Depression Starts from a Deeply Rooted Idea that You are a Sinner. Sin is not Real but Your Experience is Real. Depression Starts from a Deeply Rooted Idea that You are a Sinner. Sin is not Real but Your Experience is Real. Man experiences sin which creates depression and loss.

Depression Starts From A Deeply Rooted Idea That You Are A Sinner

Even if you are agnostic, atheistic, or a mystic, sin is a belief that you have violated some internal law of ethics, which causes an inability to regain your divine state of love.

It is Fault. Disobedience to a higher power, god, or archetype is another definition from separation of peace of mind.

Even if the god or archetype cannot be proven, it still exists in your mind, thus disobedience is real in your mind. It’s the idea that an internal rule has been broken that separates you from delivery of a promise. This creates depression, which is a long standing feeling of pain due to permanent loss. It is not short term loss. It is complete loss that can never be returned. Loss is something equivalent to loss of a love through death or divorce, loss of equivalent or higher income upon due to a bankruptcy, loss of a child, or loss of respect that can never be regained due to a powerful lie. The pain of depression is felt deeply as the result is permanent, and permanency is difficult to accept.

Depression Starts from a Deeply Rooted Idea that you are a Sinner. 

What is the solution?

Sin is not Real but your Experience is Real. The death of a child, the completion of a relationship, or end of a career is real. Honor the death of a child. It is real. Honor the death of a relationship. It is real. Honor the death of a career. It is real.

Once you have honored that which has come before you, make a decision to drop all judgments about yourself. Look in the mirror at yourself. Truly look at your face. Love every flaw, sag, bag, line, scar, mark, and imperfection. Truly love the human being behind the reflection, which is only a reflection of your physical state. The energetic state is the DNA template, which represents your elegance, exquisiteness, beauty, and intelligence.

Once you have accepted the impermanent nature of your existence, flush all past beliefs about yourself down the toilet. Flush all self judgment, projected condemnation, gossip, defamation, betrayals, and fear down this mental toilet. Let it all go.

Say, “I love you, my dead child, and I let you go. I love you, my former spouse and partner, and I let you go. I love you, my brilliant career, and I let you go.”

Letting go of energetic cords to the past is possible and necessary for emotional and mental well being. Sometimes it feels like pushing forward. Other times, it feels like free floating.

For those who feel anxiety in this moment, understand that anxiety is always linked to a lie. What is the lie? Lies come in many forms, such as “Ugliness. Dumb. Boring. Useless. Crazy. Failure.” The eternal, looping lie is that you are temporary, finite, and incapable of expansion. You are opposite of these lies.

When you birthed yourself into this time and space matrix, you were vast, elegant, exquisite, intelligent, infinite, and beautiful beyond understanding. You came into this time and space matrix to gain a soul, and that required a lot of experience. Experience is painful. Experience opens the door to new opportunities, people, places, times, and events. Experience is expansive.

Close the door by accepting the loss.

When you close the door on depression and permanent loss, a door is opened to understanding, compassion, kindness, and sovereignty, which is much needed. You open the door to divine love, which is your nature.

You are divine. Accept it.

Deborah Bravandt
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