Golden DNA Activation Mentoring Package with Codes of AH


All live sessions are held on Zoom. Each session lasts one hour. This mentoring package includes 12 sessions. Please allow me 1-4 hours to respond to your purchase regarding the scheduling of your first live session as I can be working with clients and unable to access your email until sessions are complete.

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Connect to your Higher Self to Discover your Life Purpose

I specialize in helping people transmute fear, anxiety, depression, and activating gifts to experience extra sensory perception, self actualization, and happiness.

Twelve One-On-One Sessions

Aura and Chakra Cleansing

One session to transmute 15 chakras of discarnates, occupants, implants, aura attachments, cords, portals, wormholes, and blackholes.

Complex Karma History Clearing

Four sessions to transmute the highest priority complexes out of a total of 1,728 as well as hypnotic contracts and inherited belief systems.

Unnatural Seals Removal

One session to transmute 7 Jehovian Seals, Metatronic Implants, Templar Seals, Templar Axion Seals, Zeta Seals, Cell Death Programs, and Crown of Thorns.

Golden DNA Activation 1.0 and 2.0

Six sessions to activate your DNA template and connect you with your Inner Child, Soul, Oversoul, Avatar, and Rishi Higher Self aspects.

About Golden DNA Activation

Golden DNA Activation with the Codes of AH™ initiates awareness of your Higher Self, Soul Retrieval, Soul Restoration, Universal Laws, Keys to Ascension, Divine Love, Spiritual Gifts or Extra Sensory Perception, Life Purpose, Manifestation Mastery, Emotional Intelligence, Happiness, and Prosperity. It is a clear road map.

What My Clients Say

Dear Deborah. I missed you this evening, I must confess. I couldn't wait for Tuesday to come to meet with you on Skype for the session. I couldn't believe all is over. You are very loving to work with and I thank you greatly for the little time we had together. Blessings and Love. Thank You.
Manny Marsh
Hi Deborah, I hope this message finds you well. Thank you so much for last years DNA activation. I cannot tell you how much my life has changed for the better. I have told a lot of people about you. Take care.
Teena Montgomery
I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend that week doing the DNA activation and getting to know you. Seriously just that sense of being totally at peace and in love with myself and life has been an enormous blessing.
Kristine Galli
Hey Deborah. A warm thank you once again for the yesterday's session. It was wonderful. This morning, I woke up with a deep calmness and a silence of joy inside. It was so good. Much love and joy for your wonderful life journey!
Anne Petermann

Your DNA is the projector of your reality.

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