The Man with No Face is Seeking a Friend in the Form of Humans with No Soul

Man With No Face is Seeking His Soul Fragments Through Soul Retrieval

Man with No Face, or what I imagine the name to be, is artwork in one of the multi-million dollar homes in St. George Parade of Homes. I do not know the name of the artist, which further adds to the mystery.

I love it. Why?

Whether you are a social media influencer, mentor, pastor, mother, father, advocate, business woman, business man, proprietor, or friend, we are all nameless and faceless in the sea of human life. Everyone has a Soul inside of time and space. Some have an Oversoul. Fewer have a Christos Avatar Self. Yet everyone is equal in their lack of a Soul parent outside of time and space, who is the connecting source to the Monad, God Seed, and finally All That Is. This vital Source Connection was severed eons ago, causing humans to fall from a state of enlightenment to forgetfulness. You were once aware of your Higher Self aspects known as the Inner Child, Soul, Oversoul, and Avatar, thus allowing you to use the higher Siddhis for manifestation. Now that the awareness of the complete Self has been severed, manifestation has become a thing of abuse, assault, and cruelty that we have come to accept as Competition.

Man with No Face is every man and every woman who yearns for a Soul Connection to Source that must be re-established. This is the true meaning of Ascension, in which humanity is here on earth at this time to gain a new Soul Parent rather than spend lifetime after lifetime as an energetic orphan. It’s what you wanted. It’s why you came here even if you do not remember this desire.

In order to gain a Soul Parent, the Fallen God had to be restored to a Monad Connection as he/she chose to sever the connection to his/her soul in order to experience the extremes of love and lack of love, which naturally meant experiencing being a god and demon. The Fallen God is Sophia and Jehovah. They have many names, such as the Archetypes known as Satan, Moloch, Lucifer, Leviathan, Mammon, Belial, Baal, Asmoday, Baphomet, Beelzebub, Balpeor, and Belphegor. Call them the Demiurge, Archon, Jinn, Yaoguai, or Parasite, these districts of fragmented consciousness are being restored from Machine Mind to Divine Love.

The Fallen God is Man with No Face. Yet Man with No Face is you. Man with No Face is Seeking his Soul Fragments through Soul Retrieval. We all fight for the same light as if we are dying the permanent death — a second death — that we cannot recover from. Theft occurs without remorse to avoid permanent extinction. We steal emboldened and empowered by the frequency of fear, never knowing that theft is birthed from thoughts of aggression.

Man with No Face can transcend these fears. There is no permanent death. There is no exile of eternal suffering. There is no final death. Death leads to rebirth. Rebirth leads to transcendence into other realities. You are eternal. You are forever. You new Soul is divine, thus you are divine.

Man with No Face becomes Man with Soul and Woman with Soul.

Deborah Bravandt
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