Never Meet your Idols as you may Learn the Truth

Never Meet Your Idols as You may Learn the Truth

Never Meet Your Idols as You may Learn the Truth.

Nikkie de Jager said, “Don’t meet your idols.”

Nikki, also known as NikkiTutorials on Youtube, was referencing her experience meeting her former idol Ellen DeGeneres when Nikkie was interviewed for coming out as a Transgender Woman. The experience of being on the Ellen Show was cold, aggressive, and isolating rather than welcoming, graceful, or kind. Ellen presents herself in the media as loving of all human beings, yet you can Google the truth from current and past employees who have been forced to experience a degrading workplace.

Rather than reinterpret Nikkie’s experience, I was interested in putting her belief to the test. Is it within each and everyone’s best interest to NOT to meet your idol?

Is it true? Never Meet Your Idols as You may Learn the Truth

Never meet your idols as you may learn the truth. I met Chieko Okazaki my idol.

I met Chieko Okazaki sometime around the year 2000 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Pacific Beach/La Jolla ward when she was visiting family who lived in La Jolla, California. She attended Relief Society in my ward as I was Mormon at the time. She sat next to me. I thought, “Wow, she looks like the woman who wrote Lighten Up! Finding Real Joy in Life but I’m probably wrong about that.”

I asked her how she was doing. She said that she was upset at her son as he was not very welcoming of her visit. She did not give me any details other than his lack of availability. I said, “You know, it’s just so expensive to live in California. You have a two-hour commute to work, a full 8-10 hour work day, and another two hour commute home. It’s hard to be accommodating even when it’s your mother.”

She nodded. I asked a few more questions but I could tell she was clearly angry with her son, so I didn’t want to push any buttons. I simply said, “It sounds like your son really loves you. He is simply overwhelmed.” She nodded again.

The women’s meeting known as Relief Society began and the president introduced the woman sitting next to me as Chieko N. Okazaki. I was shocked. It was my idol who was famous in the Mormon Church at the time who had written multiple books, the former Buddhist who converted to Mormonism, and had been the First Counselor of the General Relief Society Presidency from 1990-1997. Chieko superseded the General Relief Society President in popularity at the time just as Lady Diana superseded Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth in popularity. Chieko was considered to be the Christ of Joyfulness, yet I met an upset, angry, and imperfect human being.

Chieko never asked me questions, such as who I was or what gave me joy. She just simply needed to sit next to someone who would listen and not judge her unjoyful perspective, which was really an inability in the moment to NOT lighten up her own beliefs.

I don’t regret meeting my idol. She represented herself as a real human being, a successful Asian woman in academia who equally held powerful positions in a male dominated, white religion. She was able to sway people to her belief system, yet was frustrated that her son was assertive and said “no” to her choices.

And I admire her son for saying NO.

Years ago I left the religion of Mormonism to explore metaphysics, which is a branch of philosophy that deals with abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space. Reality is based in what is physical, yet thoughts, beliefs, and mindsets create reality so your reality can be manipulated or changed by your own actions or the actions of others. If you can change your reality through manipulation and projections, is it real or is it acting?

Never Meet Your Idols as You may Learn the Truth

Never Meet your Idol as you may Learn the Truth about Stuart Wilde In 2006, I studied Stuart Wilde’s teachings that would help me to transcend my limited thinking from circumstances of my religious upbringing. His teachings had a profound effect that I desired to meet him in person, so I attended a live event in Henderson, Nevada in September 2012 in which he conducted a lecture and a violet flame healing session. After the event, he would frequent my dream time. At first, I thought he was safe as he came to me with friendly dogs. I trust animals in dreams.

One time, the dogs led me to a hotel conference room. I entered the room to find women with their hands and mouth bound by duct tape so that they could not speak their truth. I heard husbands and boyfriends of the abused women screaming about their hatred for Stuart Wilde as his actions had damaged their relationship with their wives and girlfriends.

People often show their Shadow Self to me in the dream time as if to release guilt through me, but I did not accept his guilt. I would choose to leave his teachings as the dream made it clear that he loved to energetically rape women. Energetic rape is astral rape, which can be as traumatizing as rape in the awake state as frequency enters you forming possession, hatred, suicidal ideation, and energetic cords to keep the rape intact.

He was not one to give an apology as he believed this was linked to spiritual specialness, so he lacked a certain grace and tenderness that he promoted as an essential frequency to enlightenment. He was openly alcoholic, homophobic, and anti-semitic even though he considered himself to be a Christ.

He was gifted in being able to enter a deep trance state that allowed himself to see spirit dimensions that he called The Aluna or Camelot. He gained the power of the Violet Flame to transmute occupants, entities, and disorders from the body. He was a prolific writer who used creative language to describe the unconscious “Tick Tock” level of our reality. He influenced great teachers like Wayne Dyer who was once a student of Stuart. His teachings were transformational, yet he left this reality not meeting or resolving his Shadow Body that created so much misery that he drank himself to death.

Do I regret meeting him? No.

Never Meet your Idols as you may Learn the Truth

Never Meet Your Idols as You may Learn the Truth

In 2012, I found Toby Alexander online who claimed to be an Ascended Master named Kuthumi who had past lifetimes as King Tut, Nagarjuna, Balthazar, Pythagoras, Shah Jahan, and finally Master Kuthumi. I did not know whether this was true or not as salespeople claim high attributes all the time.

I strongly responded to his teachings, although I would come to understand that all his teachings were from Carol Hathor, Ashayana Deane, and Ivonne Delaflor.

I did not think, “Who is the man behind the curtain?”

Perhaps I idolized him as I responded to his work in spite of his micro aggressions towards me.

I had met him in Las Vegas in 2013 and 2014 as a student. He seemed to have a competitive issue with me, which was strange since he made significantly more money than I did, so I pulled back from his toxic power.

He believed that gays and lesbians could change their orientation and should want to change their orientation in order to be in line with divine right order, which deeply disturbed me as I believe it is divine to be homosexual just as much as it is divine to be heterosexual. I felt he was either conflicted about his own sexuality, or he simply enjoyed the abuse of a group of people that religion has deemed acceptable to abuse.

After two years of questioning his openly aggressive behavior, I chose to sever ties with him and move on.

I created my own protocol as I felt his Karma Clearing Protocol did not work. I received emails from clients and first hand comments that they did not receive upgrades, yet all other sessions associated to The Codes of AH™ were transformative.

This information was vital for me to take action in creating my own method from my personal experience as I have understood that my mission is to understand emotions, pain, and suffering, then deliver results that truly transform a person’s reality into balance, success, happiness, and creativity.

I was grateful that I had made the decision to sever ties from Toby as he would choose to make me a topic of conversation in his emails to his subscribers as well as his webinars, making comments about my mental state as if he knew anything about me.

In the world of Toby’s Mind, you discredit a man by attacking his masculine energy by calling him feminine and a loser. Just the same, Toby discredits powerful women by attacking their feminine energy by calling the individual insane and worthless.

I want to make it clear. The Feminine Energy does not make you weak, a loser, or a failure. The Feminine Energy is the basis of all ideas, inventions, and creations before they become best sellers on Amazon or any physical store, list, or website. The Feminine Energy births everything, so you cannot have the Masculine without the Feminine. All Millionaires and Billionaires are using the Feminine energy first before they put action in motion, so be grateful for the Feminine Energy otherwise you might be asking for handouts on the corner of WalMart in random city, USA.

I believed in ONE selling point that he offered, which was original sacred geometry encoded with frequency of divine love and Universal Laws that are designed to transform a world of looping karma.

In a world of lies, abuse, and man-made chaos such as CoronaVirus quarantines, unemployment, death by police force, and social unrest, I have and continue to respond to sacred geometry as a tool of enlightenment, a creator of emotional and mental balance, and an activator of higher knowledge and wisdom.

I simply loved the sacred geometry that he used in all of his training.

The sacred geometry was real and created by a being who deserved far more credit than he gave. In fact, it would take a year before he would disclose to me the name of the artist. The artist, futurist, speaker, and power imagery processor is Ivonne Delaflor. I felt activated by her sacred geometry known as The Codes of AH™ in 2012. I continue to feel activated by her colorful fractals in 2020, which is why I represent her artwork in all that I do.

Since parting ways with Toby in January 2015, I have come to learn that he created a sports betting fund, claimed great success, yet he has not returned investments to some individuals that he owes according to feedback from my former clients, comments on Toby Alexander’s Spiritual Mogul Facebook page, and Lou Urban’s Youtube Video “Don’t Trust Toby Alexander – DNA Perfection.” Just read through the comments section to see how people really feel about Toby.

Toby is a defendant in a copyright infringement lawsuit for using Endre Balogh’s sacred geometry without his permission.

Do I regret meeting this mentor or idol? No, I do not.

I would rather know the truth about an idol — or person — rather than believe in a lie that an IDOL is a walking Christ on earth. No one is perfect.

I don’t even believe that Jesus Christ himself was perfect. To be human IS TO BE imperfect. Ultimately, the difference between an asshole or a benevolent being is the choice of serving by building bridges between yourself and another person. Do you apologize or do you offend? Do you listen or do you ignore? Do you accept or do you defame?

An idol wants everyone to worship him or her without any responsibility. A fallen idol burns the bridges to future possibilities.

Chieko built bridges. Maybe she scorched a few.

Stuart built and burned bridges.

Toby Alexander built his own bridges, lit them on fire, then stood on the bridges while they burned to nothing. Does he even know the waters are raging below his burning bridge?

Probably not.

You can live in denial, lies, and projections of sainthood, or you can MEET THE TRUTH.

I would rather meet my idol and know the truth. Do I believe that Toby Alexander is Master Kuthumi? NO.

Not so ironically, Toby indirectly admitted the truth in 2014. During a webinar, he said, “I am told to stop talking about these past lifetimes.” He didn’t say who was telling him to stop speaking these stories, but I believe it was the Great White Brotherhood, Sri Babaji Nagaraj, and perhaps the real Kuthumi.

Toby wrote a book called Mentored by a Mahavatar in which Sri Babaji Nagaraj performs energetic upgrades on Toby’s energetic field as well as discusses the fact that Toby had a Walk-In of Ascended Master Kuthumi as a child, which is referenced on page 25 and page 31 in his book. Quoting from Toby Alexander’s book, he asks Sri Babaji Nagaraj, “I’m just wondering, how did my parents have the DNA that I needed to do what I came here to do? Also, was there a “walk-in” at some point?”

“DNA…well…there is a higher plan always child. And yes…there was a walk in,” said Sri Babaji Nagaraj.

“At what age?” asked Toby.

“9,” said Sri Babaji Nagaraj.

“I remember a time when I was a child, out in the forest, where I heard this loud buzzing in my ears and it seemed like everything was vibrating at once. It was extremely strange at the time. Was this when the walk-in occurred?”

“Yes… and it was also the sound of the ringing cedars of Russia. Anastasia made contact with you then,” said Sri Babaji Nagaraj.

“Oh, o.k. What was the purpose of this?” asks Toby Alexander.

“Higher vibration, preparation, connection and getting you ready for the mission…as well as activating the sacred information and language of nature,” responded Sri Babaji Nagaraj.

The Higher Self does not need an entity walk-in or soul walk-in at the Avatar Level or any level because the Higher Self already exists as a consciousness, thus a walk-in is an overshadowing of benevolent power — or malevolent power — to either upgrade or downgrade a person’s frequency, awareness, and intelligence in order to take action. In essence, the Walk-In is a separate Being that guides the 3D person on how to take action to fulfill a specific mission. There is still free will choice for the 3D person, so a person can choose to go against divine right order.

It is my belief that Master Kuthumi walked into Toby Alexander to help fulfill a mission of DNA Activation, which required strict observance to following Universal Laws. Toby’s choices rejected Universal Laws and thus rejected Master Kuthumi’s frequency from operating in Toby Alexander’s energy field.

Do I believe that Master Kuthumi is no longer functioning with Toby Alexander? YES.

It was even stated on page 162-163 by Lord Krishna to Toby Alexander about guarding the Seed of Origins of Creation and Ascension, “It is like this: In the 3D a man desires so much to have a certain type of car, house, and job. He works many years for this then once he accomplishes this, he takes for granted what he created. This goes beyond this dear one…Any distraction could cause the seed to return to us.”

I believe that every malevolent choice that DNA Perfection Toby Alexander is making is Toby’s choice, not Master Kuthumi’s choices. The Seed of Origins of Creation remains with Kuthumi, not Toby Alexander.

If you are one of the people who has lost money with the sports betting fund by the former mentor, I wish to say that I cannot offer any means to get your money back. I can only offer the tools that I offer, which is to activate your DNA template so that you can connect to your Higher Self and get the answers that you need before making a choice.

Two years ago, a client asked me if he should invest with this man’s sports fund. I said, “Since you asked me, I recommend that you NOT invest. I do not trust him.”

When I typed these words to the former client, I imagined that one day the teacher would fail to return financial gains to his clients. How did I know this?

Information from my Higher Self.

It turned out to be true.

Your Higher Self is your friend. Listen.

If you are unable to connect to your Higher Self, I recommend taking this simple, short video course on my website. It’s affordable. It’s free when you subscribe to my email newsletter.

For those unable to hear, see, or feel their Higher Self, this technique is KEY.

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Deborah Bravandt
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2 thoughts on “Never Meet Your Idols as You may Learn the Truth”

  1. Thanks for speaking out about these individuals, I appreciate it. It is a helpful contribution. I only have one (constructive) comment. You say that the Masculine cannot exist without the Feminine. If that is true, the Feminine also cannot exist without the Masculine. One is not more powerful or more necessary than the other. Some people now are teaching that the Feminine is more fundamental, or more necessary, as you seem to suggest, but that would not be balanced. The Masculine is not whatsoever less powerful or necessary than the Feminine, I just want to speak up and point that out for anyone reading this. It’s great that the Feminine is getting more attention in this Yuga than the last one, but undervaluing the Masculine now will only cause new imbalance to be resolved later.

  2. Yes, I agree that the Feminine cannot exist without the Masculine. I believe this reality was created on the ill conceived “machine-minded” concept that the Masculine could live without the Feminine. Such a conclusion creates destruction and waste. One cannot live without the other. Balance is the key.

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