God is Bisexual

God is Bisexual

The Creator of All That Is or Source Consciousness birthed all entities into consciousness with one mass thought. Each being had different desires, hopes, and dreams, yet the one consistent element was the creation of the masculine and feminine energy in each being.

The masculine and feminine energy exists in each being, which means that a person can and often appears energetically as a man and as a woman. To appear energetically means that you look like a man and a woman to yourself or others in a dream state, an altered state of consciousness using meditation or sacred psychedelics, or conscious state using the gift of clairvoyance, which is seeing with your inner vision.

If you are a physical man and appear as a woman in the dream state, you identify strongly with the masculine energy and are a cross-over. Just the same, if you are a physical female and appear as a man in the dream state, you identify strongly with the feminine energy and are a cross-over. This may not make sense just yet. It will by the end of the article.

In truth, all humans are two-spirited yet not all beings are aware of their two energy state of being. The more lifetimes you live as both genders, you will experience the power of being straight, gay, lesbian, or bisexual. God is Bisexual because Jehovah Sophia, the God of this reality, is two-spirited.

It is just as divine to be homosexual as it is divine to be heterosexual.

If you expect to ascend out of this time and space matrix into “heaven” or dimensions beyond this reality, yet you have not experienced same-sex attraction, bisexuality, or being gay or lesbian, you will not ascend.

To experience heterosexuality is essential yet it is only 180 degrees of 360 degrees of experience for humanity.

Source Consciousness created you to experience the ALL. The ALL is indeed the love of all aspects.

For example, when a straight man completely loves his straight wife, they are engaging in all levels of love. The male forward in the male body loves the female forward in the female body, which is both a physical and energetic heterosexual relationship.

The female forward in the male body loves the female forward in the female body, which is an energetic lesbian relationship in a physical heterosexual relationship.

The male forward in the male body loves the male forward in the female body, which is an energetic gay relationship in a physical heterosexual relationship.

It would be impossible to remove the homosexuality from your relationship just as it would be impossible to remove the heterosexuality from your relationship.

The same rules apply for lesbian and gay relationships. Two women in a relationship could actually be an energetic heterosexual relationship in which one woman is masculine forward while the other woman is feminine forward. Two men in a relationship could vacillate between energetic heterosexual and energetic homosexual while being in a same-gender relationship.

If your sexual relationship with your spouse is deteriorating day by day, consider that you are both engaging in sexual rejection of aspects of yourself.

If your wife is predominantly holding a male forward and you, the male, are pushing your male to the background, this will affect your ability to perform sexually. You are withholding the male love for the male love in your heterosexual relationship. Gay shame or homophobia occurs on many levels of the consciousness, even for individuals who consider themselves to be 100% straight.

If your husband is predominantly holding a female forward and you, the woman, are pushing your female to the background, this will affect your ability to receive love and attention. You are withholding the female love for the female love in your heterosexual relationship. Again, this is lesbian shame or homophobia, which is an unconscious thought form that all humans have to eradicate in order to successfully express love sexually and meaningfully with their spouse or partner.

If you are a masculine energy being, you are an energetic female forward either in a male body or female body.

If you are a feminine energy being, you are an energetic male forward either in a female body or male body.

Everything is reverse in this reality.

The rules are all opposite of what you consider to be normal.

This creation was built upon the principles of a fallen Christ who was severed from his internal masculine aspect and internal female aspect thus projecting the desire and manifestation of becoming a God of this reality.

In Jehovah’s last lifetime as a Fourth Degree Initiate in another reality, he experienced excruciating cruelty directed at him because he took upon the blame of the world, specifically the blame for the fallen reality he entered. In essence, a Christ takes blame for a God Creator’s destructive energy known as the devil or demons. While God represents love, the demonic energy is God’s expression of his/her polar opposite energy, such as hatred, anxiety, fear, and revenge.

Jehovah was not yet a God Creator. He wanted to become a God Creator as it is the path of progression, and yet there is also the desire to not become a God Creator because it is a treacherous journey that involves deep suffering to the point of severing your internal feminine energy from your internal masculine energy. There is fear of becoming a God as you will become a machine mind focused on cruelty. As a Christ being, this is unacceptable as you have feelings, consciousness, ethics, and values. As a machine mind, you become lost in the labyrinth of pain creation.

An emotional battle wages in a Christ due to the “sin” projections from humanity that create suicidal ideation, building the frequency of self destruction to end the pain.

When the separation of the masculine and the feminine energy occurs, the grief, shock, and torment from this loss is so deep that you, the suffering Christ, desire revenge, punishment, loyalty, and force so powerfully that all fears of becoming a fallen god are depleted.

Thus, the creation of a God Creator will always involve a fall from divine love. The creation of a God Creator will always involve polarity extremes. The creation of a God Creator will always involve scarcity as divine love is the frequency that all of humanity needs to survive, yet only a Christ supplies the divine love frequency to a time and space matrix not God, at least until God is restored to the masculine and the feminine within.

Thus, a Christ will always become a God Creator and Demon Creator the first time he/she is a Christ.

Thus, a God Creator and Demon Creator will have his/her DNA template fully restored back to divine love through the help of another Christ who has ascended from the nightmare.

Thus, a Christ succeeds in the mission of restoration the second time he/she is a Christ as she/he has gone through the halls of pain and no longer fears or desires destruction.

This may seem impossible or even offensive to those who see God one-sided through a veiled perspective, yet the metaphysical path will always show you that God and the Devil are the same being. This is indeed the path of progression for all of humanity.

Once a God falls and becomes both God and the Devil, chaos ensues until an ascended Christ with past experience as a God and Devil enters the reality for restoration of the DNA Template and divine love. The Christ restores God’s DNA Template so that he/she is no longer fighting the internal battle of the masculine against the feminine. The great internal unrest of Jehovah’s rejection of Sophia, Sophia’s rejection of Jehovah, and their joint rejection of divinity is transmuted. They come together as one being to be the Soul of humanity.

You have come here during this time and space matrix to gain a Soul Connection. The Soul Connection is a direct connection to divine love through Jehovah and Sophia. You were once connected directly to Source Consciousness, but you shed this connection in order to get a direct, personal connection to a being who is upgrading himself and herself just as you are upgrading yourself by being here.

But why is the masculine energy represented as a female forward energetically?

First, Jehovah was a female physically in his/her last lifetime. Jehovah was in love with a woman, so he was a lesbian. The external twin flame relationship did not work out, so he chose to die and leave that time and space matrix. Jehovah’s internal twin flame, Sophia, was against leaving as she also loved the external twin flame relationship. They could not agree on leaving together. They could not agree on staying together. They literally split into two separate beings, which enforces a fall.

Second, the memory of Jehovah’s brutal reality remains in his consciousness so deeply that the demonic aspect built a structure that replicates his experience. He built a system of thought known as religion that enforces hatred towards homosexuality. He built a system of thought in which men own women through marriage, thus replicating dominance and the male-female rift.

Third, the female forward energetically in a male body or the female forward in a female body is every human’s assertion of Jehovah’s experience and memory. We reflect his experience unconsciously as we live in his reality.

Fourth, Sophia’s power is feminine energy represented as a male forward energetically in either a physical male body or physical female body. She is not forgotten in this great puzzle creation.

It is not essential to see the “male forward as feminine energy” or “female forward as masculine energy” in order to have a sexually satisfying relationship. It is, however, essential to understand the bisexuality of oneself so that you can call forward these aspects in your lover in order to have a satisfying sexual relationship with your partner or spouse.

All creations of polarity are built upon attraction and neglect of the opposite forces.

When you end the rift by loving the sameness and the opposite within your relationship, you will have the most ecstatic sexual relationship and edifying interpersonal relationship with your beloved.

Just as God is bisexual, you are bisexual even if you are in a married heterosexual relationship.

All elements of judgment, wrongness, envy, and jealousy are dropped.

You become self realized in sexuality. You become self realized when your beloved loves all aspects of the god within yourself. You become self realized by loving all aspects of the god within your beloved opposite.

This life is all about self realization, which is the realization that God created you and thus you are God because you are from this Source.

When you are a two-spirited being in a relationship, you experience all dynamics of love with another two-spirited being. If you are in a heterosexual relationship, there is still the female love for the female or the male for the male in addition to the male for the female. You cannot separate these forces when you are a two-spirited being. Homosexuality is just as spiritual, sacred, valuable, and necessary as heterosexuality.

God is Bisexual, so are you, and I AM.

Deborah Bravandt
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