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Hadarian Man Who Restored His IAM Christ Consciousness with Feminine Energy

TRIGGER WARNING: This is one of my more intense stories that involves topics of violence, rape, suicidal ideation, and death. If you are triggered by these topics, please do not read.

Normally I DO NOT use these topics in my articles and courses as the goal is to help transform your financial, spiritual, and metaphysical reality with positive visualization. 

Why did I choose to write about these topics? Based upon client need, I believe there are individuals who are INITIATES who suffer emotionally, mentally, and physically without understanding why. The goal of this story is to lead an initiate out of suffering through understanding. 

Initiation is typically arranged by you and God prior to your entry into this time and space matrix. Initiation is meant to push you towards Christ Consciousness in which you realize that God is within you, not without, and literally changes your suffering into peace, power, and self actualization. Most Initiates have taken a form of blame or judgment upon themselves for another human being who represents a disempowered aspect of Jehovah, the fallen god creator of this reality. You, the initiate, give power to the disempowered person by offering your DNA template to another human being, such as your Feminine Energy or your Masculine Energy. The goal is to give the disempowered person the chance to feel empowered that has never been felt before in other realities. 

The difficulty in taking on this journey for you, the Initiate, is that it attracts disempowerment, financial difficulty, rejection, and even repulsion from others without creating thoughts, words, or actions to attract this reaction. The journey of the First Degree Initiation is physical pain. The Second Degree Initiation is emotional suffering. The Third Degree Initiation is mental suffering. The Fourth Degree Initiation is physical, emotional, and mental suffering.

The goal of my work is to help the helpless shift beyond victimization, unfairness, or hatred by understanding how your suffering is created. In short, the DNA template of another person is attached to you, which is how you attract the painful results. You are a sponsor. Thus, the thoughts, emotions, and mindsets of the person for whom you sponsor become your thoughts, emotions, and mindsets, which create your reality.

You have to be one step ahead of your normal thinking. You have to see yourself as two people sharing one DNA template. 

Your Higher Self did a Walk-In to the other person’s DNA Template that upgraded his or her template while simultaneously downgrading your template.

How do you shift out of the Initiation? The completion of Initiation has never been addressed in any writings from gurus, ascended masters, or metaphysical writers that is satisfactory. I do not consider martyrism to be satisfactory completion of an initiation as the martyr will inevitably be reborn through reincarnation into the same circumstances of suffering. Nothing has been gained and potentially leads one to fall into hatred and a desire for extinction, which is a disconnection of divine love from one’s DNA template in order to escape the suffering. It’s a fall that the individual, whom you sponsor, is currently experiencing. 

You didn’t come here to fall into annihilation, which is a form of soul death by becoming a machine human. You came here to ascend.

I believe the end of initiation is based upon three aspects. 

First, you must have a conscious awareness for whom you sponsor. 

Second, you must reach a state of love or non-judgment for this being. Understanding comes from your own pain, which manifests from a realization of how he or she became what he or she became as you are mirroring his or her past. 

Third, you must accept a restoration of your full IAM template, which is complete alignment to God Consciousness. It is a form of surrendering your Free Will Choice to All That Is. It is also a form of taking back your distorted Free Will Choice from whom you sponsored. This is created by rejoining the split aspects of yourself known as the masculine and feminine that were forced to fall dimensionally, which resulted in a fall of consciousness, metaphysical intelligence, and soul purpose. You must ascend your fallen Avatar back to the 12th dimension with Divine Love.

You create all three of these aspects of transformation with positive intent. I use sacred geometry and commands to create a positive result. If you would like to know more, I do offer a course called “Sculpting your Reality with Sacred Geometry,” which you can consider at the end of the article or you can work with me through Skype sessions.

Hadarian Man Who Restored His IAM Christ Consciousness with Feminine Energy
Story of Empowerment through Initiation 100%

Before Lachlan was an initiate, he was simply unknown to God.

He was one of the many blending into the masses lifetime after lifetime, becoming a millionaire over and over again in one time and space matrix, and becoming a famous singer, actor, dancer, and athlete in another time and space matrix.

When he ascended out of his last reality, God spoke to him.

“You have a Soul Connection. Many of your friends do not, so they are incapable of ascending out of their time and space matrix. I would like you to restore the Soul Connection. Are you willing?” said God.

Lachlan was a Starseed from the Hadarian Soul Group who activated happiness, creativity, and divine love simply from his presence. It was easy for him to gain new friends like Pleiadian Starseeds, Mintakan Starseeds, Arcturian Starseeds, and Sirian Starseeds as they were drawn to his powers.

Lachlan was joyful that God knew him as he believed God was too busy to know every single Star Traveler. He considered God’s proposal. He felt the mission in his heart, which was the only place a Hadarian Being translated a message for truth.

“How will I restore what does not exist?” asked Lachlan.

“With my help. You will need to remember me, and then all is possible,” said God.

Lachlan felt a tinge of pain, which is a strange sensation when you are not embodied. It was awareness of great difficulty to come, but difficulty with a purpose.

“You will be a mirror to others,” said God. “At first, you will be a mirror of each person’s rejected parts, and then you shall be a mirror of their IAM.”

Lachlan agreed and entered Earth.

He chose his first life as a nomad who herded camels, horses, and goats. He never prayed to any entity, yet he was the happiest being who ever lived. He praised the sun, the meadows, the rivers, and his livestock.

One day a monk ventured into his tent to ask for food and milk, which Lachlan freely offered. The monk, in his attempt to offer something in return, told Lachlan that he could enter the Kingdom of Heaven if he accepted the Fourth Degree Initiation.

“What is that?” asked Lachlan.

“It’s the path of renunciation of wealth, friends, family, relationships, health, and respect,” said the monk.

“Why would I want to create this?” asked Lachlan.

“To understand the Kingdom of Heaven is to understand what God once was so that you may experience your own god nature and permanent happiness,” answered the monk.

Although Lachlan experienced happiness, he knew it was temporal. He wanted everlasting happiness. Lachlan agreed. He would become a Fourth Degree Initiate, a Christ Conscious being, and an IAM initiate in his next lifetime.

Lachlan’s first lifetime as an initiate didn’t go so well. He was born into a Buddhist Monastery that was very strict. Although he collected donations that far exceeded all the other monks in a shorter period of time, the monks expected him to fill his schedule with self abuse rather than pleasure. Envy circulated in this monastery. After Lachlan fulfilled his portion of donation goals, he retired to nature. Lachlan spent too much time feeding the livestock, too much time singing in the woods, and too much time on his hygiene that the monks chose to throw him to the streets.

Lachlan held no concept beyond the monastery, so he went begging door to door for food, raiment, and a bed. He had normally attracted money easily by his joy, however, his masculine and feminine energy were experiencing something new and horrifying. They were separating as one being into two beings with the masculine energy descending from the twelfth dimension into the eleventh dimension while the feminine energy remained in the twelfth dimension, which is like two absolute lovers forced to no longer speak to one another.

Since he was a fourth degree initiate experiencing separation of his masculine and feminine energy, he naturally repelled everyone so he was turned away by all strangers. He would go for weeks without food until he stole old cornmeal meant for pigs. He would get dysentery and die alone in the woods.

Lachlan’s second life was prosperous for a while. He was a Christian missionary who traveled to Venezuela, gaining huge success in conversion and baptisms. He was loved by the locals who listened to his stories of kindness, love, and impeccability.

A wealthy couple invited Lachlan into their home hoping Lachlan could bless them with fertility as they were not able to conceive children. Lachlan blessed the husband and wife. Shortly thereafter, the wife declared herself to be pregnant. This would normally be the happiest of moments except the husband had just learned that he was sterile.

The husband accused the wife of adultery and demanded to know who the father was. The wife declared Lachlan to be the father of the child, so the wealthy man shot Lachlan in the heart. Upon Lachlan’s last breathe, the wife admitted she was lying about Lachlan as she had really slept with a gigolo. Lachlan was incinerated to hide the crime. There were no tears for Lachlan.

In his third lifetime as a fourth degree initiate, Lachlan went to war. He did not want to fight the enemy as he felt they were equally entitled to live just as he was entitled to live. He had no choice as he was drafted. While in battle, he was captured by the enemy and questioned.

The enemy presumed him to be an officer of intelligence because he was so pleasant, loving, and even respectful in spite of their beatings. They demanded that he renounce his country. He agreed.

They demanded that he renounce his family. He agreed because he had no family, having been a child of an orphanage.

They demanded that he renounce God. He agreed only because he didn’t know any god. This frustrated the enemy, so they raised the bar.

They began to skin him alive, demanding that he renounce his feminine energy. Lachlan did not understand which only pushed the enemy to skin his whole right arm. As the enemy worked on skinning his right leg, he finally relented and renounced his feminine energy.

In that moment, Lachlan felt something leave him. He had remained conscious through his skinning, but this was the most grievous pain he had ever experienced. He felt as if his dearest love had died even though he had no dear love. It was just him. 

His masculine energy descended from the eleventh dimension to the tenth dimension while his feminine energy descended to the eleventh dimension. In both dimensions, an entity was waiting to take possession of his template. In his previous lifetimes, there was some communication between his masculine and feminine energy. Now he would have to face complete silence between two lovers, which was himself.

The enemy took his naked body into the woods and dropped him on the ground. Lachlan cried and grieved the pain of the loss of his feminine energy, an aspect of his consciousness that felt like another person, and the core of his happiness. He would die from exposure before the morning sun would rise.

In Lachlan’s final lifetime as a Fourth Degree Initiate, he was born into a loving, wealthy family. He had learning disorders, such as dyslexia and unexplained forgetfulness, so he struggled to learn even though he desired to learn. In college, he studied construction management so that he may join the family business, yet, he lacked confidence so he hired someone smarter to take his exams. He graduated summa cum laude while feeling a deep inferiority, pathetic energy running through his heart.

Women liked him as he was charismatic, yet he felt he was a liar as he often asked himself, “Why do I exist? Life is meaningless.” He knew better not to express his philosophy out loud as women did not want to have sex with Nihilism.

Lachlan developed a self destructive personality. Men resented him as life seemed so much easier for Lachlan, so he told tall tales to gain their approval. He questioned his sexuality as he cared more about their approval than the approval of women. He ate unhealthy foods, never showered, and refused to brush his teeth, as he wanted to repel women. He needed the attention of men in order to succeed in business, so he no longer entertained women.

Lachlan became a proud, accomplished liar because it covered up his Existentialism and sexual apathy.

His village needed an airport. His father needed the contract. The family business was struggling. Lachlan agreed to secretly date a woman who worked for the airport contracting department in order to gain favor in winning the contract, which worked.

Lachlan’s father was ecstatic. Lachlan was depressed and anxious as he discovered that Dawn, his new girlfriend, was a sadist. She put something in his drink, he passed out, and then woke up completely naked tied to a full size metallic X where she proceeded to whip his back, legs, and arms. She laughed with delight when she was not screaming ridicules.

He decided that he would never return to her again.

Upon returning to his office, his father informed him of another airport contract that was even bigger and better. They needed the money, so Lachlan needed to see his sadist girlfriend yet again.

Dawn was ready for Lachlan. He drank the wine that contained GHB, knowing he would wake up to a beating, as it would guarantee the second contract. When Lachlan woke, he was tied up on a bed face down. Dawn invited the airport contracting board of men and women into the room where each person anally penetrated Lachlan with various devices.

When Lachlan was released, his father notified him that they had won the second contract. Lachlan would never return to Dawn.

On the day that the concrete foundation was being poured, Lachlan felt anxiety. His father knew what he was doing. The company would be fine.

That night, Lachlan could not sleep. He was awake all night wondering why he was distressed. Was it his teeth? He hadn’t brushed or flossed his teeth in years. Was it the fresh wounds on his back? Did he have a sexually transmitted disease?

He went to a doctor’s office to get tested and get a prescription to anti-anxiety medication.

Two weeks had passed. He had neglected to check on the concrete foundation, so he and his father paid a visit to the new airport. He stepped onto the new concrete floor and quickly sank deep into the murky, wet concrete. He yelled at the foreman and the foreman yelled at the team, reminding the team that concrete is meant to dry.

Lachlan’s father said, “We’ve been sabotaged by someone! Return to your girlfriend to fix this!”

Lachlan knew that Dawn was the saboteur for his refusal to succumb to her requests. If he returned to her, he would surely die because he would no longer tolerate being a masochist. He would end his meaningless life. If he did not return to her, the family business would fail and he would live on the streets. He barely took care of his hygiene so he was steps away from being homeless.

Lachlan retreated into the desert with a 30-day supply of food and water as well as scissors, shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush, toothbrush, dental tartar remover, razor, floss, mirror, mat, sleeping bag, and a gun.

On day one, he spent half a day scraping away years of tartar that had built up on his teeth, removing the foul gutter smell from his mouth. He brushed his teeth, flossed his teeth, and then went back to bed. Sleep was easy.

On day two, he cut his hair, shaved, and trimmed his nose hairs. He also trimmed his toenails and fingernails before taking a bath in the spring waters. His wounds ached against the cold water, and yet, the water felt like a rebirthing of something significant.

On day three, he realized that he had not taken his anti-anxiety medication with him. He decided he did not need it. He was caring for all the parts of himself that had longed been neglected. He took a nap that lasted into the evening and morning time.

On day four, he sat in the shallow waters of the natural spring, reached for his backpack, and pulled the gun out of his backpack, which was a .45 Glock. When his food ran out, he would use it.

A woman appeared to him who was distinctly feminine. “If you intend to use the gun, why did you remove the plaque from your teeth?”

“I feel compelled to do so,” he said.

“I knew you when you cared for your hygiene,” she said.

“I wish for my foul smell to send parasites away,” he said.

“Foul smell attracts parasites. I am sorry they abused you,” she said.

“Perhaps you will leave” he said.

“You are meant to live,” she said.

“Who are you?” asked Lachlan, shocked to see anyone as he was nowhere near society.

“We were once dear lovers. Not sexual, of course, because IAM you and you are me,” said the feminine being.

“In a past lifetime?” asked Lachlan.

“Yes. I was once your Feminine Energy. You are all masculine energy now,” said the feminine being.

“What good is the feminine energy?” he asked.

“It is the basis of creation before it becomes action. It is love before it becomes a relationship. It is god,” she said.

“I do not know any God,” said Lachlan.

“Now it is time to know. It was promised to you long ago,” she said.

“I hate God, if you want to know the truth,” said Lachlan.

“IAM not offended. IAM love,” she said.

Lachlan cried. He was vulnerable, completely naked, and incapable of hiding emotions in his state of suffering, wanting to stand up and leave what was no longer his own private space.

“You need to leave,” he said calmly.

“May I re-enter your consciousness so that we may be one yet again?” she asked.

“If you are me, why did you leave?” asked Lachlan.

“So that you may understand what it means to be human, the suffering, the split nature of humanity, and the complete lack of self love, which translates as hatred towards others,” she said.

“Suffering is all that exists and nothing more. You are even a bigger liar than me,” said Lachlan.

“IAM the restoration you seek and the reminder of your Soul Connection,” she said.

Lachlan laughed. These words were so foreign to him.

“You are remembering your gift of Divine Love. You are remembering that you are Hadarian,” she said.

“I don’t know anything about God, Hadarian traits, or a Hadar Star System.”

“I will remind you of your origin. I will remind you of love. Let me be one with you again,” she requested benevolently.

He stopped thinking. He stopped questioning. He felt her frequency, which was sublime, bliss, and ecstasy beyond words.

He accepted her offer as it was the only thing that felt right since he was born. Within a flash, she stepped into his body and became one with himself/herself. Any remains of anxiety slipped away. It felt as if his long lost flesh was restored in fullness.

“You have a Soul Restoration mission. This shall be your new career,” she said.

“I haven’t a clue as to what to do,” he said.

“Intuition is the gift of the feminine energy. Let me be your guide and your god,” she said.

Lachlan returned to his village, walking into his family business expecting to be greeted with anger, or hear about his failure to please his former sadist. To the contrary, Lachlan was greeted with a full body hug from his father who kissed him on the lips before pulling back to say that he was grateful Lachlan was alive.

“I am grateful that you, my beloved, son has returned. You are alive!”

Lachlan was silent.

“Dawn is dead. She had a heart attack. The governing board has been completely replaced. We have been given a clean slate. The construction starts today as if nothing has been amiss,” said Lachlan’s father. “I shall organize a feast in your honor.”

Lachlan was shocked. 

“You see. IAM God within you. You shall heal many,” said the Feminine Voice within him. “Follow the sounds, color, symbols, and lights of your soul and many shall follow you.”

“I am not a teacher” said Lachlan. “I don’t even know if I am disease free.”


Lachlan walked into his small apartment, picked up the mail on the floor, and read the letter from his medical clinic. He was HIV positive.

“It looks as though your dreams of greatness end today,” said Lachlan to the feminine voice.

“To the contrary. It starts today. Together we shall show the world the power of the Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy to heal oneself. It is the IAM I speak of,” she said.

“Are you saying the IAM can heal HIV?” Lachlan asked.

“Yes, it is possible. You shall be my greatest love,” she said.

“I am my greatest own lover? Is this self love you speak of?” said Lachlan.

“It is self love in full expansion, so it is the God in you loving the individuated you in the form of the feminine energy, which heals the rift between the masculine and the feminine. IAM your beloved and eternal friend,” she answered. “Your Fourth Degree Initiation is complete.”

Lachlan became a gifted healer using the power of sacred geometry and words, specifically the tools known as The Codes of AH. He understood the power of healing generates from the frequency of a soul connection to Source, belief, and a cleansing of all black hole technology, unnatural seals, artificial intelligence energetic devices, and Archontic Implants.

Lachlan’s HIV+ status became undetectable. He was known in his village and beyond as the General Contractor Hadarian man who restored his IAM Christ Consciousness with feminine energy.

He listened to the Feminine Voice within and he prospered with happiness, creativity, and divine love. He was the embodiment of God, which was really the embodiment of the Soul in the one and the many.

Many people were awakened to their own healing powers by receiving the power of their Soul Connection, which is Soul Restoration and Christ Consciousness Activation, using words, sacred geometry, and feminine energy.

And this is the story of the Hadarian Man Who Restored His IAM Christ Consciousness with Feminine Energy.

Deborah Bravandt
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