5 Spiritual Reasons for Lack, Limitation, Being Broke, Poor, Financial Crisis

Five Metaphysical Reasons Hadarians, Starseeds, and Indigos Experience Financial Devastation and How to Rebuild Prosperity

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Reason Number 1: Divorce of the Internal Feminine and Masculine Energies

All humans are experiencing the cellular rift of Jehovah and Sophia in the form of their own internal masculine and feminine energy being split into two identities. The split aspects can be one physical and one energetic version of YOU or split aspects into two separate physical bodies. If your internal twin flame is separated into a secondary human body, you will meet this aspect in life either through friendship, family, or marriage.

The rift between the masculine and feminine energy causes one aspect to be dominant while the other to be subordinate, causing issues manifesting income because balance is needed in order to attract financial growth.

Reason Number 2: Accepting Occupants, Demons, Discarnates into your Lightbody

A tug-of-war of percentages of light quotient evolves between the masculine and feminine energy to get his or her way, which leads to taking on entities or occupants into your lightbody or the other person’s lightbody in order to win the tug-a-war. Taking on entities or occupants can be an unconscious or conscious act of distorted need for power that results in a temporary win but plenty of messy results called “going against divine right order.“ The short cuts violate Universal Laws like Free Will Choice.

Reason Number 3: Vows, Karma, Belief Systems, Emotions, Negative Mindsets

When violation of the Universal Laws is created, pain and suffering is the result. Pain and suffering can be anxiety, depression, fear, or anger, causing either one aspect or both aspects to search for answers to alleviate the pain. Understanding is gained that is called karma, belief system, vow, or transcendence.

Reason Number 4: Christos Avatar Stuck in 10th or 11th Dimension

If there is no understanding, no peace, nor transcendence, it is possible that one or both aspects of the Avatar Higher Self are stuck in the 10th dimension or 11th dimension, both of which are highly parasitical dimensions. The 10th dimension is training grounds for mental illness while the 11th dimension is training grounds for working with demons in order to become a dark Starseed of manipulation.

A dark Starseed, dark Indigo, or dark Hadarian are skilled individuals who mastered INDIVIDUALISM and DETERMINATION in other star systems as he or she never experienced a forced separation. Multiplicity of the self was not known as you were ONE person in ONE body. True inner marriage was never understood. A concept of masculine and feminine was not understood. You were simply You.

In this reality, you can be two beings in one body or MANY beings in one body. To be a Thee, They, Them, or Thou is simply a recognition that you are at least two or more beings in one body.

Sometimes the thee, they, them, or thou are not divine marriages but the marriage of a demon or occupant with a human being. These relationships may give power for a time, but they always lead to waste because demons – who are beings who shut off connection to Source in order to become SOFTWARE PROGRAMS in the human mind – require the divorce of self.

Demons require submission to its will, not the will of the Feminine, as it must harm to get power. Harm works both ways. A demon may give power to a person to create fame and money, but the demon requires the human to brush his or her teeth with his or her own shit.

Demons require backwards behavior to feed its reversal programs.

Severing off parts of you is depletion, not expansion.

As a quick example, I often see my ex-husband seeking to control me in the dream time. He effectively had control in this lifetime while we were married, which required him to lie, extort money from my business, and gamble my life savings away. Greed led to waste, which led to my exit from the marriage.

He is a Dark Hadarian and Dark Starseed. I am also Hadarian. There’s nothing quite like a Hadarian attacking another Hadarian.  We both understand divine love frequency is the number one non-physical, necessary life sustaining, omniscient trait of Hadarians so it is foolish to drop it.

Rebelling against divine love is like a person who takes a flying leap off Angels Landing in Zion National Park, Utah and expects to live. It is madness.

In the dream, he insists that he owns me. I have explored his mindset to determine whether he is my distorted feminine energy seeking to control my masculine energy or if he is a human occupant – for lack of better word – who overshadows my real feminine energy with demonic help. The later is true.

The key to my freedom – and more importantly the key to YOUR freedom from a humanly occupant – is to surrender to the Feminine Energy. It is the all encompassing Soul, Monad, and God Seed level of Feminine Energy, so you are surrendering to your Highest Aspect that extends back to the God Level known as All That Is. It is the much needed pure version of divine love that is missing on this planet.

Surrendering is the key to brainwave synchronization and immortality.

Sri Babaji Nagaraj has said, “When a divine feminine, a conscious one, an awakened one, focuses her love in any enlightened male, the male rebirths into his own sacred feminine, creating brainwave synchronization and attaining the whole universal feminine power. For Source is feminine. Without the feminine love represented in a reflective way, there is no immortality.”

To clarify, this love of the feminine towards the masculine has nothing to do with gender. Feminine energy applies to a female love for a male, a male love for a female, a male love for a male, and a female love for a female. Homosexuality is as divine as heterosexuality.

With this new desire to surrender to the Divine Feminine, I attracted practice.

In the dream time, I faced my ex-husband in a battle. He raced towards me with a large butcher knife held to my heart, pushing me to the ground, while I held a Glock .45 in my left hand at his heart. He pushed the butcher knife into my chest, causing it to enter a couple of inches. I could feel the physical pain even though it was only intent. I thought, “I can fire the gun and kill him. He will die, however, so will I as he will fall upon me and the knife will fully enter my chest.” I chose not to fire out of a desire to honor the new wisdom that empowered me. Death is only a portal to another reality of expansion, so I accepted my death.

His wrath increased as he pushed but gained no forward momentum, which angered him. His anger fueled one last push. His last push forced the knife through his own backside, exiting through the front of his chest through his heart. It was a shock to see that his attack of hatred was really an attack of self hate. He didn’t even recognize that his butcher knife pierced his heart, not mine.

Being a Dark Starseed has its consequences. You might feel invincible as you market yourself as a spiritual mogul who attracts loads of cash through stolen principles, yet, karma or fate catches up with all Dark Starseeds, Dark Indigos, and Dark Hadarians.

Reason Number 5: Implants, Parasite Entity Devices, and Archontic Artificial Intelligence

When you learn to face your reality with balance of the masculine and feminine in the form of god realization, self actualization, and absolute devotion to divine right living, you expand and attract income. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. You must be determined as fallen ones will want you to fail as they gain from your failure by machination.

The Fallen Ones are known by many names, such as Archons, Invader Races, Fallen Soul Groups, Aliens, Demons, False Light, Illuminati, Anunnaki, Draconians, and Reptilian Mind.

Machination, manipulation, false karma, and general ass-aholic control is created by Implants, Artificial Intelligence, Parasite Entity Devices, or Archontic Holographic Inserts. Implants are energetic technology created by Sirians who released this technology to control humans through abuse in this time and space matrix.

I call it False Karma as you most likely have transcended the usual pitfalls of financial lack and limitation as you have lived many lifetimes, yet a financial crisis appears as if you do need the learning as if you have not transcended it. Spending years building your business only to experience complete devastation and financial loss is false karma when you have taken action in line with your soul gifts, divine right order, Universal Laws, Inner Child, Soul Self, Oversoul Self, Avatar Self, Rishi Self only to have an Implant enter your template to derail your manifestations.

And to contradict myself, perhaps learning is needed to teach others how to break free from the cycle of endless machination.

False Karma may sound like victimization. I am not claiming we are victims in this reality. We all chose to come to this time and space matrix. In the dream time, I witnessed myself leaving this time and space matrix only to return and see myself falling downwards while hearing, “You have entered a Time and Space Matrix in which you will be judged by time.” I chose to re-enter so I have no excuses even though I do not agree with the machination.

No, you are not a victim even if you get cheated.

No, you are not a victim even if the game is rigged and determined. This ultimately works to your favor if you are benevolent.

No, you are not a victim even if you lose your business, savings, and reputation. It will not feel great, but you can accept it and move on.

Machination is created by Implants and Parasite Entity Devices. For sake of clarification, there is a difference between their functionality even though they are both energetic technology. They are equal in changing the neurological system from benevolent to malevolent. They can be used to change a person from malevolent to benevolent, but I will not focus on this direction of machination in this article, rather the benevolent to malevolent or benevolent to imbalance.

Implants and Parasite Entity Devices can even be defined as the source of extreme emotions, mood swings, body dysmorphia, body harm, male-female rift, mental illness, and suicidal ideation.

Implants are temperature dials on thoughts, emotions, or mindsets that form a specific complex so the dial will turn up the distortion. Complexes can appear to be dormant although they are simply hiding in the shadow mind. If you are not aware of a specific complex running in your consciousness, the Implants will dial up the complex to different degrees. As an example, anger can be expressed as agitation, wrath, or explosive violence.

Parasite Entity Devices are vast programs running in your consciousness that act more like mind control through hypnotic agreements and instinctual impulses that have no origin in your thought process. It is created by an outside source.

As an example, I often have dreams in which I observe warehouses full of sexual torture, rape, and physical abuse by a conscious adult towards another unconscious adult. The unconscious adult appears completely unaware of the assault as if he or she is receiving a medical procedure so he or she is compliant through the sadistic ordeal. The unconscious human is a mere robot serving a masochistic role.

The floor is laden with liquid human feces, which is a representation of the perversion of a person’s free will choice. If you wake up from your dream feeling pain in your neck, back, head, or any part of your body that you know is not linked to a physical creation in 3D reality, it is possible you have experienced dream time rape.

The sexual assaults occur due to sexual implants and devices attracting predators who prey upon the unconscious by way of prostrate implants, reversal of pain and pleasure response implants, sexual addiction implants, root or perineum siphon implants, cervix implants, anal implants, genital mutilation implants, gender reversal implants, sexual fantasy inserts, sexual trauma with objects and weapons, genital plug implants, and sexual torture implants to name a few.

The dreams are always in color, full detail, and highly disturbing, yet it seems important for me to witness the dreams in order to understand how mental illnesses or machinated pain is created. I meet far too many people who do not remember their dreams, which makes it difficult for a person to become conscious defenders of themselves in the dream time.

For those who believe that I am dreaming about sadomasochism because I have an interest in it, let me dispel the myth. I do not. In fact, I have chosen to be celibate for over 3 ½ years simply because I do not want to attract abuse into my reality. Physical sexuality with an unconscious human being will most certainly attract implants and parasite entity devices, which leads to dream time assaults, which leads to emotional and mental suffering, which leads to financial crisis.

Avoid casual sex if you wish to be financially whole.

Another example of a nefarious parasite entity device is an identity cloner in which a human being clones an ascended master or benevolent human being through astral projection. The person receiving the astral projection vision will see the ascended master or benevolent human being standing before himself/herself so the deception is convincing on the merits of realistic projection. You do not doubt the sound, color, symbol, and light appearing as the voice, personality, tonality, and physicality of the ascended master or benevolent human being. It looks legitimate.

Yet it is a human being projecting a hologram around himself/herself to morph into the ascended master or benevolent human being in order to manipulate the visionary person to distrust.

Imagine holding a mission to serve powerfully with another human being and an entity projects a false persona that rapes you or verbally abuses you. You would stop trusting the ascended master or benevolent human being if you believe the vision. You can be tricked into believing he or she is cruel and dangerous so that you do not serve with this person. That is the goal.

Implants and parasite entity devices enter the light body and gain traction through Four Stages of development. First, they enter through the meridians and vessels directly attached to the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, vagina, and anus. The first eight cells of the tailbone, meridians, and vessels are the first stage of entry in which the Implants are an INTENT program.

In stage two, they move into your central nervous system and neurological messaging system.  Stage two is INCUBATION of the program.

In stage three, the implants enter the physical body through the subatomic particles. This is INTERACTIVE in that it learns your voice to be able to mimic thoughts with your personality so you believe the thoughts are coming from your consciousness, not an outside force.

In stage four, implants enter the DNA template known as the Higher Self in which they are fully INSTALLED. In essence, you and your Higher Self are now in sync with behavior and beliefs that were not originally yours but have become yours. This is a distortion of the Law of Correspondence in which the Higher Self adopts distortion just as the 3D self adopts distortion.

As above, so below.

The implants will raise the dial of pain at stage three and especially at stage four. The pain is unavoidable as it feels like a foreign entity or virus running through your consciousness. I call it psychic rape. It becomes easy to get sucked into the emotion. If you have made a practice observing your emotions or using self-review, the Observer aspect of the mind will come forward to separate what is YOU and what is FALSE.

Implants and Parasite Entity Devices are extremely difficult to pull out of the lightbody due to their layering and staging. They exist in the dimensional body. They exist in the earth’s body.

Just as Implants, Devices, and Unnatural Seals are layered and staged in your body, they are layered and staged in the Earth’s grids. They force your Merkaba to spin in reverse, which results in the separation of the internal twin flame. This stops the natural process of DNA activation, ascension, and alignment with the masculine and feminine. It stops financial prosperity.

Even though the masculine energy has lost its way by focusing on annihilation, greed, waste, and destruction, the rift between the feminine and the masculine can be resolved. Balance between the two energies is necessary in order to break free from lack, limitation, and poverty consciousness to attract substantial growth and financial expansion.

You can restore, rebuild, and renew the feminine and masculine DNA template, which results in Kundalini naturally rising, falling, and rising again with ease. No pain. All gain.

Words and images are powerful tools for freeing your masculine and feminine energies. I use commands facilitated with sacred geometry in the form of the Codes of AH™ created by Ivonne Delaflor.

I recommend two courses to heal your DNA template and create financial prosperity.

Sculpting Your Reality with Sacred Geometry: Golden DNA Activation 1.0 and 2.0 Codes of AH for Soul Power course removes implants and parasite entity devices while healing the split masculine and feminine DNA template. Even if your internal twin flame is externalized in 3D reality as a separate human being, you can manifest a true inner marriage of the masculine and feminine energy

Financial Holistic Success Activation with Codes of AH: Activate the Keys of Frequency Selling to Attract Money in Any Economy focuses on activating ancient, missing keys into your consciousness and DNA template. It’s both a manifestation course as well as a restoration course.

Financial Holistic Success Activation with Codes of AH: Activate the Keys of Frequency Selling to Attract Money in Any Economy course removes complications to manifestation by teaching optical pineal induction. The commands and sacred geometry initiate a higher frequency of prosperity, abundance, and wealth of personal power.  Storytelling is also implemented as it is a learning tool that encourages new ways of thinking without forcing a conclusion.

These are the Five Metaphysical Reasons Hadarians, Starseeds, and Indigos Experience Financial Devastation and How To Rebuild Prosperity.

To activate or not to activate.

To heal or not to heal.

It is your decision to act.

Deborah Bravandt
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