Flip your Script Upside Down to End Self Destructing Obsession

Flip your Script Upside Down to End Self Destructing Obsession

Twelve years ago, I unintentionally and briefly befriended a woman at church who had an obsession talking about sex.

It wasn’t my interest to hear about her desires that seemed laced in self destruction, but nonetheless, she shared openly with all her friends. It would become a pivotal moment in my life where I would learn to say no to certain parasitical friendships and move on.

And please don’t judge me for wanting to walk away from this friendship as if I did not value her as a person. I did indeed care about her. I wanted her to have a fulfilling sexual relationship with her husband. I wanted the couple to resolve the relationship discord that created a rift in the husband’s body dynamics. I wanted her to say, “I’m so happy. I had sex today!”

Yet, this was not to be so.

I was just the free therapist who responded with too much compassion in the form of being a female husband by doing the yard work her husband did not do, listening that the husband did not do, and taking trash to the dump that the husband did not do. I allowed myself to be used, so this story is universal. We all have to set our boundaries.

Anyhow, back to the woman with her sex obsession.

She was obsessed about her forced celibacy as her husband was unable to hold an erection.

She was obsessed that he would not use alternatives, like medication or a medical device, to be intimate with her as he just was not interested in sex.

She was obsessed that her daughter masturbated.

She was obsessed and angry that the actors in Sex in the City were having sex even though it was pretend sex.

She was obsessed and disgusted when her close friend had an affair with another man, yet she begged to hear all the details.

She was obsessed that she must stay married, not commit adultery, not divorce, and not seek marital counseling.

Long after I moved away, I found out that she had become close with the man I used to be married to as she enjoyed listening to his made-up stories about my sex life even though he knew nothing about my life. After all, I had divorced him and divorce is permanent for me. I don’t look back.

Her obsession made her miserable and her misery increased her obsession to the point that she claimed men were making inappropriate sexual advances that she complained to their wives about these advances. Whether these actions were true or not, she had encouraged open and inappropriate sexual discussions with married men without taking responsibility for her shadow. Her shadow talk led to fantasizing about other people’s sex lives, or what she believed to be true about other people’s sex lives, while claiming virtuous superiority for her non-action.

If she truly wanted to experience sex, why did she not make massive change?

Perhaps flip your script upside down to end self destructing obsession.

Her belief in non-action was based upon the idea she could not, should not, and would not use her free will choice as it would offend God. God would disown her if she chose to have sex with another consenting adult as sex blocks one from entering Heaven.

Yet, her frequency of obsession, anger, jealousy, hatred, greed, and violence created an identity that was in no way equal to the frequency of heaven. Heaven is not a final destination. It is the here and the now.

To find heaven, going inward through meditation is necessary. Meditation can be sitting still, closing your eyes, and chanting.

Meditation can be motion with intent, such as raking leaves, jumping rope, or hiking with an empty heart and mind. In other words, your backpack must only carry food, water, and essentials, not the baggage of thoughts, emotions, and mindsets.

Once negative thoughts, emotions, mindsets, and cords to other people are dropped, you open space for happiness or Divine Love.

Divine Love is not emotion based. IT IS FREQUENCY.

Frequency is happiness that goes beyond this world, beyond approval, beyond attachments, beyond need, beyond worries, beyond suffering.

Divine Love Frequency is constant.

Divine Love Frequency is accessible 24/7.

Divine Love Frequency is universal.

Divine Love Frequency is unlimited.

If the frequency of Divine Love is so grand, why isn’t everyone seeking it?

Divine Love Frequency is invisible.

Divine Love Frequency is hidden to the non-initiate.

Divine Love Frequency is not automatic just because you put a billboard of the Ten Commandments in your front yard, pay your tithing, and have a huge network of friends.

You have to seek it.

It has taken me a lifetime to find it. Once I found it, I refuse to go back to living any other way.

David Hawkins said God is immanent not transcendent, meaning Divine Love is not outside of ourselves but rather within us.

Jesus Christ said the Kingdom of Heaven is within.

Rumi said, “I looked in temples, churches, and mosques. But I found the Divine within. My heart.”

Joseph Campbell said that we choose to live in ecstasy but that ecstasy is not “out there” in some other place or person but within. “It is here. It is here. It is here.”

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are. The goal of the hero trip down to the jewel point is to find those levels in the psyche that open, open, open, and finally open to the mystery of your Self being Buddha consciousness or the Christ,” said Joseph Campbell. “That’s the journey.”

The mystery of becoming a Christ or a Buddha is hidden in your heart. The “here” is a shift in consciousness that opens a doorway or a portal within your physical heart that links you to that which you have forgotten but was always there.

You experience God as God truly is. God or Divine Love is truth, love, generosity, peace, equanimity, joy, completeness, connection, understanding, freeing, wholeness, masculine, feminine, and stillness.

In Kundalini yoga, we chant “Sat Nam” throughout postures. Sat Nam is Sanskrit phrase for “Truth is my name. Truth is my identity.”

Your truthful identity is not based in a belief of a fearful, wrathful deity who sees you as a sinner, righteous being, or through any dualistic glasses. Your truthful identity is based in the belief that at-ONE-ment is here and now.

Divine Love can be felt when you drop the need for gratification of the sensory system. If you have an addiction that is destroying your income, relationships, self worth, health, and reputation, it is likely that you need to flip your script upside down to end self destructing obsession.

You have to turn your reality 180 degrees to face the Comfort Program running in the background in silent mode. You must first turn off the Comfort Program through determined action with a willingness to abandon all need for self glory, escapism, compulsion, and fantasy to find your true friend.

And yet, all misery and obsession evaporates into the bliss and frequency of endless happiness like an orgasm that just keeps building in your heart.

Flip your Script Upside Down to End Self Destructing Obsession.

Choose to embody the frequency of Divine Love. Choose to consciously create your life with Love. Choose to activate your DNA Now.

Deborah Bravandt
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