Defining Psychic Attacks and the Solution

Defining Psychic Attacks and the Solution

There are certain terms used on my website that refer to energetic or psychological assaults from humans and entities with the goal of gaining power through parasitical manipulation. By defining psychic attacks and the solution, my goal is to help alleviate fear by creating a mindset of empowerment through action orientation.

How do you know that you are experiencing psychic attacks?

You can experience psychic attacks in your dream time as well as your awake state. It’s simply a matter of observation. For example, if you dream that you are at a social function in which food is force fed into your mouth without your permission, the food is a form of violence in the sense that your free will is not being honored. The food is filled with intention, which could be humiliation, guilt, or fear. When you wake up from your dream and feel anger as your first emotion, you have most certainly experienced a psychic attack.

In your awake state, you can witness psychic attacks in the form of your thoughts. If you are angry towards a specific person that you never insulted, most likely this person is sending a thought that you are shameful in some way.

We live in a thought world. Your thoughts are powerful. Some people recognize their emotions. Some do not. Your emotions are an indicator that you are experiencing discomfort and you can do something about it.

The following is a list of common psychic attacks:

  • aura attachment or energetic weaponry
  • occupant
  • discarnate or earthbound
  • negative guide
  • demon, alien, or archon
  • implant or parasite entity device
  • identity
  • persona
  • portal
  • wormhole
  • blackhole
  • cord
  • curse
  • hex
  • jinx
  • spell
  • pact
  • binding

An Aura Attachment is an energetic thought weapon. It enters the lightbody through the meridians and vessels to pass into other areas of the body, such as the hara point, four brain centers, subatomic particles, and finally the DNA template. It may manifest through one of the chakras as a belief, such as, “I deserve this revenge” but it was never the starting point. Aura Attachments are energetic artifacts that appear as weapons, black insects, blindfolds, and many other things.

As an example, if a man shames you for walking your dog in a park without a leash, his intent is to physically hurt you. If you hold some level of blame, such as, “The city enacted leash laws. I am guilty,” this belief in fault will accept the aura attachment. The aura attachment may manifest like an energetic leash around your neck that creates tightness in your throat, hoarseness, and even slavery in a relationship.

Unintended Creations are the direct result of aura attachments in the body. The unintended creation could be emotional pain and suffering, physical pain and suffering, mental pain and suffering, financial pain and suffering, etc.

For example, the tightness in the throat may manifest as throat cancer. Or, the energetic leash around the neck creates slavery in a relationship that results as abuse from a spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

As another example, if you leave your spouse but you feel guilty about your freedom, the guilt will attract blame from your ex-spouse who may send an energetic knife in the back that manifests as back pain or a fear of being attacked.

aura clearing of occupants personas discarnates negative guides Occupants is a word for a demonic entity, parasite, or alien entity in your DNA template and consciousness. It is a living consciousness that is fallen and lives off your energy. It speaks to your inner thoughts by insulting you and suggesting that you do harmful actions to yourself or other people. These entities suggest fear as their target of psychic attack in which you feel you will be harmed if you do not follow their suggestions.

Discarnates or earthbounds are people who have died but have not traveled through the Plane of Bliss for a life review to get a new body in order to reincarnate. Discarnates are unconscious in their disembodied state, yet they still embody emotions and a longing for a body. A discarnate is pulled towards similar beliefs in another living human body, causing the discarnate to take up residence in your chakras. Chakras are small vortexes that will pull similarity. Once the discarnate enters another human body through the chakras, they can speak to your inner thoughts, thus becoming a parasite of your thoughts, emotions, and mindsets.

Negative Guides, disruptive guides, or false guides are disruptive in that they desire to create drama, chaos, or poor choices in your reality. They encourage addictions, self destructive behavior, and lack of clarity of thought. For example, if you are a gay man and have transcended your own homophobia, the negative guide will attract abusive, violent humans into your reality to reaffirm old beliefs that humanity will never accept you as you are. Negative guides are tricky in that they pretend to be your friend but really desire to harm you.

What are Implants?

Implants are energetic tools of manipulation, parasite entity devices, and  holographic “dials.” Implants only have one function and that is to act as a temperature dial on a thought, emotion, or a mindset. The thought, emotion, and mindset link as one unit to create a complex, so the implant dials up the pain of the complex.

Implants will dial up a thought, emotion, or mindset to different degrees. As an example, aggression can be expressed as irritation, agitation, or violence.

Implants enter the light body through Four Stages of development. The Gallbladder Meridian is the first stage of entry in which the Implants are an “intent” program. In stage two, they move into the area of the back known as the heart complex, the area of manifestation, and the brain.  The Heart Complex is non-biased in that it doesn’t delete malevolent programs, but it is a sensitive light body instrument in that you can FEEL programs entering. Stage two is incubation of the program.

In stage three, the implants enter the subatomic particles. This is interactive in that it learns your voice. In stage four, implants enter the DNA template, which is completion. The pain is unavoidable as it feels like a foreign entity or virus running through your consciousness. I call it psychic rape because it forces an emotional response whether you want to feel that emotion or not. If you have made a practice observing your emotions or using self-review, the Observer aspect of the mind will come forward to separate what is YOU and what is FALSE.

When ten complexes are created and hooked together, it creates an Identity or Id. Identities are an expansion of the personality, known as the shadow self, and expressed as cognitive dissonance. For example, the Joan of Arc identity is based in the need to suffer for god’s sake, the country’s sake, the political leader’s sake, or any other entity without considering oneself. It is martyrism disguised in heroism.

As another example, the Donald Trump identity is based in the need for adoration through manipulation of words, information, and cruelty. The need for adoration is massively out of balance through humiliation of women, ethnicities, or countries.  It is an indication of inferiority, jealousy, chaos, and hatred or the narcissist identity.

clearing identities and personas with sacred geometryIdentities may not seem like a psychic attack as it appears as a personal choice. It is true that you choose your life and your experiences until you decide to change what is not working by seeking a solution. In essence, the continual creation of identities can be viewed as a part of this extreme experiential reality called earth, but it can also be viewed as a psychic attack against your personal, deep desire to be at peace with your life. Thus, seeking a solution to your identities is necessary.

When three Identities are hooked on a complex, it creates a Persona that attaches to Identities. Personas are a hardened, deepened level of the shadow self created from multiple identities. For example, the Joan of Arc, pacifist, and idolatry identities would create the Diplomat or Terrorist Persona. Identities are the teenager while the Persona is the grown adult.

Portals are energetic highways from one space to another in which a person can transport their consciousness. A person can easily bi-locate their consciousness to a specific city, country, or space to enjoy the frequency of that area, but this does not require a portal. A portal is more invasive in that it creates an opening into a private space of a person with the intent to harm or control you.

Wormholes are energetic highways to a negative astral realm that is experienced during sleep time. Wormholes are experienced as nightmares as entities project thoughts at you that are interpreted as violent acts on the body. There are different degrees of violence to the body in the dream state, such as experiencing a car accident, physical confrontations and attacks, severing of limbs, or rape. Although it is the mind that is raped, it seems very real in the dream state. If you wake up angry or fearful but do not remember your dream, this is a good indication that you have a wormhole open.

Cords are an energetic leash from one human to another human, and it is typical for the human creating the cord to be controlled by a parasite. Cords are ultimately designed as a means to parasitically siphon another person’s divine gifts. It is a form of survival in which one person gains power from another person’s suffering. The cord can be seen as an energetic cord extending from one of the chakras of the effected person, but the hooking point is ultimately the subatomic particles and scalar waves.

The path of siphoning begins with an energetic parasite entering a human and that human intending a cord with another person who holds divine gifts or a soul connection in his or her template. The cord can allow a human to siphon a person’s energy by triggering complexes, identities, and personas to get the most powerful emotional response. Thoughts, emotions, and mindsets are food for parasites. Sometimes people call these portals “compassionate connections,” but cords are never compassionate. They are sick, parasitical connections between two people.

aura clearing for black magic dark art curse jinx hex spell pact bindingCurses, Hexes, Spells, Jinxes are black magic and are designed to manipulate a person’s reality through force. A curse is typically the strongest and can be experienced as losing all your wealth, a relationship, health, and social status. A spell is often related to controlling a person in the form of a relationship, such as a sexual spell or “love” spell. It is designed to attract and keep a person in a relationship against his or her own free will choice. A hex is often experienced as harm to the physical body, such as getting into a car accident, losing a finger, or breaking a leg. A jinx has an immediate, smaller effect, such as causing a person to burn themselves on a stove or trip and fall.

Bindings are agreements that are designed to bind a person’s free will. It can be experienced as being bound to a job, religion, spouse, or organization that you do not wish to be bound to. It is certainly experienced in the Slave/Master bondage and sadomasochism relationships. It can feel like a chain around the ankle, a leash around your neck, a blindfold around the eyes, or a chastity belt on your heart.

Another more extreme binding is a “walk in” in which a parasitical being steps into the physical body of a human being and binds the consciousness of the owner of the body so that the parasite has sole power. The binding is not accidental as the binding is created by an agreement.

Pacts are agreements just like bindings, yet pacts differ in that they are agreements or contracts with more than one person or more than one event. Bindings may last a lifetime, yet they are singular in nature towards one entity or purpose. Pacts are multifarious as you have agreements or bindings to multiple entities with multiple purposes.

As an example, it has become more common for college fraternities initiations to lead to death. According to Franklin College journalism professor Hank Nuwer, over 200 university hazing deaths have occurred since 1838, with 40 deaths between 2007 and 2017 alone. Alcohol poisoning is the biggest cause of death.

From my perspective, the deaths are intentional as the fraternity leader has a pact with the sponsor who wants to initiate the fraternity leader into cruelty through extreme action such as murder. This initial pact of murder is stage one. The pact will lead to stage two, which is joining a secret society, financial success as a corporate leader, and a lifetime of commitment to a group of people whose agenda you must serve. If you do not honor the pact, humiliation, imprisonment, or death is inevitable.

Now that I have defined psychic attacks, what is the solution to Liberation?

The simple solution is to hire a skilled, ethical shaman or mentor who is familiar with transmuting all forms of psychic attacks to divine love in the Akashic Records, DNA template, and lightbody. I personally serve to help individuals free themselves from energetic manipulation defined as psychic attacks. If it is your goal to be happy and you are experiencing misery, something is holding you back. If you desire to transform your income because you feel stuck at the same pay level even though you are working longer hours, something is blocking your upgrade.

You are welcome to contact me on my contact page to work with me in a live mentoring session. You are welcome to buy a streaming video course from my online store that will also provide an aura clearing in the privacy of your own home. I recommend Aura and Complex Karma History Clearing with the Codes of AH.

Deborah Bravandt
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