Popular Friends who Shame Me Need Adoration which leads to bullying

Popular Friends Who Reject You Are Obsessed With Your Attention

Popular Friends who Reject You are Obsessed with Your Attention. Why would a popular high school student need to reject your already existing friendship? Why would a popular adult friend need to reject the love you already give?

First, all humans are seeking for attention to feel love. Introverts seek love through one person or quiet solitude while extroverts seek love through multiple people. In the world of popularity, one is not enough, the many are better, and millions never satisfy the thirst of need. In other words, extroverts have a thirst that is unquenchable. Introverts find love within.

Second, attention is either viewed as subjugation or bliss. An introvert sees attention, popularity, and fame as sickness. An extrovert sees attention as a drug fix, a controlled trickle feed of opioid frequency, and health. Neither is true. Attention is neither sickness nor health.

A popular friend rejects, shames, or embarrasses you in public because you, the introvert, have internal power that the extroverted, popular person does not have. You have individual influence in which you feel love within yourself without the need for outside influence and attention. You create self love with simple effort. You are balanced in the the law of rhythm from behavioral actions, such as meditation, reading, singing, drawing, thinking, working out, writing, or solitude. Solitude is not higher than shared experience. Solitude is simply meditation in motion.

A popular friend who rejects does not understand the concept of solitude, quiet, or freedom of approval of the masses. He or she does not understand self love in the form of devoted actions to self improvement. He or she understands living off the energy of another person who is empowered. Dis-empowered people always live off the power of empowered people.

Introverts and Extroverts all have methods of empowerment and waste. The key to seeking light and power within is not through theft of power of others, light and power is gained through the solidarity of truth. Either you understand yourself, or you do not. Either you seek to understand why you do what you do, or you simply act in compulsion.

Ask yourself, “Why do I do what I do? What motivates me?” This is may lead to a systemic level of awareness or one awareness that opens the pathway of growth. Do you want to stay where you are at or do you want to be greater than you are?

Ask yourself, “Why am I here?” Sometimes the simplest questions awaken your consciousness and shake the shaming popular people who may not want to explore why he or she does what he or she wants to do. Questions align the introvert and extrovert. Questions shift and shape your reality.

And then the popular person who rejects you is no longer a person that you seek for friendship, dropping the need for attention, devoted compassion, and time to a person who does not love you. You upgrade your friends.

Deborah Bravandt
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