How Starseeds Can Be Like Buddha In Dreams To Liberate Yourself From Psychic Attacks

How Starseeds Can Be Like Buddha In Dreams To Liberate Yourself From Psychic Attacks

7 Tips to Cure Anxiety, Fear, and Depression from Nightmares by Mastering Action Through Your Intention as You Navigate Dimensional Rooms and Spaces

Say NO to all Entities, human or anti-matter, to protect your autonomy, karma, determination, and soul purpose.

Refuse gifts, food, liquids, money, toys, jewelry, and objects offered to you in dreams. They are intent designed to create subjugation.

Trust your feelings. Follow your feelings above anything that is communicated to you by human or anti-matter beings.

Ask questions. Don't accept the contract of anxiety, fear, or depression even if you are threatened in dreams. Push for answers.

Find your Twin Flame or separated masculine energy or feminine energy. Everyone is born split in this reality. Heal your DNA template.

Find your Lost Soul Fragments. Set this as your intention before you go to bed and it will play out in your sleep.

Do your Soul Purpose in your sleep. It's a time saver. If you don't know your purpose, ask your Higher Self to show you in the dream time.

How Starseeds Can Be Like Buddha In Dreams To Liberate Yourself From Psychic Attacks

Where does your mind go when you sleep?

It is believed by modern science that sound, color, images, and light experienced during dream time are hallucinations of the mind or electrical brain impulses that originate from disorganized and random memories, repressed conflicts, or unconscious hopes and desires. In essence, scientists and therapists believe dreams are unfinished business rather than actual experiences.

Although I believe you are experiencing unfinished business during the dream time, you are actually experiencing alternate dimensions. When you dream, you are seeing your Higher Self in wider dimensions. You are seeing your Soul, Oversoul, Avatar, or Rishi acting in your behalf in rooms and spaces in other dimensions during your sleep.

Dreams are REAL just as your life is REAL.

What do I mean by real?

Just as you have a physical body in 3D reality, you have a silica body located in either dimensions 4, 5, or 6 known as the Soul. You have an etheric body located in either dimensions 7, 8, or 9 known as the Oversoul. You have a silver liquid light body in dimensions 10, 11, or 12 known as the Christos Avatar. You have an anti-matter body in dimensions 13, 14, or 15 known as the Rishi. Each body can feel pain, emotion, and sensations just as your physical body can feel sensations. It is YOU. All is connected.

Additionally, your inner child is an aspect of your Higher Self that remains untarnished from demonic hold. If your inner child looks demonic, it is a representation of what is within your mind.

When you dream, you are seeing an aspect of your Higher Self – the inner child, Soul, Oversoul, Avatar, and Rishi – acting in your behalf. The Higher Self is constantly working to help you achieve your goals so you could easily take an afternoon nap to peer into the actions of your Higher Self. The Higher Self are aspects of your mind, and mind is the whole of your body not just your brain.

What is your Higher Self doing in the Dimensions?

Your Higher Self is moving through spaces known as Rooms. Each room represents an intention or frequency. Since we live in a reality that is governed by fallen entities, known as aliens or interchangeably named demons, archons, and extra terrestrials, they seek to steal power from you in the form of your masculine energy or feminine energy known as Light Frequency.  You are experiencing a battle of destruction or renewal of your will, determination, and mental health.

It is a fight for your light frequency and your health.

What are in the Rooms within Dimensions of the Dream Time?

The rooms are simulations created by anti-matter aliens, aliens incarnated, or humans possessed by aliens with the express intent of harm and control. I have spent a lifetime entering rooms, in part to understand this reality, in part to reclaim my soul fractures from soul loss, and in part to find missing soul fractures of clients, family, and friends.

Rooms are endless. I would never be able to enter all rooms as aliens are constantly creating hundreds of thousands of new rooms on a daily basis. I can only speak to what I have seen and experienced thus far.

Rooms are built to enforce anxiety, fear, depression, anger, paranoia, disgust, obsession, hatred, and more. When you go to sleep feeling happy, content, and peaceful, and you wake up feeling miserable, hateful, and afraid, you have been programmed in the dream time. The rooms infiltrate the structure of your lightbody the longer you stay, thus you have to be vigilant in your behalf to either remove yourself from the room or learn how to fight for your free will choice.

Quite frankly, free will choice does not exist in this reality. Determination is at play, which is a form of programmed choice in the map of your DNA template. Aliens know they have the upper hand because free will choice is greatly abused. If you’re a member of a religion that shames you for making choices in your highest good, dump it. Take control of your life.

If you don’t take control, you’ll become like automatons that walk into convenient stores shouting bigotry at anyone who will listen. Or, you’ll be that fool who shouts at a WalMart employee because you can’t get a remote control robot dog for your child. Don’t be a fool.

These are programs pumped into the subconscious in rooms. Take back control of your consciousness. You have the power to do so.

Here is the method of approach I have learned from exploring multiple spaces in dimensions and how Starseeds can be like Buddha in dreams to liberate yourself from psychic attacks.

1. Shopping Addiction Rooms

I entered a room that was an indoor farmers market. It was a room filled with nature, thick wooden tables, colorful flowers, and serene business owners. It seemed invitingly innocent by all account that I desired to stay and look around.

As I stood looking at people looking at items for sale, it rained in the room. I immediately sensed that the fabricated rain was shopping addiction frequency. I could feel it hit my skin, creating a sense of obsession to buy objects. I could see the frenzy building in other people. Their facial expressions were animated in which they appeared to convert from human to zombie; however, their desire was consumption of objects and things not flesh.

I immediately exited the space.

Addiction is a desire to escape the present moment, to escape what thought, emotion, or belief system that lies underneath the frenzy.

What is the subconscious desire fueling the frenzy in shopping addicts?

It varies per person, although I believe the most powerful reason for shopping addiction is lack of life purpose and mission. If you lack a purpose in your template, it becomes easy to fill that empty space in your DNA template with objects. Every physical purchase becomes an energetic object in your light field. The things you own in obsession you carry.

My former husband Jeff kept his enormous shopping addiction a secret for years until I decided to organize our storage unit where I discovered a three-year supply of paper towels and other objects still in plastic. He didn’t necessarily want the objects. He just needed to buy something – anything – to escape his lack of purpose and complete fear of annihilation. Eventually shopping was boring so he up-leveled his obsession to gambling where he burned through my savings and destroyed my former business. Never underestimate the power of frenzy or mania as I did.

Your spouse’s liability is your liability. Be careful who you choose to marry. If you have purpose, make sure you choose someone who also has purpose built into his or her DNA template.

When you feel a manic impulse to shop, stop and ask yourself, “What am I feeling right now? Am I afraid? Am I lonely? Do I feel disempowered?” Ask questions in order to initiate an answer from your Higher Self who knows why you are manic or obsessed in the moment for an object, especially an object you don’t need. Questions are the symbolic surgery that removes the disempowerment.

You don’t have to be clairaudient or clairvoyant to get answers from your Higher Self. All you need to do is FEEL. Sit alone in a quiet room and listen as if your Higher Self is speaking to you. A feeling-based conversation will unfold because that is the design of the Higher Self. It is you and YOU have your best interest in mind. FEELINGS hold the greatest truth.

2. Sexual Repression Rooms

I stood outside a sexual repression and exploitation room rather than enter. It was a shower with a wall that stopped just short of the floor exposing a woman’s bare feet. I read the woman’s thoughts. She was a polygamous woman who wanted to experience sex with a woman by force as she believed she could not initiate sex as it would be considered a sin by her religion. Thus, sex by force would not be her sin and the only way she could experience homosexuality. Her intention was dangerous as the room would more than likely attract cruelty rather than pleasure.

She might even attract rape from men. Energetic rape is just as painful as 3D rape as the entity removes your soul purpose from your DNA template, writes over your life intentions with its malevolent intentions, such as distrust for your own feminine energy or masculine energy so that you are continually at odds with yourself. It creates suicidal ideation. It’s powerful energetic food for the alien.

Sexual repression will lead to dream time exploration whether you are conscious of this or not. I have witnessed rooms filled with men having sex with men and women having sex with women who claim to be heterosexual in real life. I don’t believe anyone is straight at the subconscious level as the Higher Self embodies both masculine and feminine frequencies. You get beyond the body at the Rishi Level as you are pure consciousness and the God Realized Self, which is no gender.

I witnessed a straight Mormon friend of mine seek to play out her distorted lesbian fantasies in the form of torture. Before she acted out her fantasy, I read her thoughts. She wanted connection with a female but Mormonism does not allow affirmative touch, so she resorted to a Fight Club approach in which violence was the only “appropriate touch” between two women.

Her husband stood in the dark with a rope that he intended to wrap around my throat, pull me into submission, and then the two would seek to whip my body for their sadistic pleasure. The husband and wife are not aliens incarnated. They are two humans with shadow bodies loaded with sexual repression.

I said, “No!”

It is strange that we live in a world that would rather see two people beat the shit out of each other rather than see two people in love.

Resolving sexual shame is essential. Two people getting together in sexual repression is a marriage of oppression as you continue to suppress what you want in a relationship. Why does a married couple watch movies or TV shows in which other people engage in sex rather than the couple engaging together? Because repression does not suddenly end the moment you marry. You carry it with you.

Suppression of determination leads to dissatisfaction, lies, adultery, and rage.

A better solution is self acceptance. If you are a man who likes anal penetration from your wife, accept it. If you are a straight woman attracted to a woman, accept it. You just need to acknowledge the attraction, accept it, and love yourself as you are.

Communication of your desires with your spouse or significant other is essential even if it is embarrassing, unpopular, or labeled sinful. Sexual desire is not going to change by ignoring it. Mocking what you want isn’t going to change the repression.

Rejection of one’s sexuality leads to obsession. If you are in a state of obsession, create little wins to feel better about yourself. Practice meditation in motion.

Go hike three miles. Once you’ve completed the three miles, do another three.

Run a 5K race just to complete something.

Jump rope for one hour.

Meditation in motion is an exercise of mental health and literally shifts anxiety and obsessive frequencies to nothingness.

3. Electrocution Rooms

I witnessed a homeless man in the dream time swallowing a large diamond necklace as he was promised it would bring him wealth. In reality, the necklace is a contract or an agreement between you and the entity to remove choice or the ability to say “no.” It is common for aliens to electrocute a person at the perineum to create a wormhole to the central vertical current. It’s both torture and an entry point to your body, which is possession.

I believe homeless people experience mental health issues as they are the most susceptible to possession and dimensional abuse. I briefly lived in Eugene, Oregon in 2017, and by brief, I mean two months as that was all I could take. It is a highly demonic town loaded with deranged individuals walking the streets screaming at the top of their lungs at no one other than the entity that entered their body. You have to have the gift of clairvoyance to see the entity or entities in a person’s field, and yet, it is not a pretty site.

In February 2021, Oregon residents decriminalized the possession of two grams of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and all drugs which means that Oregon will attract more mentally ill individuals as aliens push drugs on the vulnerable as a tool of escape from the pain. If you live in Oregon, do yourself a favor and learn Jiu Jitsu or some form of martial arts.

You will need to learn to defend yourself in the dream time and awake time. You don’t have to live in a highly demonic town to learn Jiu Jitsu as the skill will help you fight for your autonomy in all of your reality wherever you live in the world. Jiu Jitsu or some form of martial arts is a tool to stop anxiety, fear, paranoia, depression, and hatred from entering your DNA template.

Do your best not to judge homeless people.

Never accept gifts, food, liquids, money, toys, jewelry, or any objects in the dream time as they hold intention opposite of what you are told. These devices are energetic tools of control that enslave you to entities. They will create anxiety, depression, anger, and rage.

These objects are not permanent nor are wormholes. They can be removed. Find an energy healer you trust to remove these energetic devices. They can be removed with the power of words and sacred geometry.

4. Amusement Park Rooms

Amusement parks in the dream time are disguised cruel intention, such as sexual enslavement and addiction inducement. I entered an amusement park looking for a friend’s soul fragment. I was immediately chased by multiple demons with the express intent of rape. I ran, jumped into the air, and took flight like Superman while the demons flew after me. I flew over, around, and under a Ferris wheel to escape, which worked temporarily or perhaps they were pushing me towards someone else.

I landed and walked towards an open space where a pleasant man greeted me with a cake. He encouraged me to eat his cake-like muffin as it would fill me with pleasure. It was free. He promised a “money back guarantee,” which was odd considering the fact that the muffin was free. I realized the intent of the muffin was an agreement to be raped.

I shouted, “NO!”

Strangely enough, ‘no’ is honored by aliens. I believe the power of no exists within your soul purpose like a blueprint of Universal Laws.

You must be able to be conscious enough in the dream to stand your ground otherwise you will get crushed in these hook-bait amusement parks. I have witnessed the disintegration of marriages because one spouse enters a room in the dream time and stays for years, leading to anger, distrust, fear, anxiety, and addictions in 3D reality.

Avoid looking at pornography in 3D reality as it will attract rape rooms, such as the deceptive amusement park. If you have looked at porn and you believe you have entered such a space in the dream time, find a skilled shaman who can do a soul retrieval of this lost aspect of your consciousness.

If you are caught in the cycle of an argumentative relationship with your spouse or significant other and you have no memory of your dream time, I recommend that you and your spouse work with a skilled shaman to explore soul loss as the source of conflict. A skilled shaman will know what to ask in order to find the starting point of the conflict.

5. Curse, Spell, Pact, and Binding Rooms

In October of 2017, I dreamt that I had entered a patriarchal priesthood room ordained for washing and anointing. Washing and anointing is a ceremony that Mormons – members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – perform in Mormon Temples across the world, wherein a temple worker anoints your body with oil while pronouncing blessings of protection on specific areas of the body.

It is not sexual for those who are wondering, although women anoint women and men anoint men in 3D reality. It is an ancient tradition adopted from Hebrew culture mixed with Masonic ritual.

In the dream, I was greeted by a Patriarch who performed a washing and anointing on my body for protection. I neither agreed nor disagreed. I did not have the capacity. His authority was governed by someone I could not see, and this authority sealed my mouth and ability to say “no.” I was bound by silence.

The Patriarch is a Melchizedek Priesthood position in the Mormon Church exclusive for older males that have authority to judge, curse, bless, remove, restore, reject, deflect, or harm based upon a power bestowed by God. Naturally, God would never curse or harm so the power is stolen power by the alien infrastructure that rules earth. Mormonism is run by Draconians.

After the washing and anointing was complete, Jeff, the aforementioned ex-husband, walked into the space and sat next to the Patriarch.

The Patriarch told me that Jeff had committed a horrible crime after I had divorced him. Jeff said, “I raped a woman.” I was shocked. He had certainly been a financial parasite during my time in the fatalistic marriage. He had certainly been a pathological liar. He had certainly been lazy, but rape? It was unconscionable.

The Patriarch told me that Jeff had agreed to a purification of his sin. I wanted to ask questions, but I was bound to silence by my gender, previous agreements made in the temple in my younger years, and a simple contract of submission to the husband known as The Law of Obedience. I had spent years raising my right hand to the square agreeing to honor, obey, and submit to my husband as he submitted to God. The husband never has to submit to his wife, just God alone.

Who was Jeff’s God? Who had I submitted to all those years? Beelzebub.

Beelzebub is one of twelve personalities of Jehovani, the fallen Christ from another time and space matrix who blended with aliens, known as Draconians and Reptilians, in order to increase his size and power. Beelzebub bestows great power to those willing to degrade themselves, but he also creates massive waste. Current politicians, media, and billionaires worship this entity.

Now in this small space, I realized that Jeff was planning to use the Law of Obedience to pass his karma to me.

I had long left the marriage.

I had long left the religion.

I had long broken the temple contracts and agreements with sacred geometry and words just as I encourage my clients to break harmful contracts.

The Patriarch echoed that I had indeed broken the priesthood contracts. My karma was chaos free. Yet, he was demanding that I agree, one time, to submit to the Law of Obedience in order to accept blame and karma for Jeff’s rape.

I shouted “no” in spite of the seal on my mouth. The Patriarch frowned. He stated, “Did you not agree to find your twin flame’s lost soul aspect in the 10th dimension?”

I said, “Yes.”

The Patriarch said, “Did you not come here to earth to understand the dimensions and spaces in order to liberate yourself and others?”

I said, “Yes.”

He said, “This sacrament will accomplish your intent. Reject and stay in comfort. Accept and fulfill your obligation.” He pushed a plate of food towards me.

I did not ask the consequences. I agreed by eating the food, which was a fatty substance that was difficult to chew and swallow. I agreed to the Law of Obedience one more time in order to fulfill what I had promised prior to coming into this time and space matrix.

The dream ended.

That day I was raped in October 2017 in Eugene, Oregon. All my life, I had never experienced insomnia, paranoia, obsession, or mania yet now I was full swing in all four energies. I would have remained in those frequencies had it not been for Mahavatar Babaji Nagaraj asking me two questions.

“Who raped you?”

I named the person.

“Do you want it out of you?”

I said, “Yes.”

I realized I was possessed fully by an entity other than my individual consciousness. I commanded by the laws of the Golden Liquid Realms and Alchemical Powers that this entity leave my body, and it was so. I performed additional commands such as closing wormholes on the property where I had lived. The paranoia, obsession, and mania reduced as I gained control over my body. I even slept that night.

I would leave Eugene, Oregon in December of 2017. The woman, whom I had been in a relationship with for seven years, created a false narrative that I was confused, depressed, and missing without mentioning my rape to the police as the motivating factor for my exodus.

This story was carried in the media for a short time and people got their laughs as apparently it’s funny to be labeled a “crazy lesbian.”  She generated this storyline from terror as she lacked belief that she would be able to find someone trustworthy to pay half of rent. She would tell me a month later that she was angry that the police did not go after me and force me to return.

She had been jealous of my fearlessness and ability to create income through self employment, which she failed to create in her own reality. Her goal was to get everyone to believe I was crazy, and if everyone believed this lie, she would finally feel superior to me. Feeling RIGHT was more important than loyalty, love, or money.

She got her moment, but karma still functions even if it runs on a slow train track. She will attract that which she gave out and so will Jeff. Be careful what you wish on other people.

What does this have to do with curses, hexes, spells, pacts, and bindings?

What I experienced in the dream time with the Patriarch and Jeff was a curse. Certainly Jeff’s rape was far worse than the woman’s action of reputation revenge. In actuality, they were linked. I had accepted a contract without being given the details.

Black Magic can enter through fear, guilt, disgust, hatred or any unresolved emotion playing out in the subconscious mind. Black Magic can enter through trickery through an unconscious mind. Black Magic can enter through choice. I believe I willingly accepted entry into the halls of pain for a time and a season for understanding and action.

I did enter the 10th dimension and found my lost twin flame in a vast room with collapsed canvas tents, symbolic of a crushed will. It took 4 years from the time of the “curse” to find my twin flame. It was a joyful reunion that is hard to explain in which you find an eternal love who was my friend before I ever entered this time and space matrix in which we agreed to serve separate lives until our joyful reunion. It was as if I found God – the kind God – after all these years. We held hands and walked out of Tent Land forever.

Siddhartha Gautama walked out of the protection of his fortress, abandoning his wealth, marriage, child, rights, kingdom, principalities, entitlement, and comfort for the path of liberation from pain and suffering. Lord Buddha would more than likely be labeled “insane, a neglectful husband, and a dead beat dad” if he lived today.

Nonetheless, Lord Buddha’s soul purpose was more important than comfort. And I get it. Perhaps you do too.

Lord Buddha’s great compassion was based in understanding why humans suffer by allowing himself to suffer. You could easily say that coming to this reality was unnecessary as he had completed ascension elsewhere, which means you can stop incarnating if so desired.

Lord Buddha wishes to share this to all readers…

I chose to come to Earth as practice. Could I possibly create peace, bliss, and divine love IN the matrix as opposed to waiting for it on the OUTSIDE? It would be a whole new experience for me.

I was born with amplified anxiety. It existed in my youth in the palace. It existed when I meditated as an ascetic. Others suffered from sorrow, fear, and grief of death. I suffered from living. I didn’t know how to define my pain and suffering as others treated me as a child with a physical disability even though I was whole. I walked, I talked, I moved freely, yet I suffered greatly.

I did not want to engage in a relationship even though it was expected. Upon my wedding night, I could not perform as I was asexual and aromatic. It was presumed that I was gay or interested in children. None was true.

Why did I struggle to get an erection? How was a child born to my wife? I lived in a simulation — perhaps not too different than yours — in which sadism was normal and vulnerability was abhorred. If you were tender, you lost body parts. If you were cruel, you were given power to remove body parts. I lost a few fingertips and a penis. I do not say this to shock you. I say it to clarify a miserable lie.

How does a man without a penis father a child?

The child born to my so-called wife was not mine. The child was my brother as my father seeded the woman who took hidden body parts. He taught her how to be cruel as he was possessed with many entities. Your world does not believe in demons any more. I do not care whether you believe me or not, so feel free to call me the labels of old. I am free. Are you?

One day I saw an osprey fly over my head to the fortress walls, land upon the wall, and release a rat from its grasp. The rat easily crawled down the other side. It never occurred to me that “other” existed. All stories about a faithful servant taking me to town are a lie as that servant would have been tortured slowly to death by my father. I understood death and permanency.

I simply climbed the wall like a Parkour specialist and descended to my freedom.

I did seek the ascetic life but not for titles, rights, principalities, fame, or adoration. I wanted to be free of anxiety as the life I lived felt like absolute misery. I dreaded living.

Entering into an altered state of mind was easy once I entered nature. I could not meditate during my days in the fortress as I was interrupted much like you are interrupted by TV and social media…a constant feed of sex, violence, and nihilism. Entertainment is a dead end. I would learn this with other teachers who showed me special rooms and spaces within dimensions, which were nothing more than sex rooms for those who could not attract it in 3D reality.

How did I find liberation from pain and suffering?

I liberated myself by witnessing a future version of myself who understood that everything works in reverse, that my future — your present — must be resolved in order for the past to be fulfilled. By resolve, I mean that the Mirror World where the anti-matter beings reside must release a seed of origin of creation held in enslavement. 

Why am I linked?

I hold the fallen Christ you call Jehovah in my consciousness. I carry him now. I carried him then. I carry him because he has the seed, which is really my job to preserve even though he wants it to sustain his simulation so we share it in our battle of wills. I’ve grown weary of sharing. I am not possessive; I want freedom.

So here and now I declare my sovereignty and freedom from Jehovah by severing myself permanently from the Seed of Origin of Creation because it is empty. I laugh at myself now because I thought myself too important in guarding something that need not be guarded. I think I was seduced into believing All That Is did not care so I bore the burden of securing this reality alone. 

Could it be that the test was so simple?

No Seed of Origin has ever, will ever, shall ever be needed.

Future self and past finally meet. I remove my Rishi from the Mirror World which allows me to merge my separated template of the feminine and masculine, which allows me to change the motion of my Merkaba to divine love.

I drop the seed, I drop separation, I expand in love, which is liberation.

I hope this served.

And this is the conclusion of How Starseeds Can Be Like Buddha In Dreams To Liberate Yourself From Psychic Attack

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