DNA Activation

DNA Activation

The Matrix Overlay is a term I use to explain the influencing force on human expression known as thoughts, emotions, and mindsets. Matrix is a reference to the 15-dimensional time and space matrix where you reside. Duality is a term to represent two realities overlapping into each other like the Vesica Pisces or Biveca Code.

The Matrix Overlay is the subtle body hooked to the human body. The Matrix Overlay or Seven Subtle Bodies originate in the Seven Planes of Existence. The Seven Planes of Existence originate in the Phantom Matrix or overlapping anti-matter reality to our physical reality. The Phantom Matrix houses the archetypes, which is code for demons or parasites. The subtle body influences the angular rotation of particle spin that creates pre-determined situations. It’s like an Invisible Suit that we each wear in 3D reality that creates human expression.

The Shadow Body explained 

Everything in life is controlled by Angular Rotation of Particle Spin. Angular Rotation of Particle Spin or ARPS is less about spin and more about momentum based upon a determined angle on a 360 degree circle. All positions on the 360-degree ARPS scale have a resonance or meaning that attracts thoughts, emotions, and mindsets. Those thoughts, emotions, and mindsets ultimately attract positive, negative, or neutral results into your reality. The 360-degrees can be referred to 360 degrees of dualistic life experience, in which a person experiences sadness and its opposite known as happiness.

This overlay has intentions built into each specific angular rotation of particle spin, such as addiction, fear, abuse, theft, blame, etc. The Overlay governs everything. This Overlay is a forced fallen blueprint that governs, steers, and directs your life. It is one of the keys to parasitical access and manipulation of your consciousness.

Think of the Overlay as pre-determined, pre-set circumstances that override your history of divine right choices. Free Will Choice is not fully functioning in this time and space matrix as this is a training reality to understand extreme opposites of Love. If you are to understand the opposite of love, such as anger, aggression, jealousy, and greed, you must experience a limitation of choice.

You did not inherit pre-determined circumstances due to karma or poor choices from the past. Pre-determined situations were created to feed Source Light from your DNA template to parasites that either gave up or lost their own Source Lights. If you do not have Source Light running through your subatomic particles and DNA template, your ability to manifest is compromised with limitation and lack.

Source Light is a blue-white hue colored light that is transmitted from Source Consciousness through a stepping down process through your Monad, Soul outside of time and space, and into time and space through your Rishi Self, Avatar Self, Oversoul Self, Soul Self, and finally 3D Self. DNA Template is a name for all these aspects of you, known as the Higher Self, and the light that steps down into time and space is necessary for consciousness expansion, manifesting, and living without extinction.

15 Dimensions within multidimensional universal structure 

A 12-strand DNA template is a reference to a person who has a Soul, Oversoul, and Avatar in their DNA template. The Soul is based in either dimensions 4, 5, or 6. The Oversoul is based in either dimensions 7, 8, or 9. The Avatar is based in either dimensions 10, 11, or 12. A DNA upgrade 12 strand is a reference to the aspects of the Higher Self in all dimensions.

Outside of time and space, the Soul, Oversoul, and Avatar are connected to a Soul that is currently going through transformation, which is a re-connection back to Source Light. Divine Love had been disconnected from the Monad and shut off from Source in order to experience the Fall. The experience of the Fall is complete and it is time to experience your true divine nature, which is divine love, vibrational harmony, and expansion. Thus creating a parasitical relationship through borrowing light by feeding on the emotions of other human beings is coming to an end.

How Does DNA Activation Play into this?

Due to parasitical influence and the lack of Universal Laws fully functioning in this time and space matrix, humans have been disconnected from aspects of their Higher Self. Humans function in the lower three DNA strands and the lower three chakras of survival. The original human blueprint was a natural integration of one’s higher consciousness in one immortal lifetime. Currently, humans are unable to naturally embody their Higher Self or ascend out of this time and space matrix as we are stuck in an unnatural cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

  • Reincarnation is not the divine blueprint
  • Suffering continual unconscious expression of thoughts, emotions, and mindsets is not the divine blueprint
  • Not knowing your purpose, mission, or reason for existence is not the divine blueprint
  • Experiencing financial struggle, confusion, and fear are not the divine blueprint

DNA Activation of your Subconscious Mind

DNA Activation of your subconscious mind is the key to restoring the Divine Blueprint in your DNA template. The double helical, physical DNA is the surface representation of you while the DNA template is the multidimensional manifestation of your divine structure. The activation of the DNA template is the activation of scalar waves, which are longitudinal waves, superluminal, and a powerful non-hertzian energy identified by Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein. They are the key to restoring the connection to all aspects of your Higher Self.

The activation is based on using specific language in the form of commands, the use of Universal Laws, and the 528 hertz frequency. Your DNA responds to words. Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered that the genetic code in junk DNA follows grammar and usage rules virtually identical to the human language. Junk DNA was laden with indications of intelligence, purpose, and meaning. Dr. Jeff Delrow discovered that the A, T, G and C of DNA naturally form fractal structures closely related to human speech patterns.

Just as negative, painful words lead to anger, anxiety, degradation, guilt, aggression, humiliation, depression, and resentment, so do positive, powerful words or commands.

  • DNA Activation stops the repeating stories of lack, limitation, anxiety, and fear
  • DNA Activation changes your angular rotation of particle spin so that the matrix overlay — shadow body — has less influence on your subatomic particles
  • DNA Activation connects you to all aspects of your Higher Self
  • DNA Activation restores spiritual gifts such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance
  • DNA Activation attracts new friends, lovers, travel, and experiences
  • DNA Activation expands your pineal gland and awareness to other realities referred to as the Shamanic Realm or Bi-Locating your consciousness
  • DNA Activation activate intuition, creativity, and your soul purpose
  • DNA Activation creates empowerment, self actualization, freedom, and sovereignty
  • DNA Activation of your Subconscious Mind retrains your brain

It creates wholeness, integrity, and peace. It frees your subatomic particles so that you regain the ability to manifest.

As you focus on something you desire, your intent collapses scalar waves of consciousness into 3D. Your DNA literally becomes your projector of reality.

To activate your DNA, please check out Sculpting Your Reality with Sacred Geometry Golden DNA Activation 1.0 and 2.0 Codes of AH for Soul Power or read this article about a definitive list of what Golden DNA Activation© can do for you.

Deborah Bravandt
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