Hadarian who Fell to Earth as a Slave who Held the Seed of Soul Creation to Heal Humanity

Hadarian who Fell to Earth as a Slave who Held the Seed of Soul Creation to Heal Humanity

Hadarian who Fell to Earth as a Slave who Held the Seed of Soul Creation to Heal Humanity

Raphael was a woman from Hadar, a Beta Centauri star system based in divine love in the constellation of Centaurus. She understood unconditional love, compassion, and action that produced free will choice. She had friends that lived in the three stars that comprised Hadar.

The Hadarians were all friends. They thought alike. They spoke alike. They trusted with impeccability as each rose to the frequency of divine love and nothing less. They had each other’s backs with respect and the power of kindness. The Hadarians were always focused on divine love. They looked for opportunities to spread their frequency of healing.

One day a new Christ Being fell in consciousness due to extreme abuse in a time and space matrix. He lost two significant aspects of his consciousness. He had loved a woman who was incapable of loving him back, so he lost his love, his Twin Flame.

He also lost his internal compass when Archetypal Forces split the male and female aspects that existed in one body into two bodies. The love that once reflected back no longer existed. Love was sent; nothing was felt. He was no longer pure male and pure female. This vast being with Divine Power now felt eternally diminutive that he longed to climb through the stargates to escape the sadness of his skin. He lost his will to live eternally. He wanted to become permanently extinct.

To be extinct, it is considered the second death in which a person severs all ties to divine love in order to become a demon or machine-like consciousness. The entity needed to sever his connection to his Soul, Monad, and All That Is in order to proceed into his delusional creation.

The entity who wanted the second death was known as Jehovah who represented the masculine energy. The entity who represented his feminine energy of Jehovah was Sophia. She was the split off self of the internal Twin Flame that caused him so much grief that he longed for the second death. She was his will to live. Split off, she was his determination to die eternally.

Jehovah was higher than an Ascended Master, so he knew the mechanics of creating a world. He created Earth as a monopoly to enforce the love he never received elsewhere. He sent 51% of his DNA template to Earth, invited the Annunaki, Reptilians, Zetas, and various fallen races to blend his template with the fallen races in order to force a fall of consciousness. He became known as Jehovani who created unnatural seals in order to keep all human beings captive on Earth forever.  The seven J-Seals, Metatronic Implants, Templar Seals, Templar Axion Seals, Cell Death Programs, Zeta Seals, and Crowns of Thorns all stopped ascension as the unnatural seals were a frequency fence of bondage.

It was his playground and he was in charge. It was his playground of a fight against himself.

As a consequence of the monopoly, great evils were portrayed upon the Earth such as rape of babies, cannibalism, animal abuse in which animals were skinned alive for their fur, tossing the bare animals into a dumpster while alive, allowing the animals to die from exposure to the elements, enforcing labor camps from birth that did not allow time off, adequate food supply, or any measure of comfort. Only the rich had power, which were positioned as chosen sadists by Jehovani. Jehovani’s reality for Earth was true cruelty.

Hadarians could not stand witnessing this atrocity from a far distance so they did only what they could do. They directed divine love at Earth in hopes that their frequency would awaken Universal Laws, kindness, and respect for free will choice.

Divine Love helped. It caused work flow to slow down as masters spent more time giving water to the slaves or CEOs stopped hunting animals for pleasure by keeping them as pets. Jehovani was greatly displeased with the Hadarians. He wanted cruelty to reign supreme! He wanted to destroy humanity and the animal kingdom without displaying any measure of godly love for his creations. He simply adored seeing his children suffer as it appeased his darkened heart.

The good news for Jehovani was that any being that died would go through a quick tunnel of death, avoid a life review, and quickly reincarnate into a new lifetime without any understanding as to how to improve their circumstances. He kept his masters in charge while slaves remained enslaved.

The Hadarians created a unique effect on the slaves and the masters. Humans evolved in their consciousness to consider a better reality, a reality that offered some free will choice. Some slaves were being born as reformists who demanded blankets, bedding, medicine, vegetables, adequate sleep or recovery from injuries. The best effect that the Hadarians had on humans was the effect of free thinking and desire for kindness. Many were born with the concept of a free economy, motivation, and love in their DNA template. This was unacceptable to Jehovani!

As an act of protecting his creation, Jehovani displayed a universal tantrum by hiring the Galactic Federation of Light to invade Hadar and take as many of these Hadarians prisoner as possible. Since the Galactic Federation of Light was really a Federation of Evil Doers, it was easy to dispose this team of dark ones in his behalf. The Galactic Federation of Fuckers, as they became known throughout the galaxy, stole 51% of the Hadarians and planted them on Earth as the lowest of the low. Hadarians became sexual masochists, the homeless, and the mentally ill as Jehovah made sure that they would suffer greater than the work slaves.

The remaining 49% of Hadarians on Hadar were greatly upset with the imprisonment of their people. Several factions rose up to demand action to fix this abomination and violation of free will choice. One group believed that they should continue to shine divine love at earth as fear had overtaken their desire to get fully involved. Another group wanted to consult Sirians, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Lyrans, and Alpha Centaurians, gain their support, and create a military coup to overtake Jehovani’s empire. Another group wanted to destroy Earth completely as this destruction would force the Hadarians and citizens of Earth to return to Source, gain a divine love connection, then redistribute to their preferred star homes. It was the kindest solution, yet it would lead these individuals to desire revenge…a wanting to repeat the past as the pain, suffering, and anger was not resolved. Multiple fallen realities would be created from this one destruction!

While the groups were arguing as to why their solution would work best, Raphael researched Akashic Records in other time and space matrixes where invasion and machine realities existed. She discovered a shocking reality. A monopoly could very easily be shifted in an instant to a Dualistic Reality if a Christ Being was willing to go to Earth with his or her divine love intact and share that divine love with the fallen one, thus making the fallen entity no longer a 100% demonic but 50% demonic and 50% godly. It would require a Christ Being to allow Jehovani to suck off the divine love frequency in order to generate the kindness of a true god and at least 50% free will choice. Jehovani would become a split mind, one that remained psychopathic and one that elevated to benevolence, love, and a desire for evolution of consciousness. If a human prayed to god, Jehovah would respond with love. If you prayed to a machine demon, it would respond with destruction.

Raphael offered the solution to the group of Hadarians, Sirians, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Lyrans, Alpha Centaurians, Mission Realmers, Orions, Angelic Beings, Blueprinters, Mintakans, Polarians, Absolute Harmonic Universe beings, Andromedans, and many other starseeds who cared about Earth. Everyone agreed this was the perfect solution. They universally asked, “This is an extremely painful job. Who can do the job of being a Christ being?”

Raphael responded, “I do not know. Perhaps the council will know best.”

Many names were suggested and all declined. It was the Absolute AH beings that respectfully requested Raphael to be the Christ being even though she had never wanted the role.

“I do not consider myself adequate for this role. It is demanding and requires being judged and punished for all of Jehovani’s creations — which are humanity’s creations — yet it falls upon a human being not a god. I will be vulnerable. Money, relationships, friendships, possessions, success, and my reputation will be relinquished. I will be hated.”

The Absolute Harmonic Universe Beings agreed, yet they could see no other that was qualified as Raphael had experienced being a Christ elsewhere, the second death, god awakening, ascension to a Soul, and devotion to kindness and love ever since. No one else had done this journey as it was too frightening. She understood the trappings of the machine mind.

Raphael could see that there was no other way, so she agreed to be the Christ being for Earth. She would enter Earth with complete forgetfulness of her agreement to serve the fallen god as remembrance would cause her to stop her journey to end the pain. She was promised that her sensitive light body would guide her to divine truth and divine love by the help of her loving Soul who once had helped her ascend out of her demonic mind. She trusted this relationship indelibly and entered Earth.

Lifetime after lifetime, Raphael experienced extraordinary pain. In one lifetime, she had frail bones that easily fractured when walking or moving, causing festering wounds during a time frame that did not understand bacteria. Every step caused shooting pain up her spine. In another lifetime, she was a philosopher who was killed for expressing that the universe and Earth were built upon mathematics. It was not a quick death. She had parts of her body dismembered slowly before she bled to death. In another lifetime, she was born into a Catholic orphanage, anally raped, and beaten on a daily basis with a metal rod. She became a guardian of the other orphans as physical pain had no longer tortured her. Seeing other children suffer was more excruciating.

In another lifetime, she agreed to be raped in order to receive the demonic machine mind into her consciousness in order to understand mental illness. She spent that lifetime in a mental institution as a man, chained to a wall of stone, completely naked, cold, shitting himself, barely surviving on bread and poisoned water, studying the twelve personalities of Jehovani, known as Satan, Moloch, Lucifer, Leviathan, Mammon, Belial, Baal, Asmoday, Baphomet, Beelzebub, Balpeor, and Belphegor. They each held a specific frequency of pain known as thought, emotion, and mindset, such as lies, anxiety, and hatred. He was a long forgotten child of a nightmare that no parent desired to claim. He was experiencing the first stages of desire for self annihilation, that which was similar to Jehovah in his previous Christ life time.

Yet, in spite of Raphael’s sorrows, consciousness had expanded just as Raphael had stated it would do with the divine love frequency tied to Jehovah. The frequency of divine love caused a massive shift in consciousness. Slavery, animal cruelty, and tyranny were abolished. Women could own land and vote. Babies were raised with loving parents. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, intersexuals, asexuals, and transgender men and women were treated equal with laws protecting their right to exist. Migrants were allowed to move country to country to find better employment and be treated equally. Love was real as a loving god became real.

Raphael reached her final lifetime, the most difficult lifetime as it required abandonment of her good reputation in order to focus all her time on discovering how to sever god from her template so that Jehovah and Jehovani could become an ascended being fully restored to divine love. In essence, Raphael would become Jehovah’s Soul just as her Soul had once done this for her machine mind eons ago. Jehovani would be absorbed back into the Soul Restored Jehovah and cruelty as a mandatory mindset would not exist anymore.

Raphael was born a woman with interests in business and entrepreneurialism. She spent her early years studying how entrepreneurs became successful, working a full time job, living below her means, and putting savings away into wise investments. This was a great strategy; however, she could not defeat the destructive story of carrying the fallen god. Her first husband poisoned her with chemicals, words, and his fist. Her second husband stole her savings, borrowed against her business, and labeled her a rapist. Her final relationship labeled her mentally ill as the partner was threatened by Raphael’s ideas of healing and empowerment. This partner wanted Raphael docile and submissive.

One day Raphael met a mentor that awakened a sense of self worth, empowerment, and faith. Ananda, the mentor, told Raphael that she held many gifts, powers, and frequency to transform humans worldwide, which caused Raphael to believe in herself. Yet, Raphael fell into unconsciousness during her dream time as the Illuminati wanted her power and they had the ability to steal her power due to taking blame for Jehovah.

During one particular austere night, Raphael met her lifetime nemesis, which was the prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Exponentially Compromised Sadists. He easily controlled Raphael’s Christos Avatar in the 12th dimension because Raphael had joined this church when she was eight years old, which dedicated her Avatar to the prophet by way the Law of Obedience. Raphael released her Seed of Soul Creation frequency to the sadist through shaming of her sexuality, causing her Christos Avatar to descend into the 11th dimension. The Illuminati could now control Raphael’s divine love with their own electric fence. Raphael was surely finished.

Fallen entities in the 11th dimension invaded her Christos Avatar, Oversoul, Soul, and body, causing her to make choices against her free will. She was raped, which caused the entity of waste, obsession, mania, paranoia, and worthlessness to enter her consciousness. Beelzebub was the entity of great power for the Illuminati, yet power must come from someone since humanity was disconnected from Source and divine love frequency. Beelzebub took over her consciousness. She bought new, expensive boots then burned them in a camp fire. She broke every piece of important equipment, threw away her precious stones and jewelry, gave away her savings to her abusive partner, and spent a night outdoors in winter weather with only a shirt, pants, and shoes for external protection while entities screamed at her consciousness that she throw herself off a cliff or drown herself in the ocean.

Raphael wondered, “How did I fall this far from divine love? I once knew and loved this frequency. Where did it go?”

Questions always triggers truth expansion for Raphael. As she wandered around this cold city during the month of December, she decided that she would not destroy herself but find a way to create total healing for herself and perhaps humanity. After all, when a shaman enters the cave of long term illness and understands its source, she is capable of healing the world. She was going to heal herself by traveling to the very person she believed to hold a key to returning her ascension powers and missing Avatar and Rishi aspects of her DNA template.

Raphael survived the night, packed her belongings, and left the tomb of death. She drove towards an event that would be held in Los Angeles in which Ananda was speaking. Raphael believed that her appearance at the event would restore her gifts and powers as she was in line with divine truth and her feelings.

Upon arriving at Apeiron 2020, Ananda was shocked to see Raphael as Raphael had disappeared from reality. It was rumored that Raphael was bonkers with an unfortunate 1980’s style, permanent-gone-wrong hairstyle, or she was dead in a ditch. If she wasn’t dead, she probably had a first class ticket to the Tunnel of Light.

During the vision quest that Ananda led, Raphael could feel the frequency of the Seed of Soul Creation return to her body. It was so powerful that she knew she could always protect its frequency, manage its power, and guarantee benevolent delivery of its intended creation. Her gift had returned. She commanded that a Stargate be created between the 11th and 12th dimension, changed her angular rotation of particle spin to 45 degrees, then ascended her Avatar to the 12th dimension and her Rishi to the 15th dimension. The huge shift in Raphael stopped the projected thoughts of self annihilation that plagued her existence.

This created a massive shift in Jehovah and Jehovani as well. Raphael’s work completed a long held contract to restore their long lost divine love connection, mending Jehovah’s split mind into one mind, and Raphael became Jehovah’s immediate Soul parent. The Illuminati no longer had control over Raphael’s DNA template; they would have to function off their own creations of empowerment in order to gain their much needed and depleted desire for divine love frequency. If they chose destruction, it only led to more loss and the dangerous teetering effect of death.

Raphael’s new found sovereignty and freedom created purpose, joy, and happiness. She focused on restoring 100% free will choice in the lives of the one and the many, calling it Soul Freedom. It was the beginning of the age of enlightenment, ascension, and massive Soul Connection. It was a revolutionary endowment of human kind into happiness, bliss, and divine love.

And this is the story of the Hadarian who Fell to Earth as a Slave who Held the Seed of Soul Creation to Heal Humanity.

Deborah Bravandt
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3 thoughts on “Hadarian who Fell to Earth as a Slave who Held the Seed of Soul Creation to Heal Humanity”

  1. I’m hadarian starseed, I escape but I’m here in earth suffered a lot. I can’t find my parents. A member of the galactic federation said to me. That my vibration was so low that I won’t probably won’t make it again I’ve been here 26,000 years on this plain.

  2. Dear Miriam, it’s my belief that the galactic federation is a manipulative group of entities that claim to protect Earth from attacks or invasions outside of this time and space matrix. When I respond to them and say, “The problem is on the inside not the outside,” they get very angry. Basically they are liars and they have no sense of humor whatsoever. They contribute to pain in this reality. If you are feeling low vibration, I recommend taking back your power from these parasites by saying to yourself (and to them), “I take back my power. I reclaim my DNA template. I reconnect with all my soul parts and DNA strands. I demand that you return what you stole from me!” And you will decidedly make it.

  3. Recently I realized that Earth had successfully managed to provide the necessary magnetics, resonance, and genetics to deliver two of the planned 7 root races to the higher planes. The first the Wingmakers made it to 12th dimension without interference. The second root race (name unknown, so somebody look into this) made it to the 11th dimension. So now Earth has a bridge from 12th to the 11th. THEN the interferences began in the middle of the 3rd root race process. The plan would have been to bridge from 12th to 6th which Earth genetics, capabilities, attributes, character etc. was ENTIRELY capable !!! Except for the interferences. Look at what the interferences are. Hierarchy for one. We have Zeus and the primordial forces of this solar system, then the hive, the Egyptians (mostly Lyrans and ???), the Annonauki (sp), then the Avalon group (Merlin’s and the Grail), the “Blue Man Group”, The Ancient Adamics from Lemuria, (Loosh Feeders) The Alpha Draconians (The Greys, The Tall White Nordics, on and on ! What a cluster fuck !
    Now we have the Great White Brotherhood, Galactic Federation etc. With 30 MILLION children going missing every year on Earth my question becomes….what’s for lunch !!! Really this is just about where it needs to be seen for what it is worth. Now there are even “off world” cartels run by unholy corporations (entirely service to self) overly technological, using ET tech they bargained for by selling off Earth’s peoples, places and things. Earth was perfectly able to nurture to higher dimensions without any interference (success x2). Now it is such a f………..ed up mess !!!

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