How to Remove Fear with Sacred Geometry Healing in the form of Codes of AH

How to Remove Fear with Sacred Geometry Healing in the Form of Codes of AH

Fear of death. Fear of life. Fear of CoronaVirus. Fear is the biggest contributor towards failure, sorrow, and blame in EVERYONE’S life. It became a soul focus in 2006 to understand fear and eradicate it from my life. It would take years to understand how to do so.

Due to the nature of my work, I have been able to identify where fear is programmed in the body. With practice on myself and clients, I have been able to remove fear from my body with words and sacred geometry in the form of Codes of AH™. It is my goal that you experience the same benefit I experience because it is my soul purpose to share this knowledge.

Your true virus is not CoronaVirus. Your true virus is fear. This film identifies a history of fear’s origin from a fallen soul group, how it was installed in our reality, why we experience this frequency of harm, and how to transmute fear.

The method that I use to transmute fear in the body is given at TRT 18:28.

With full transparency, below is the script for How to Remove Fear with Sacred Geometry Healing in the form of Codes of AH:

Humanity has been fooled, swindled, cheated, deceived, and told a lie. This lie has caused centuries of distortions in how we face our daily life and interact with one another. The lie is so deep that humanity doesn’t comprehend the lie they are living, acting out distortions in their homes, jobs, churches, government, corporations, and friendships as if all is normal. The lie is passed on dutifully from generation to generation without question, without fail, and without doubt. The lie causes humanity to die a little every day. It is a Great Lie, a lie that is the basis of all lies.

What is the Great Lie? The Great Lie is that Fear is unavoidable, fundamental, indispensable, and paramount to survival of the physical body. Without fear, are you going to walk off a cliff simply because you do not feel fear anymore? Absolutely not because you are consciously aware that walking off a cliff will end your life. Fear is unnecessary to one’s existence.

Fear is initiated by judgment triggers of blame, aggression, rejection, lust, envy, expectation, lies, comparison, neglect, pride, failure, and death. Judgment Triggers or Thoughts are not evil. They simply activate the Fear Program, which is a “foreign installation” to use Carlos Castaneda’s words. Fear is the antithesis of who we really are.

Who created the Fear Program? How to Remove Fear with Sacred Geometry Healing in the form of Codes of AH?

Let me start with a story to explain how fear was imported.

In another time and space matrix, a fallen god had severed his connection from Source Consciousness to create polarity extremes. To sever one’s connection from Source Consciousness is to lose divine love, a frequency of light that sustains the lightbody much like food and water sustains the physical body. Severing the connection meant that this God creator would have total control over its inhabitants like a tyrant.

In order for the fallen god and its inhabitants to survive, a Christ being came to this reality to supply his/her divine love frequency as a source. The Christ Being’s name was Jehovah Sophia as he/she was a two-spirited being, both male and female in one body.

As a Christ being, Jehovah Sophia had to experience all the pain and suffering that led the fallen god to sever its divine love connection in order for their understanding and compassion to fuel bio-regenesis.  Jehovah Sophia mirrored the fallen god through lifetimes of extreme pain, being raped as a child until it led to death by suffocation, chronic physical pain, starvation, madness, unrequited love that led to being burned alive yet living, mental illness in an insane asylum in which rape, whippings, and beatings were considered a cleansing act of demons, and finally the ripping apart of Jehovah Sophia’s body limb by limb while their lover watched their death. The pain created a literal separation of Jehovah Sophia into two physical separate beings upon death as they no longer agreed with one another.

Sophia wanted to return to her life because of her deep love for an externalized love that had been manipulated. Jehovah felt Sophia’s love was compromised by disloyalty, meaning that she loved another greater than her internal love for Jehovah. They could not agree on whether to stay or leave this painful time and space matrix. Sophia believed their love would eventually transform this fallen reality. Jehovah believed their love was destroying them.

Upon death, Jehovah decided to split himself from Sophia. This vast being with Divine Power now felt eternally diminutive that he longed to climb through the stargates to escape the sadness of his skin. He lost his will to live eternally. He wanted to become permanently extinct.

For a Twin Flame to split themselves into two separate beings, it is extremely painful. You lose your internal compass and will to live. Death is not enough to end the pain, thus a separated Twin Flame wishes for annihilation.

There is no such thing as complete extinction or a final death. In order to create a simulation of extinction to experience the “second death,” a reality must be created that severs all ties to divine love in which divine love can be controlled without having to feel remorse for controlling and manipulating this frequency.

Jehovah understood the mechanics of building a time and matrix based upon his experience as a Christ Being. He understood the Archontic Mind gained control of a reality by its willingness to sever divine love from its template to accept the Machine Mind, which has no concentration, no will, no intentionality, or creativity of its own. It is a Predatory Mind that operates on survivability through dysfunction, distortion, disorder, and destruction. It thrives with a small percentage of entities in charge of the mass population by controlling minds through belief systems, religion, government, and money systems known as the Illuminati.

Jehovah created Earth, sent 51% of his DNA template to Earth as individuated human beings, then he chose to convolute his template by inviting ancient alien fallen races into his reality to breed with his individuated aspects in order to pull his remaining 49% ascended mastery self into a fall. He wanted a forced fall in order to experience the reality of being both a god and a demon. He wanted revenge. He wanted to force respect. He wanted to be feared. He wanted power in a distorted way not uncommon to humans.

When Jehovah fell, he pulled his separated twin flame Sophia with him. Independently they became benevolent God Creators who were focused on Universal Laws, ethics, and balance while the machine aspect of these two beings became known as Jehovani the devil, which split further into twelve personalities known as Satan, Moloch, Lucifer, Leviathan, Mammon, Belial, Baal, Asmoday, Baphomet, Beelzebub, Balpeor, Belphegor, and multiple districts within those archetypes. Earth has been their playground of a literal fight against themselves in the form of all human individuations.

The twelve demonic personalities all represent a spectrum of negative thought, emotion, and mindset.

In modern psychology, the demons are aspects of the psyche. In shamanic terms, the demons are aspects of the Shadow Body, the hidden aspect of the personality that abuses other people in order to gain power known as divine love.

The Shadow Body is the subtle body composed of twelve layers of anti-matter hooked to the human body. The Shadow Body influences the angular rotation of particle spin that creates emotion like fear. The Subtle Body or Shadow Body is not evil. You do not want to disown the shadow body as that creates soul loss. The Shadow Body is a wayshower to your needs.

Earth is a machine-like simulation that depends on humans creating emotions with their Shadow Bodies in order to suck divine love into this simulated reality. If you are enlightened, you cannot be controlled thus intruder races focused on DNA tampering in order to create amnesia of god realization and forgetfulness of your Higher Self aspects.

Starseeds that had aligned with Jehovani understood the mechanics of this reality. When you sever divine love, you need a source to feed from. A starseed group known as the Draconians chose to steal starseeds known as Hadarians in the Beta Centauri Star System as they held Divine Love in their DNA template. The Draconians saw Hadarians as a powerful battery source of divine love frequency. The Hadarians were trusting and forced to earth through manipulative action in which they were told that they were needed for temporary assistance.

The lie led to a forced fall for Hadarians who did not want to live on earth due to its lack of free will choice, yet the Hadarians wanted to expand their love and vision of empowerment so the lie led to their end goal.

Once the Draconians held the Hadarians on earth, humans connected to their personal power via portals through their chakras to suck their light. To this day, humans are using Hadarians as a source of power until ascension is realized.

It would be easy to label Hadarians as victims. Hadarians are powerful beings who understand the language of empowerment in the form of love. It is a frequency of inexhaustible energy that can transform all disorder, both mental and physical, into order. If you are Hadarian, I wish to say that you are more powerful than the illuminati, machines, or any virus.

Who are you?

Are you American? Mexican? Canadian? British? German? French? Spanish? Russian? African? Vietnamese? Chinese? Japanese? Australian? Indian?

Your birth place creates a storyline for your life, but these stories are just stories. You are HU-man. You are creations from Source Consciousness. You are creations of Jehovah and Sophia. God realization is awareness that Jehovah Sophia exist within your DNA template, thus you are a god creator.

You originate from Source. When you were first created, Source nurtured and prepared you before you choose a place of our first incarnation. Some entities choose to incarnate on Earth immediately while other entities choose to begin their first incarnation in another star system, like Hadar, Sirius, or the Pleiades. Those who have experienced their first incarnation on a star system that was not Earth are called star travelers or starseeds.

Starseeds are advanced beings that have lived as conscious beings in other planets or realities outside of this time and space matrix. Multiple time and space matrixes exist side by side but never overlap. Perhaps you are a starseed who is Sirian, Hadarian, Pleiadian, Blueprinter, Mintakan, Polarian, Arcturian, Andromedan, Alpha Centari, Absolute Harmonic Universe Parallel being, Angelic, Lyran, Orion, Avian, Feline, Reptilian, Elvan, or many other endless names of empowerment. Earth is a great blending of star systems and advancement program.

In order to advance in consciousness, a person must disconnect his or her immediate connection to Source Consciousness in order to gain a Soul parent. Gaining a Soul connection allows the individual to expand in love greater than he or she has known prior to this experience. It’s a form of spiritually growing up, leaving home, and living an independent life. If you stay connected to Source, you remain a child while gaining a Soul is a form of becoming an adult.

You could easily say that “we are all on the same team.” So why do so many people Fear one another? Is the enemy the Taliban or is the fear of the unknown the real enemy? Is gay marriage the enemy or is it the Fear that someone else is happier than you – is the enemy? Is the IRS, the government, and religion the enemy or is it the Fear of ultimate power that is the enemy?

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe we are being programmed in society to fear and hate one another because profit is created when we separate from one another? Have you ever stopped to think that the concepts of gender roles are designed to keep men and women at odds with one another instead of bridging the gaps?

Fear is the creator of disease. Fear stops people from making decisions that create happiness, prosperity, or your soul purpose. It keeps people in misery, suffering from sadness, isolation, obsession, depression, limitation, doubt, worthlessness, and regret.

If someone in your religion tells you that “Guilt is good,” you are being manipulated by an entity in that religion so he or she makes more money. That organization is controlling you so that individuals profit through separation. If a religion convinces you that God is wrathful with your choices and that he will cast you to hell for your choices, you are being programmed to see yourself as a limited being when you are a multi-dimensional being. You are being held in a frequency fence of “unworthiness” and “undeservedness” so that you never experience your true nature as a free, sovereign, Christ conscious, enlightened being.

As a multi-dimensional being, you have an inner child, Soul, Oversoul, Christ Avatar, and Rishi Self that represent your Higher Self. There are fifteen dimensions in our Time and Space Matrix that are separated by axiatonal lines. Axiatonal Lines are frequency lines separating the dimensions by angular rotation of particle spin much like circles encompassing circles expanding out all around you.

Within the fifteen dimensions of our universal structure, there are five Harmonic Universes. Harmonic Universe 1 holds dimensions one through three, your inner child and physical self. Harmonic Universe 2 holds dimensions four, five, and six and is where our Soul Identity resides. Harmonic Universe 3 holds dimensions seven, eight, and nine and is where our Oversoul Identity resides. Harmonic Universe 4 holds dimensions ten, eleven, and twelve and is where the Christ Avatar Identity resides. Harmonic Universe 5 holds dimensions thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen and contains the Rishi Identity.

How to Remove Fear with Sacred Geometry and Starseed Hadarians on Earth.

I use two methods. First, I connect to my Higher Self wisdom through a method called DNA Activation. From that connection, I transmute all aggressive thoughts in my medulla oblongata, hypothalamus, pineal gland, and pituitary gland, all fear in my belly region, and all associated sadness in my heart region. The body holds memory of trauma, especially fear related trauma. I use specific words and math to remove fear, which corrects my physical body template.

Let me give you an example. Here is an image of perfect math in the form of sacred geometry. This image is called the Absolute Universal and Individual Imprints and Transmutation Purification Removal Absolute Harmonic Universe Code of AH, which was created by Ivonne Delaflor.

While I speak a command, feel free to focus on this image or close your eyes. It is up to you. Just breathe and relax.

“It is commanded by the Laws of the Golden Liquid Realms and Alchemical Powers that the Absolute Universal and Individual Imprints and Transmutation Purification Removal Absolute Harmonic Universe Code of AH transmute all aggression in this person’s four brain centers, transmute all fear in this person’s hara point, transmute all sadness in this person’s heart complex, and transmute all aggression-fear-sadness complexes to divine love in this person’s 8 cells of the tailbone, meridians and vessels, subatomic particles, DNA template, 12 subtle bodies, and the Akashic Records NOW. Spoken as it is stated, as so it is done.”

“It is commanded by the Laws of the Golden Liquid Realms and Alchemical Powers that the 528 Hertz Higher Frequency Activation and Restoration Sacred Geometry Code of AH transmute all hooks, cords, portals, and wormholes in this person’s four brain centers, hara point, heart complex, 8 cells of the tailbone, meridians and vessels, subatomic particles, DNA template, 12 subtle bodies, and the Akashic Records NOW. Spoken as it is stated, as so it is done.”

You might feel sensations in your body, such as a pulling sensation, tingling, inner ear frequency changes, a heating up of the body, perhaps a cooling down. These are all indications of release of thoughts, emotions, mindsets, and the energetic cords between you and the person who originally created the seed of aggression that fed fear into your consciousness. The News is an aggregator and purveyor of fear, so keep that in mind when you watch TV.

If you don’t feel any sensations, that is fine too. It takes practice to feel subtle energy changes in the body.

Please observe how you feel over the next few days and weeks to see if fear has diminished.

Once you uninstall the Fear program, you replace Fear in that empty space with Divine Love. Divine Love is the kind of love you have always wished for, you have always hoped for, the kind of love that is within your DNA that has long been forgotten. Divine Love is the Perfect Love that passeth all understanding because it is NOT emotion based. It is a frequency, and it is the highest frequency that can be felt. It can be felt as a blissful sensation in the heart as if your heart is expanding. It is like the blissful sensation after an orgasm, while the frequency does not diminish over time. It expands. Once you feel divine love, it is the only sensation you will ever want to feel.

When you dismantle the Fear Program, you are dismantling the power stations of the Illuminati that have stolen your will power and your mind. Fear was created to manipulate and destroy your free will choice to create. Fear was created to stop you from feeling Divine Love, to stop the memory of who you really are, and to stop you from waking up to your Soul Purpose. Fear was created to destroy love, but Love cannot be destroyed. Divine Love displaces the fear factor collectively. Fear was designed with personal agenda, but your intention is stronger. You are God because You create.

If you struggle with the cycle of Fear and you are unable to manifest the reality you desire to see appear, you have options.

You can shut off the fear program and activate the divine love program by activating more of yourself. To activate more of yourself is to activate conscious awareness of your multi-dimensional nature. It is the action of turning on scalar waves at the quantum level.

Scalar waves are superluminal, so when you activate your Higher Self, you have raised your vibration. You have activated subconsciously held awareness by bringing it into conscious awareness. You have activated your dormant, junk DNA.

When you activate more of your subconscious mind, you embody your Soul purpose. Your soul purpose may be to:

  • activate the earth grids
  • activate your DNA to raise the frequency of the planet
  • help solve the polarity imbalances of humanity
  • activate divine love to help the ascension of Earth

These soul purposes resonate with Indigos and Starseeds.

Earth and humans are living through an Epic time period called the Stellar Activation Cycle, which occurs every 26,556 years. SAC’s are important periods of time because it is during these times that the process of biological Ascension is accelerated, also known as bio-regenesis of the DNA.

Carl Jung wrote about three stages of perceiving God. The Stellar Activation Cycle is the third stage of perceiving God, which is completion in which God and the Devil are integrated as one being.

Jehovah and Sophia, the separated God Creators, are experiencing completion of their polarity journey by joining back together as ONE being. The externalized war of the male and female rift is ending. They will ascend to their Monad outside of time and space in order to regain direct connection to divine love as a Christ is assisting this process, thus making them Soul Parents to humanity.

Ascension is Soul Ascension.

As your Soul regains divine love connection, you will be able to drop your shadow body, end the male-female rift within you, and regain a steady divine love connection.

All Stellar Activation Cycles are Soul Ascension and thus restoration for humanity as Jehovah and Sophia exist in your DNA template.

Tools are needed to restore Soul connection for starseeds, indigos, and humanity. Golden DNA Activation is a preferred vehicle for Soul Restoration, Soul Retrieval, Soul Purpose, Divine Love Activation, Emotional Intelligence, Prosperity, Higher Self Wisdom, and key for mastery on Earth.

How do you activate your DNA template? There are a variety of protocols available on the planet. The most effective method is the one that uses verbal commands and sacred geometry called the Codes of AH. The Codes of AH represent mathematical correction and balance based in Universal Laws. The Codes come from the Absolute Harmonic Universe, which is a perfected universe beyond our time and space matrix. Commands are essential as your DNA responds to words.

Jesus Christ chose to embody his Higher Self. He is called the Christ because he activated his Christ Consciousness, which means he activated his 12-strand DNA template. You can do the same. You embody your Christ Consciousness or Buddha Consciousness when you activate your 12-strand DNA template.

When you activate your DNA, you experience:

  • spiritual gifts like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, intuition, telepathy, bi-location, and more
  • awareness of your soul purpose
  • soul retrieval and soul alignment
  • prosperity in line with your higher self
  • new people, places, things, times, and events
  • a life without the need to create drama
  • happiness, creativity, and bliss from the divine love frequency

Choose to Delete Parasitical Fear from your DNA with Sacred Geometry. Choose to embody the frequency of Divine Love. Choose to consciously create your life with Love. Choose to activate your DNA with an ethical Codes of AH practitioner now.

And this is the conclusion of How to Remove Fear with Sacred Geometry Healing in the form of Codes of AH.

Deborah Bravandt
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