and master. Someone is holding your light power hostage for his or her personal gain. If you have unresolved feelings of anger, hatred, resentment, shock, grief, or distress, you have a complex formed with another human being. It is a parasitical relationship of theft of your personal power.

Thoughts, emotions, and mindsets enter as scalar waves, which are composed of a wave and its opposite, the anti-wave, forming humanity’s dualistic experience. Thoughts, emotions, and mindsets are indeed holograms that are inserted at the quantum level, rising in power in the unconscious mind. Humans share and gift one another their holograms like unwanted baggage, entering those who hold blame.

When a complex is formed, it creates a specific angular rotation of particle spin or a resulting experience. What is an angular rotation of particle spin? It is forward momentum of your subatomic particles. Our subatomic particles can spin at 360 degrees or 360 different possibilities of winning or losing in human relations.

The game of life is a form of chess in which both individuals will feel something in the ending conclusion. The loser of the game will feel an emotion or a negative mindset. The winner of the game will feel a high from an increase from the theft. Since life is ever evolving, the high will not last because a third person will notice the winner’s gain and steal from the winner. This is the reason millionaires and billionaires keep working as opposed to retiring. They need to keep stealing power in order to stay in their coveted position of theft, otherwise they experience a fall that leads to embarrassment or prison.

Must a human spend the rest of his or her life stealing?

Is there a better way?

Yes. A solution exists.

There are individuals who have a connection to their Soul outside of time and space, meaning that their source is intact. These individuals experience shaktipat, which is another word for divine love or the 528 hertz frequency. It is a tangible energy that runs through the central vertical current of your spirit body and can be seen in a shamanic state as a bluish-white hue. It is a tangible power that expands in the heart region to create blissful sensations. I am one of those individuals who has this life force and can activate it in others as it is my soul mission.

The process of restoring, renewing, and rebuilding one’s Soul connection is based upon a specific protocol of twelve sessions. First, all distortions must be removed from the body. Distortions are complexes, hooks, cords, identities, personas, and energetic weaponry. Second, the connection to one’s soul is established by calibrating the divine blueprint in the form of a specific angular rotation of particle spin.

When complexes and its many layers are transmuted, it releases your subatomic particles and scalar waves, which is another word for your DNA template. It creates wholeness, integrity, and peace. It frees your subatomic particles so that you regain the ability to manifest. As you focus on something you desire, your intent collapses scalar waves of consciousness into 3D. Your DNA literally becomes your projector of reality.

Deborah Bravandt
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