Dreams about being Kidnapped, Guns, and Ex-Husband Interpretation

Dreams about being Kidnapped, Guns, and Ex-Husband Interpretation

Since I focus on sounds, colors, symbols, and light as a career, it has been my desire to write articles on dream interpretation of the symbols that the subconscious demonstrates. You are welcome to submit a dream through my contact page as I may consider it for an article based upon time and availability. Please be detailed in the description of your visuals and any feelings you experienced in the dream.

Now, onto the dream.

I dreamt that I was a passenger on a bus riding a highway in South America. The driver of the bus was a Navy Seal who navigated through parked vehicles, barriers, and obstacles strategically positioned on the highway while men bled bullets with their machine guns and rifles.

Just as my driver was not afraid, I was not afraid. It was the reality of that which we were born for.

We passed through barricades of guns, ammunition, explosives, humans, and vehicles to avoid being injured.

The ex-husband who had built a career as a parasite of my accomplishments appeared in my dream. He kept encouraging me to get off the bus for comfort and rest. He said, “I think you would like to vacation in this spot.”

I said “no” as I did not recognize the city or country, I had no idea where I would find a hotel, and it did not serve a purpose in disembarking my ride amidst chaos. Like many women, perhaps you have been pushed with bad advice by your husband, significant other, or partner.

The driver sped through barricades of predators and kidnappers who desired to take me hostage.

The kidnappers shot at the tires, flattening six of the tires, and making it impossible to drive further. An anonymous man with a face mask approached the bus with an AK-47 assault rifle aimed at the first person to disembark the bus. He demanded that I get off the bus.

The ex-husband encouraged me to get off the bus for a mental wellness retreat as if there was no chaos brewing outside the bus door. He said “You will be happy here” while I remembered how his gambling addiction had destroyed my previous subcontracting business that I had built with my own ambition, money, and focus.

I spoke no words. The driver encouraged me to take action.

I grabbed a Glock from my purse and shot the man who aimed an AK-47 assault rifle at my head, dreams, and reality built in ambition, ethics, and values. My shot was direct and effective, causing him to abandon his assault and walk away in defeat. The ex-husband looked at me in shock.

With the power of the driver’s intention and magic of dream time, the tires were restored to full integrity, inflated, and driveable.

The driver started the engine and continued through a tunnel through a mountain side, passing over an oil spill upon exiting the dark tunnel. The oil spill caused the bus to spin 360 degrees, exhaust its engine, die, and face forward on a road leading to the mountains. The ex-husband said, “Let’s get off the bus to eat.”

I said, “I am not hungry. Get off if you want to eat. I will not follow you.”

The ex-husband said no more as we drove through the mountain side of peace, tranquility, and freedom. He longed for fat burgers, fries, cakes, ice cream, chocolate, sodas, and giant bags of candy that he could easily swallow with one big inhale. I asked the driver of the bus to stop and let the non-doer disembark. He needed to walk through the shadow of his own creation, which was death by cholesterol at his own hand.

The driver honored my request and the ex-husband disembarked into the snowy mountain tops that held no fast food, comfort, or rest stop for parasites.

No one waved goodbye. No one wished him well. Everyone thought him to be a fool who needed to live his life without the support of the feminine energy and masculine energy as he had deserted both frequencies for the karmic death of lies and deceit.

This is a personal story, yet it is every woman’s story. This is the Dreams about being Kidnapped, Guns, and Ex-Husband Interpretation.

Theme of Kidnapping

I believe the theme of being taken hostage or the attempt of kidnapping is symbolic of toxic masculinity that feels threatened by soft masculine energy balanced in a woman. Soft masculine energy is simply my way of defining how I embody this energy, which means that I choose to take action with respect without invading another person’s space. I do not have a need to sabotage another person’s manifestations, goals, or business with words, lies, or abuse in order to succeed. I operate independently, holding myself accountable alone.

Perhaps you have been pushed down or humiliated by a husband, significant other, priest, pastor, partner, mentor, boss, or anonymous person online who has claimed superiority by title, religion, position, or inheritance.

Kidnapping is a form of violent competition that is designed to place a literal cage around an individual, causing emotions of fear, anger, humiliation, shock, and worthlessness. The result is feeling pathetic as you cannot defend yourself against a larger power that is designed to steal your divine love frequency, the very frequency that pumps through your lightbody like blood pumps through your veins.

The theme of kidnapping is built on destructive energy for both parties, me and the men who were focused on me. If they had succeeded, it would manifest in the physical reality as a particular manifestation derailing. For the kidnappers, their lust for destruction would feed a need to more highs as kidnapping is indeed a high for those in the industry of cruelty.

It’s like the man who calls himself the “Mentor of Mentors,” who claims to have 100% gambling success because he “remote views” a sports game, knowing who will win, thus guaranteeing 100% success. Whether this is true or not, he never returns his winnings to the client or student as the Mentor of Mentors must ride the high of destruction in order to feel complete. He must gamble. Win, lose, doesn’t matter. He must gamble to retain his high. And it feels good to him to cheat his clients.

The theme of kidnapping or hostage holding is power hoarding of another person’s frequency.

Theme of Guns

I interpret the Dreams about being Kidnapped, Guns, and Ex-Husband Interpretation as Free Will Choice operating in a toxic masculine, patriarchal reality that shames women for acting with intelligence, purpose, and ambition. While the kidnapper uses a gun as force, the gun for a woman represents a response to the force. It’s sheer determination in the face of a massive obstacle. Are you going to quit, give in, and surrender to the toxic masculinity? NO. The gun is focus, ambition, and determination for women who function in a harsh reality that shames choice.

Women and men can succeed without violent force.

The gun in the dream is the resurrection of the divine blueprint within your subatomic particles, DNA template, and subtle bodies that allow the ability for choice, sovereignty, and freedom that was wasted and destroyed for decades or lifetimes past. Just as you must take a fierce stand of position in your dream time, you must take a fierce stand of position in your conscious, awake time, never differentiating, relenting, or being fooled by comfort.

Theme of the Ex-Husband

The ex-husband, ex-partner, or ex-lover is the theme of poor choices that influenced the derailing of past manifestations. In my case, the ex-husband lost nothing when my subcontracting business became overwhelmed by debt that he had created with his own gambling and spending addictions. He had not put his own money into the business. Over the course of his whole life, he had never saved any money. He counted on me to be the financial guru and save his ass. It was no loss to him when I shut the business down in order to resolve debt. I was the one who lost.

I believe my subconscious mind is resolving in the present what I could not do in the past, which is to say “no” to his wild suggestions.

The theme of the ex-husband is the devil or saboteur who lives in your thoughts, relationships, or marriage. I used to label my choices of past as poor choices as they led to loss. In reality, I was influenced by a saboteur who provided false information to manipulate my decisions as he knew I would trust him based upon the marital agreement. Eventually, the trust breaks and divorce was inevitable. I cannot be fooled by him ever again.

The theme of the ex-husband is blindness of consciousness or blindness of the control, and yet there is growth of consciousness as I did not give into his hypnotic, destructive suggestions. How did I gain conscious awareness that avoided his intentional hypnosis? Golden DNA Activation.

The Dreams about being Kidnapped, Guns, and Ex-Husband Interpretation is that we are awake in a time period that can and does rob us of our divine rights of choice, empowerment, sovereignty, ambition, and freedom. You have to know yourself completely and know that you will not give into the weakness of suggestions from the peanut gallery of non-doers.

If you step outside of the box of social comfort, understand that you might be labeled rogue, a sinner, or possibly insane for expressing your own truth.

Symbolic guns are not tools of violence. The Dreams about being Kidnapped, Guns, and Ex-Husband Interpretation means you have taken enough pain, suffering, and abuse to fill your lungs with plagues, pandemics, and predators as opposed to oxygen.

You want air!

This story is for every woman and man who fights to thrive in a reality that does not support ambitious doers.

You are capable. You are powerful. You are the embodiment of results from action.

Conclusion of Dreams about being Kidnapped, Guns, and Ex-Husband Interpretation.
Deborah Bravandt
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