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What is the 528 hertz frequency?

A hertz is defined as a measurement of frequency in time. A frequency of 1 hertz means that something happens once a second. A frequency of 528 hertz means that there are 528 vibrations every second. Everything in the Universe moves, vibrates and travels in circular patterns, the same principles of vibration in the physical world apply to our thoughts, feelings, desires, and will. Dr. Leonard Horowitz describes the 528 hertz frequency as “the Creator’s perfect circle of sound.”

Math scientist Victor Showell describes the 528 hertz frequency as fundamental to the ancient Pi, Phi, and the Golden Mean. Vic Showell and John Stuart Reid, an acoustic researcher, have proven that 528 is essential to the sacred geometry of circles and spirals consistent with DNA structuring and hydrosonic restructuring.

According to Dr. Lee Lorenzen, the 528 Hz frequency has the ability to heal damaged DNA. Our DNA has membranes that allow water to flow through and transmute pollutants. Because clustered water is smaller than bound water, it flows more easily through cell membranes and is more efficient in removing those pollutants. Larger, bound water does not flow easily through cell membranes, and therefore, the pollutants remain and can potentially result in illness.

Lee Lorenzen discovered that six-sided, crystal-shaped, hexagonal clustered water molecules form the supportive matrix of healthy DNA. He suggests that the depletion of this matrix negatively affects every physiological function. Hydrated DNA holds far greater energy potential than dehydrated strands. Biochemist Steve Chemiski says clustered water molecules that support the DNA double helix vibrate at 528 cycles per second.

What does divine love feel like?

It is my belief that the individuals who have success creating body euphoria in their audience members are individuals who hold the 528 hertz frequency or shaktipat, which is the Divine Love frequency. Divine Love will always create bliss sensations, head orgasms, euphoria, relaxation, pleasurable waves through the body, emotional healing, positives mindsets, and even body healing. I have even had clients report that they experience financial increase.

It is also my belief that Divine Love is the ultimate tool for manifesting the reality you desire. Divine Love is necessary for manifesting health, well being, peace of mind, joyful, long-lasting relationships, purpose, happiness, a reason for being, self empowerment, and income.

Divine Love can be equated to a body sensation known as autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). It is a euphoric experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, precipitating relaxation. ASMR is characterized as audio and video composed of whispering, sound effects, and storytelling.

I do not follow the traditional format of ASMR. I speak with a soft voice, which is my natural voice expression. I use storytelling. Instead of using sound effects, I use release commands. Release commands are specific statements to areas of your body that hold negative thoughts, emotions, and mindsets with the intent to release these barriers in your body with the assistance of your conscious and subconscious mind. The reason I compare my style to ASMR is due to the euphoric creation from my voice and the specific release commands.

If you would like to experience divine love and euphoria, I recommend taking a video on demand course.

What does the 528 hertz frequency feel like?

It feels like an expansion in your heart region as if you have gained a new body. It drops all pain, sorrow, and depression. It’s a surge of energy in the chest that makes you want to laugh. It is expanding divine love.

Why is the 528 hertz frequency and shakti important?

Emotional Intelligence Blueprint releases complexes from subatomic particles and the DNA template. The source of hidden thoughts, emotions, mindsets, cords between humans, etc. are linked to the DNA level. DNA is literally the projector of your reality. Since the 528 hertz frequency has the ability to heal damaged DNA, the 528 hertz frequency is an added feature that facilitates restoration, wholeness, and completion.

The 528 hertz frequency is Shakti energy. Shakti or Shaktipat is a Sanskrit term for divine feminine energy. It is felt as blissful energy running through your body from scalp to toes much like an orgasm without touching your body. It is transformative in that it creates expansion, heightened senses, joy, soul memory, healing, balance of emotions, and infinite creative power.

Shakti is experience of blissful tingles flowing up the spine and scalp that people associate to the phenomenon of ASMR audios and videos. Autonomous sensory meridian response or ASMR is a euphoric experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that creates relaxation. It is Divine Love.

What is Shakti?

The 528 hertz frequency is Shakti energy. Shakti or Shaktipat is a Sanskrit term for divine feminine energy. It is felt as blissful energy running through your body from the perineum to the scalp and back to the toes much like an orgasm. It is transformative in that it creates expansion, heightened senses, joy, soul memory, healing, balance of emotions, and infinite creative power. It is divine love.

Do you do live sessions or mentor clients?

Yes. Please contact Deborah to discuss your needs, time zone, and schedule on the Contact page.

How do you encode the 528 hz in your video?

All humans hold a percentage of light in their body known as Light Quotient. Due to the fall in consciousness, humans have been separated from their Soul outside of time and space. The soul is the source of light, which is the force that keeps humanity alive, conscious, and healthy. Since humanity has experienced soul loss, there is a competitive need for source light. Just as the body needs air, food, and water, the spirit needs energy. A battery cannot charge without a source.

Humans unconsciously seek more light by creating conflict, chaos, and contention with other humans. When person one projects a negative thought at person two, such as “You will lose all your money if you don’t pull all your money out of that stock,” the fearful thought will create an emotion in person two. Person two will react with aggression, such as, “I will sell the stock and save my money.” If the stock rises, the natural mindset is sadness for missing out on financial gain. Person one has successfully created a complex with person two, thus person one has stolen power from person two. The theft is felt in the form of emotions and mindsets.

Earth is a game of theft in which humans steal life force from one person to the next. It is a dysfunctional game based in lack.

A solution exists.

There are individuals who have a connection to their Soul outside of time and space, meaning that their source is intact. These individuals experience shaktipat, which is another word for divine love or the 528 hertz frequency. It is a tangible energy that runs through the central vertical current of your spirit body and can be seen in a shamanic state as a bluish-white hue. It is a tangible power that expands in the heart region to create blissful sensations. I am one of those individuals who has this life force.

Shakti/528 hertz/divine love is encoded naturally in video on demand courses. It can be felt as joyful, blissful energy moving up and down your spine. It can create delightful tingles in the scalp and body. It is energy that relaxes, restores, and rebuilds.

What are the Codes of AH™?

“The main foundation of the code is ancient sacred geometry that I’ve studied now for more than 20 years. It takes many hours of chanting, meditation and active work of color selection, precise measurement through numerology, and encryption of the chosen subliminal intentions to create the code. I then do a specific ritual/meditation that was given to me through dreamtime where I offer the specific intention to the Intelligent Space Field, which in return gives me a visual of what the written words would look like as a sacred geometrical pattern. Once I receive this image the process of the 3D creation begins.

On a blank paper I write each of the specific intentions, one by one, doing energy clearing with special Codes of AH™ for each of them, to invoke the highest frequency activation of the specific desire, which includes the removal of any hidden belief systems blocking us from the same thing we wish to manifest.

Once this is ready, I begin tracing the geometrical shapes that I receive through vision and I make sure to add the Golden Ratio formula and add a specific mantra 108 times, which I select depending on the specific intention, and which each code speaks up, as it is unveiling itself in the creation process.

Each sacred code reverberates the frequency of a living light entity. The remarkable process and uniqueness of the Codes of AH™ in their creation stage is that every single intent has a different energy signature, color, tone and shape which, once I had finally discovered and had matched with the vision given by the Intelligent Space, then I proceeded to download the code from the Intelligent Space; and then, thanks to technology, I work on it on several computer programs. During this process, I have worked in the early hours of the day, as I find the codes speak more clearly at this time, since everything else tends to be quiet.

During the process of creation, for example with the personalized Codes of AH™, people have reported that they were feeling many shifts of consciousness in their lives, many clearings occurring, body temperature shifting, old patterns arising to be released, and many more things. For as soon as people have an image of the Code of AH™, the awakening and activation of its specific intention begins.”

Excerpt from “The Codes of AH™: Quantum Tools for the New Era” by Ivonne Delaflor

Why is the Golden Ratio important?

The golden ratio is an “irrational” mathematical constant, approximately 1.6180339887, which I consistently use in the creation of the Codes of AH™, as it is considered the desirable middle between two extremes. In a nutshell: divine balance. Both ancient and modern teachers realized that “there is a close association in mathematics between beauty and truth.” The Greeks believed there to be three “ingredients” to beauty: symmetry, proportion, and harmony, which are among my main focuses during the creation of the codes.

Since the Renaissance, many artists and architects have proportioned their works to approximate the golden ratio — especially in the form of the golden rectangle, in which the ratio of the longer side to the shorter is the golden ratio — believing this proportion to be aesthetically pleasing and a natural activator of higher frequencies, which is used in the creation of the Codes of AH™.

The golden ratio is often denoted by the Greek letter phi (Φ or φ). Other names frequently used for, or closely related to the golden ratio, are golden section, golden mean, golden number, and the Greek letter phi (Φ). The figure of a golden section illustrates the geometric relationship that defines this constant.”

Excerpt from “The Codes of AH™: Quantum Tools for the New Era” by Ivonne Delaflor

What are your certifications and training?

  • Golden DNA Activation 1.0 Codes of AH Certified Practitioner 2013
  • Indigo Codes of AH 2013
  • Soul Mastery 2013
  • Business Codes of AH Certified Practitioner 2015
  • Emotional Mastery Codes of AH Certified Practitioner 2015
  • Mental Mastery Codes of AH Certified Practitioner 2015
  • Fitness Mastery Codes of AH Certified Practitioner 2015
  • God Creator Codes of AH Certified Practitioner 2015
  • Soul Reign Supreme Codes of AH Certified Practitioner 2015
  • Golden Birth Transcendental Rebirthing 2015
  • Golden DNA Activation 2.0 Codes of AH Certified Practitioner 2016
  • The Power of Scientific Prayer 2020
  • Convergence 2021
  • Futuring Codes of AH and the Mastery of their Frequency 2021
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification 2014
  • Modern Shamanism 2018
  • Filmmaking 1989

Codes of AH™ Certified Practitioner offered by Ivonne Delaflor of

Neuro-Linguistic Programming certification offered by Steve G. Jones of American Union of NLP

Modern Shamanism training offered by Hamilton Souther and Malcolm Rossiter of Modern Shamanism

Bachelor of Arts in Filmmaking at Brigham Young University

How is payment handled?

All payment is through Paypal. You can either use your existing Paypal account or the order can be processed by Paypal without an account. For processing an order without an account, you need a debit card or credit card.

Do you offer secure shopping?

Yes. All our links are encrypted between the web server and browser with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). All data passes between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. To check the status of’s certificate, click on the lock symbol to the left of “” in the upper left-hand corner then click on “Certificate (Valid)” for details.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Please visit our Refund Policy page for details.

Can I get a refund?

Please visit our Refund Policy page for full details. There are no refunds on live sessions as the service has been rendered.

Do you offer shipping?

No. We do not offer shipping as the products are all delivered online through streaming format. Upon purchase, you will create an account login and password that allows you to access your video and audio courses on demand through DNA-Heal website. Paypal will redirect you to the page to access your streaming content. You will also receive an email.

Do you Offer Streaming Audio and Video?



No. All courses are for personal use. They do not include certification to operate as a Codes of AH practitioner. Please contact Deborah who can direct you to Ivonne Delaflor for her certification requirements.


To operate a website, course software, plugins, malware and firewall protection, email delivery services, video stock library memberships, photo stock library memberships, editing software, and on-going training and certifications, it costs money. It seems to be a vigilant thought in the minds of individuals that I should offer my services for free since I speak about liberation, ascension, and spirituality. Accepting payment for services is a sign of integrity and a belief that my tools have value. I’ve never met a person who gained from getting something for free as the thing of non-value becomes worthless to the holder. Monetary value attracts an audience committed to work on the self.

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