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Hadarian Starseed Country Music Star who Attracted Power with Divine Love

Before Nile was famous in Nashville, she was a devoted girlfriend who knew how to take her stripes. Her boyfriend callously slept around with all the women in their neighborhood including Nile’s 90-year-old grandmother. Nile experienced her first scandal as a consequence of her boyfriend who had created a pyramid scheme selling imaginary stock in the Illuminati, which would have worked until someone pointed out that the Illuminati was not a financial institution but a network of perception based upon control through manipulation. As the boyfriend broke up with Nile, she asked, “How did you escape prison time?”

He said, “If you want to be separated from the masses, you have to be willing to do anything. Talk to Baal Sack” and off he went to see Nile’s grandmother.

Nile did have a dream. She wanted to be a famous country music star, yet all she could gain as a following was one local coffee shop. But even this gig was useless as she was only paid in tips, and sometimes those tips were simply nasty notes, saying,

“You’re too angelic! It’s a turn off!”

“You’d be better off as a pole dancer!”

“You should change your name to Denial! LOL.”

One day she had enough with the insults and being a victim of her circumstances. “Baal Sack, will you help me become a beloved country singer in Nashville?” she cried.

Baal Sack answered, “Are you willing to do anything?”

“Yes,” she said.

“If you desire adoration so much, there are two pathways you can take. You can marry Pastor Patriarch who has an enormous following due to his smart investment in disgust. Or, you can befriend Fraulein Festive who understands compassion, understanding, and creativity. Each will get you the same result, just through different methods.”

“I need fame now!”

“Then follow Pastor Patriarch’s methodology, which is to do everything opposite of your feelings and peace of mind.”

“So if I want fame, I need to pass around a bucket at a concert, have everyone spit into the bucket, and then drink it?”

“You are well trained. I have known thee since thou wast born,” said Baal Sack with a tear of black ink flowing from his one eye.

“Why is disgust so powerful?”

“Because it creates obsession,” said Baal Sack.

“This sounds fantastic,” said Nile.

“Not as much as you think,” said Baal Sack.

“How will Fraulein Festive help me?” asked Nile.

“She will remind you of your past long before you entered Earth. You’re a Starseed and she knows your origin. She will claim you have a gift but it’s a lie,” said Baal Sack.

“Will my origin attract obsessors?” asked Nile.

“No,” said Baal Sack.

Nile committed to Baal Sack that she would give fifty percent of her light body energy to Baal Sack if indeed she became famous. It was a pact that she did not fully understand.

Nile researched Pastor Patriarch and discovered that he had an addiction to pornography, sex dolls, and collectible plates from the Dollar Store. Nile married Pastor Patriarch with the intent to videotape his private affairs, upload the video to multiple websites, gain notoriety as a supportive wife of a disgraced pastor, which would boost her career.

Nile did exactly as planned. She filmed her husband hiring a non-certified Six Sigma technician to repair his malfunctioning sex doll, which caused his followers to reel in disgust for his cheapness. People called Nile foolish for standing by Pastor Patriarch, yet the obsession was remarkable. Nile added another private video showing Pastor Patriarch dusting his collection of naked Santa Claus collectible plates. It was the nail in his coffin for his followers no longer witnessed Pastor Patriarch as disgusting. He was just a man with a cheesy art collection. Nile divorced Pastor while gaining a substantial severance package and a contract as a country music singer in Nashville.

Just as Baal Sack had promised, disgust increased Nile’s followers, devotees, and income.

Nile became famous and powerful, entering into a decade of decadence with use of street drugs, Opioids, alcohol, marriages, divorces, weight gain, weight loss, plastic surgery in which she gave herself a third breast, forgotten children, four bankruptcies, constipation, and plenty of fear of living.

She had adopted a Puma cat from a foreign country whose name she could not pronounce. Upon claiming this feline, she forgot it was adopted and walked upon the defecation daily without realizing that it stuck to her shoes, feet, and hair. It was only Nile’s lowly paid assistant who found a suitable home for the Puma and cleaned up the fecal matter before strung-out Nile ate the poop presuming it to be brownies.

Nile performed intoxicated that she did not know the difference between dream time and awake time, often pulling her clothes off, and passing out naked mid performance. This added to the fervor of devotion.

Her followers repeated her lyrics while crying with zealous conviction that she was the god of country gods. When they gathered at a bar to listen to her music, they country line danced with precision in her honor. When they drank their beer, they made sure to cry back into their beer so as to hydrate themselves while simultaneously dehydrating themselves in her honor. They saluted her choices of decadence as it caused them to feel rich in lust.

Nile was dropping lower each day. She ate gummy worms for breakfast and dinner. She wasn’t sure what she ate in between meal times. She was a conservationist so any type of food was sufficient as long as it didn’t cause her to gain weight.

She surgically had her third breast removed simply for the bliss of seeing herself cut.

She loved the sheer bliss of defecation when it happened. Generally speaking, it did not happen. She did not understand the long term effects of embodying disgust, which was suicidal ideation masked by Opioids resulting in constipation.

One day husband number five came home from work and said, “I regret ever meeting you. I’m leaving.”

She would have said, “I’m sorry” but she couldn’t remember marrying him. She couldn’t remember his name.

In spite of Nile gaining fans, followers, and obsessors, she hated her life. In disgust of her lifestyle and desire for something better than what she had created, she searched the name Fraulein Festive online, found her website, and sent her an email. “I made a pact with a devil. It’s killing me. Can you help?”

“Yes,” replied Fraulein Festive.

Nile booked a face-to-face appointment with Fraulein Festive. “I was told many years ago that I am a Starseed and that you know where I am from. Who am I?” asked Nile.

“You are Hadarian, like me, from a star system called Hadar. It is the 11th brightest star in the night sky though it is actually a triple star system known as Beta Centauri,” said Fraulein Festive. “All Hadarians have the gift of kindness, creativity, joy, humor, and love,” said Fraulein Festive.

“That gets you shit in this reality,” said Nile.

“And yet, shit is what you eat for breakfast,” said Fraulein Festive.

“I should have come from ‘Kiss My Ass’ star system,” said Nile.

“You want power, and yet you do not realize the power of love,” said Fraulein Festive.

“Fuck your love! I was a victim. Now I am somebody!” said Nile.

“Your origin of love is misunderstood in this reality. Love is not emotion based. It is frequency, and that frequency is power!” said Fraulein Festive.

“I’m listening,” said Nile.

“Hadarian starseed characteristics embodying victimization are often unappreciated, underestimated, and provoked that they abandon their true nature to become one with the masses, joining the mission of outrage, anger, and violence,” said Fraulein Festive. “Some of my most dedicated antagonists have been Hadarians. Masking love with hatred only attracts misery, and misery does not like company. Where did your Puma go? Where is your personal assistant?” Where is your husband?”

“Gone,” Nile admitted.

“Love frequency is similar to the 528 hertz and Shaktipat. It is called divine love because it holds power, and that power feels expansive in the heart. It is a tool of manifestation in which you can attract the reality you wish to see without victimizing yourself with the frequency of disgust or fear. Victimization is self destruction, and self destruction is waste. What do you want to manifest?” asked Fraulein Festive.

Nile did not want to admit that she wanted friends. She did not want to admit that she longed to feel this love that Fraulein Festive spoke of, even though it seemed like nonsense.

Reading Nile’s thoughts, Fraulein Festive said, “You can attract friends with divine love.”

As powerfully as Nile wanted friends, she equally wanted nothing to do with this archaic system of bonding. She hated her lack of sameness. She was opposite, different, and just plain separated. She wanted friends but sameness didn’t create exaltation, excitement, or rank. “I want to take a baseball bat to your head,” said Nile. “You shall surely die!”

“Eventually. But not today.”

Nile felt deeply threatened by Fraulein Festive’s ease with life. “I want to throw you off a cliff into the ocean. Now that’s power!” said Nile.

“I can swim. That demon is taking more than fifty percent of your power,” said Fraulein Festive.

“I want to see you gang raped,” said Nile who was getting more shocked by her violent intentions.

“It was attempted by a Hadarian a few years ago, but it didn’t go so well for her. Be careful what you wish upon another person. I call it ‘kick back’ instead of the overused word of karma,” said Fraulein Festive.

Fraulein Festive went through her own transformation many years earlier, shifting out of abusive relationships, recognizing the gift of divine love, and reactivating it in her template. Because of this internal power, it was like a vaccination against fear, neediness, and rejection. She stood her ground.

“You’re constipated because of your diet and your suicidal ideation. Pain turns into comfort and it appears that you are attached to suicide as if it’s your best friend,” said Fraulein Festive. “It keeps vibrating a fear of life and fear of death. It’s time to tell Baal Sack to shave his saggy balls in the hell realms. He’s not welcome in Nashville anymore.”

Nile focused on Fraulein Festive’s eyes with intense concentration.

“Would you like to try the opposite of fear, Nile? Would you like to try the opposite of constipation? Would you like to be known as the Hadarian Starseed Country Music Star who attracted power with divine love?”

Nile quietly nodded her head. She had had enough of pain and suffering. “Yes.”

Fraulein Festive put her hand on Nile’s heart, spoke a few commands, and instantly Nile fell into an ecstatic state. Baal Sack exited Nile’s light body causing Nile to regain 100% control of her free will choice while experiencing an expansion of her heart. It was bliss. It was the grandest delight of her life.

She asked Fraulein Festive to do the same for all her fans who attended her concerts in Nashville, which Fraulein Festive complied. Her fans fell into ecstatic states, throwing their drugs, pills, and alcohol into the trash. Nile continued to sing country music; however, she chose her lyrics wisely as she wanted to preserve the love of life that had formed within her template. And her career prospered.

Nile became a leader in speaking about the power of divine love that the citizens of Nashville all chose to be activated into divine love. Demons were exiled while separation ceased. There was no need for drugs, fear, disgust, or violence.

And divine love reigned supreme while Nile became one of the many, no longer separated.

And this is the story of the Hadarian Starseed Country Music Star who Attracted Power with Divine Love.

Deborah Bravandt
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