Jealousy creates separation and resentment

Love of Sameness is the Journey of Life

Do you secretly wish to be loved by everyone?

It is human nature to want approval, acceptance, and adoration because it feels good. In order to achieve adoration, it requires comparison with a group then deviation from that group. Equality will never generate adoration. You must extricate yourself from a group in order to emphasize your differences. Emphasizing differences emphasizes disparity, contrast, and nonconformity. Ironically, the need for love leads to hate.

How is hate created? Hate is linked to its predecessor jealousy, which is an emotional bond of unfulfilled need, fear of loss, and belief in limitation that forces a will upon the one who is not conforming. It is the need to control a being through force by threatening violence or humiliation.

Jealousy is not love. Jealousy is fear of loss in the form of blame. The jealous one is not consciously aware that he or she feels lacking or incapable, yet there is a sense of inferiority in sustaining the adored one’s attention. In unconsciousness and lack of mindfulness, the jealous one ignores critical points of expansion, which is the need to drop excessive rules of judgment and conformity in order to corral and control the nonconforming, adored lover.

What is the key to freedom from hatred, resentment, and jealousy? Believe that you hold power that the adored one holds. Believe that you are equal even if your talent is specific and different from the adored one’s skill set. Believe that you are vast and capable of more even if the present moment is limited. Push yourself further. Above all, you are divine and that divinity carries a specific frequency of gifts and talents.

Separateness is based in violence and fear. Love of sameness is the journey of life in this time and space matrix.

Deborah Bravandt
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