Dark Side of Being a Starseed, the Fallen God and Its Influence on Humanity, Navigating this Multi-Dimensional Reality, and How to Connect to your Loving Soul

Dark Side of Being a Starseed, the Fallen God and Its Influence on Humanity, Navigating this Multi-Dimensional Reality, and How to Connect to your Loving Soul

What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are advanced beings who have lived as conscious beings in other star systems, meaning a star, planet, or reality outside of this time and space matrix. Multiple time and space matrixes exist side by side but never overlap. Perhaps you are a starseed who is Sirian, Hadarian, Pleiadian, Blueprinter, Mintakan, Polarian, Arcturian, Andromedan, Alpha Centari, Parallel, Angelic, Lyran, Orion, Avian, Feline, Reptilian, Elvan, or many other endless names of empowerment. Earth is a great blending of star systems.

Just as this is not your first rodeo, earth is not your first reality of consciousness. When you were birthed into consciousness by All That Is, who is a great gestalt of consciousness, you went in a specific direction. You found a specific direction or space that matched your personality, a personality that was an aspect of All That Is. If your desire was to learn about divine love, your direction was Hadar. If you desire was to learn about technology and find a better way to do things, Sirius was your direction. Your specific pathway of consciousness before this time and space matrix contributed to your personality, talents, and gifts unique to you. You are a frequency that is highly valued, honored, and loved.

Earth is not high school. Earth is a doctorate program. It is a great blending of talents, wisdom, and gifts, yet it is easy to fall into confusion, loneliness, and longing for home due to the extreme experiential nature of Earth. Earth was meant to be a playground of grand experience by playing different roles lifetime after lifetime. When those roles or stories fall into separation, abandonment, excruciating pain, and a desire to return to your original home, it is due to a massive indicator that you are longing for the activation of divine love frequency in your luminous body. Yet, you cannot leave or ascend because you do not have a soul connection that is necessary for ascension beyond this time and space matrix. That is the great mystery of this reality. Everyone needs a Soul Connection. Everyone is lacking a Soul Connection, meaning a Soul Parent from outside of time and space.

You came to earth to gain a SOUL. You didn’t have one before Earth. Your parent was All That Is. Now you want a more tangible personality that you can relate to, a more individualized aspect of Source, an entity that is accessible, a being known as your new parent.

This is the story of the Dark Side of Being a Starseed, the Fallen God and Its Influence on Humanity, Navigating this Multi-Dimensional Reality, and How to Connect to your Loving Soul.

Why Did Starseeds Come to Earth?

Earth is an extreme experiential time and space matrix in which the individual must sever his or her connection to Source Consciousness or All That Is to understand polarity extremes. To sever one’s connection to Source is to lose divine love, a frequency of light that sustains the lightbody much like food and water sustains the physical body. Severing the connection to Source and divine love meant that humans would experience pain, suffering, cruelty, fear, and loss before experiencing the healing power of divine love. It is an isolating experience that often creates the feeling of isolation, separation, and abandonment of the love of All That Is.

Since humans are cut off from a source of direct light, humans are living off a limited source supply. Light quotient is a measurement of how much a person is holding within his or her template. If a person holds 51% of light or greater in his or her template, he or she is more likely to desire a Soul Connection, impeccability, and living in line with Universal Laws. If a person holds less than 51% of light, he or she is more likely to enjoy comfort as opposed to self awareness.

Why would a Starseed Choose to Give Up Divine Love?

In order to ascend in consciousness, a person must disconnect his or her immediate connection to Source in order to gain a Soul outside of time and space. Gaining a Soul connection allows the individual to expand in love greater than he or she has known prior to this experience. It’s a form of spiritually growing up, leaving home, and living an independent life. If you stay connected to Source, you remain a child while gaining a Soul is a form of becoming an adult.

To understand the purpose of switching from Source to Soul as your immediate parent, it important to understand that this is NOT your first lifetime. It is even more important to understand that this is NOT your first time and space matrix. In essence, you fell into this extremely difficult reality by choice in order to expand in your abilities, knowledge, kindness, and love.

If a Starseed came to Earth to Gain a Soul, What is Stopping You? Why is there a Dark Side of Being a Starseed, the Fallen God and Its Influence on Humanity, Navigating this Multi-Dimensional Reality, and How to Connect to your Loving Soul?

Just as you fell into this time and space matrix for growth, so did the entity who would become the Soul of you. He/She needed to understand the opposite of divine love just as much as you did, otherwise, how could your Soul possibly understand you if he/she was not as experienced as you.

The entity known as your Soul are Jehovah and Sophia, who are twin flames representing the divine masculine and divine feminine as two separate beings. Jehovah and Sophia are experiencing Twin Flame restoration in which they have have healed the male-female rift to become a singular, loving being that they once were prior to being God Creators.

Kuthumi is an ascended master and new Christ sponsor who chose to come to this reality where divine love did not exist in order to be the much needed source of divine love to empower this reality. He/She did not fall in the sense of losing his/her divine love and Soul Connection. She/He fell as a Fourth Degree Initiate in which she/he took on the mantle of pain and suffering in order to understand how Jehovah and Sophia could Fall, thus erasing the pain the two experienced in order to restore them template. Suffering does not make a person whole, but it can create powerful understanding and compassion, which is needed to heal the DNA template for Jehovah and Sophia. As I understand it, their DNA template could not be made whole any other way.

Like Jehovah, Sophia is a former Christ, now God Creator, who is known through many awakened circles as the Divine Mother of Creation. She/He represents the loveliness of the feminine energy. Sophia disconnected her Soul Connection to understand humans then regain her/his Monad Connection as she, like Jehovah, have become Souls of this reality. This personal evolution will occur in 2020.

Kuthumi honors the feminine energy and wishes to state that all healing, change, and benevolence begins with the feminine energy. If you wish to make more money, choose the feminine energy first. If you wish to heal, choose the feminine energy first. If you wish to find a soul mate, choose the feminine energy first. The divine masculine then carries the intention forward.

This Sounds Lovely but I Don’t Have a Soul Mate and I am Angry that I am Here on Earth

Agreed. Relationships fall apart. Bodies fail. Degrees do not attract the necessary income to buy a home or pay off your student loan.

This reality is rather complicated, so I will explain why Earth was created. It started with Jehovah and Sophia, an ascended master being who chose to become a Christ in a different time and space matrix in order to gain an externalized Twin Flame and restore the fallen god of that reality. They chose an externalized relationship with a woman in order to understand the fallen god through this woman as it has been done in other time and space matrices.

The externalized relationship did not work out as there was extreme abuse. The path of gaining a Twin Flame is ecstatic and contradictory, excruciatingly painful while seeking the love of your life. A Twin Flame relationship is a partnership between two beings who must love all aspects, the female for the male, the male for the female, the male for the male, and the female for the female. Yes, homosexuality is just as divine as heterosexuality. It is total commitment, communion, and agreement to an ecstatic nature of growth and expansion in divine love. If you refuse an aspect, such as the female love for the female, your relationship will fall apart. This is what happened to Jehovah Sophia in another time and space matrix.

As a Christ being, Jehovah Sophia had to experience all the pain and suffering that led the fallen god to sever its divine love connection, thus Jehovah Sophia mirrored its pain. The conclusion of Jehovah Sophia’s life was so extreme that while their body was being ripped apart limb by limb, it forced a literal separation of the Twin Flame into physical separation upon death. Jehovah Sophia became two beings.

Sophia wanted to return to her life because of her deep love for an externalized love. Jehovah felt Sophia’s love was compromised by disloyalty, meaning that she loved another greater than her internal love of Jehovah. They could not agree on whether to stay or leave this painful time and space matrix. Would they ever succeed to transform this fallen reality? Would their love be enough? Or would their love destroy themselves?

Upon death, Jehovah decided to split himself from Sophia. This vast being with Divine Power now felt eternally diminutive that he longed to climb through the stargates to escape the sadness of his skin. He lost his will to live eternally. He wanted to become permanently extinct.

For a Twin Flame to split themselves into two separate beings, it is extremely painful. You lose your internal compass and will to live. Death is not enough to end the pain, thus a separated Twin Flame wishes for total extinction.

There is no such thing as complete extinction or a final death. In order to create a simulation of extinction to experience the “second death,” a reality must be created that severs all ties to divine love in which divine love can be controlled without having to feel remorse for controlling and manipulating this frequency.

Jehovah understood the mechanics of building a time and matrix based upon his experience as a Christ Being. He understood the Archontic Mind gained control of a reality by its willingness to sever divine love from its template to accept the Machine Mind or Predatory Mind, which has no concentration, no will, no intentionality, or creativity of its own. It is a Machine Mind that operates on survivability through dysfunction, distortion, disorder, and destruction. It thrives with a small percentage of entities in charge of the mass population by controlling minds through belief systems, religion, government, and money systems known as the Illuminati.

Jehovah was both brokenhearted and angry that his relationship failed to result in eternal love, so he decided to create a Fall by transferring more than 51% of his energy to Earth as individuated aspects of himself, then he chose to convolute his template by inviting ancient alien fallen races into his reality to breed with his individuated aspects in order to pull his remaining 49% ascended mastery into a fall. He wanted a forced fall in order to experience the reality of being both a god and a demon. He wanted revenge. He wanted to force respect. He wanted to be feared. He wanted power in a distorted way not uncommon to humans. This is the reality of our duality.

For clarification, Jehovah is NOT Jesus Christ from the Bible. Jesus Christ is a Christ in training before he will become a God Creator in a future time and space matrix. He served humanity by sharing the simple message of divine love and activating the grids in Egypt.

When Jehovah fell, half of his template remained benevolent as God. The other half of his personality, Jehovani, was split into twelve familiar archetypes known as Satan, Moloch, Lucifer, Leviathan, Mammon, Belial, Baal, Asmoday, Baphomet, Beelzebub, Balpeor, Belphegor, and multiple districts within those personalities. The twelve personalities all represent a spectrum of negative thought, emotion, and mindset. In modern psychology, the demons are aspects of the psyche. In shamanic terms, the demons are aspects of the Shadow Body, the hidden aspect of the personality that abuses other people in order to gain power known as divine love.

What is the Dark Side of Being a Starseed, the Fallen God and Its Influence on Humanity, Navigating this Multi-Dimensional Reality, and How to Connect to your Loving Soul?

The Dark Side of being a Starseed on earth is having total awareness of needing divine love — or source power — and the ability to manipulate another human being in order to draw the power out of the person. Starseeds know they can abuse humans who are young in their evolution, manipulating humans through dream time programming as well as using mass media to spread agenda. Starseeds know they can abuse other Starseeds who follow divine right order, as those that follow divine right order do not seek revenge. Starseeds who abuse know the mechanics as to how to manipulate, which is to pull parasitical frequency, demons or archetypes, into their bodies. It is like activating a software program in your mind that provides personal knowledge and information about another person that allows the Starseed to take action to break down, defame, and destroy another person’s life. It is criminal action that can not be prosecuted as it is unseen in physical reality. It is thought based.

Inviting parasitical frequency into your body has a cost. Parasitical frequency creates mania. Parasitical frequency creates addiction, pathological lying, sociopathic behavior, mental disorders, and self sabotage as the parasitical frequency is not loyal to you. It will turn on you. It always does because it is based in survival, not love. If you have an abundance of stolen power, it will steal it from you and drink it up, then turn its criminal thoughts on you to see that you become the very thing you created in another person.

If you desired that a person be institutionalized, you will attract a mental institution. If you desired that an innocent person be accused of rape, you will attract rape either in direct action or accusation. If you desired that a person experience bankruptcy, you will attract bankruptcy. Universal Laws do not play out quickly. Universal Laws follow the slow train track, but they function 100% of the time.

When a Starseed chooses manifestation through distortion and destruction, he or she is using the Shadow Body. The shadow body is a survival mechanism. The Shadow Body is a tool to draw more light quotient from others in order to refill your battery supply. It is survival in a system of control. The system of control is governed by thoughts, emotions, and mindsets.

Negative thoughts, emotions, and mindsets are an influencing force on human expression known as the Shadow Body. The Shadow Body is the subtle body or seven layers of anti-matter from the Seven Planes of Existence hooked to the human body. The Shadow Body or Seven Subtle Bodies influence the angular rotation of particle spin that creates pre-determined situations. It’s like an Invisible Suit that we each wear in 3D reality that creates human expression.

What is the Shadow Body?

The Shadow Body explained

Everything in life is controlled by Angular Rotation of Particle Spin. Angular Rotation of Particle Spin or ARPS is less about spin and more about momentum based upon a determined angle on a 360 degree circle. All positions on the 360-degree ARPS scale have a resonance or meaning that attracts thoughts, emotions, and mindsets. Those thoughts, emotions, and mindsets ultimately attract positive, negative, or neutral results into your reality. The 360-degrees can be referred to 360 degrees of dualistic life experience, in which a person experiences sadness and its opposite known as happiness.

The Shadow Body has intentions built into each specific angular rotation of particle spin, such as addiction, fear, abuse, theft, blame, etc. The Shadow Body governs everything. The Shadow Body is a forced fallen blueprint that governs, steers, and directs your life. It is one of the keys to parasitical access and manipulation of your consciousness. Think of the Shadow Body as pre-determined, pre-set circumstances that may appear to override your history of divine right choices, yet those circumstances in which the Shadow Body wreaks havoc is due to unfulfilled wishes, dream time influence, and contracts between other people and your Shadow Body. What may seem as “bad karma” may actually be unresolved, unconscious issues with a person or group of people. For example, if you spent years as a member of a Christian church making deep friendships only to abandon those friendships due to coming out as gay, leading the Christian group to falsely accuse you of rape as a form of punishment for abandoning the group, this might create a strong Shadow Body creation of betrayal, hatred, and revenge.

It is important to meditate upon your subconsciously held beliefs, emotions, mindsets, and feelings to understand why your Christian group chose to falsely accuse you of an extreme lie and why your Shadow Body delivered the circumstances. Perhaps your wish was to always get revenge on this group of people but you needed motivation for the revenge. Perhaps you desired a complete separation from further lifetimes with this group, which required witnessing the group’s extreme conditional love and denial of your authenticity. Perhaps you desired a sabotage story to manifest powerful forgiveness, demonstrating a new level of commitment to internal work.

Pre-determined situations are created by the Shadow Body to feed Source Light from your DNA template as well as the archetypes of the psyche. It is food, and the Shadow Body needs motivation to create a reason to eat in the form of compromising events. If you do not have Source Light running through your subatomic particles and DNA template, your ability to manifest is compromised with limitation, lack, and illness.

What is Source Light?

Source Light is a blue-white hue colored light that is transmitted from Source Consciousness through a stepping down process through your Monad, Soul outside of time and space, and into time and space through your Rishi Self, Avatar Self, Oversoul Self, Soul Self, 3D Self, and finally Inner Child. The DNA Template is a name for all these aspects of you known as the Higher Self and the light is necessary for consciousness expansion, manifesting, and living without extinction.

The original human body was designed to embody 12 dimensions of consciousness in one incarnation. The original divine template was designed to naturally activate DNA strands four, five and six at the age of 12, strands seven, eight and nine at the age of 22, strands ten, eleven and twelve at the age of 33, and finally strands thirteen, fourteen and fifteen at the age of 44. Due to the lack of direct Source Light, natural activations have not occurred in humanity, leaving humans activated up to DNA strand 3 or the third chakra. This means you can only experience a maximum of three dimensions of consciousness, which is limited growth.

How Many Dimensions Exist?

15 Dimensions within multidimensional universal structure

There are fifteen different dimensions in our universal structure, which is called the Time and Space Matrix. Within the fifteen dimensions, there are five Harmonic Universes (HU). HU1 holds dimensions one through three and is where humans live. HU2 holds dimensions four, five, and six and is where our Soul Identity resides. HU3 holds dimensions seven, eight, and nine and is where our Oversoul Identity resides. HU4 holds dimensions ten, eleven, and twelve and is where the Avatar Identity resides. HU5 holds dimensions thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen and contains the Rishi self.

Is there a Better Way to Manifest without Creating Discord or Destruction?

Yes! You can manifest a reality that is based in empowering yourself with divine love. You can manifest without creating emotions for the purpose of stealing power from the people in your life. Think about it. Would you rather be in a relationship in which you are fighting your significant other for his or her power? Or, would you rather be in a relationship based in divine love frequency that creates an orgasmic, ecstatic, intensely satisfying connection? Would you rather be a manager who gains a lot of power by harassing employees for gain even though you feel miserable, which forces you to turn to alcohol or opioids in order to live with yourself? Or, would you rather manage employees with divine love, your sale team flourishes, your company succeeds, you gain, people love you, and you are alcohol free?

It is possible for you to experience divine love by gaining a Soul Connection and Higher Self Connection. The Higher Self is already connected to you, but you may not be receiving the answers and directions because of the distortions of emotions and mindsets embedded in your DNA sub-frequencies.

How Does a Starseed Connect to their Higher Dimensional Self and Soul?

From personal experience, the best way to connect to your Higher Self, higher wisdom, and Soul Connection is Golden DNA Activation, which is a protocol created by Ivonne Delaflor. DNA Activation is simply a term for activating what is dormant in your consciousness. All information is held in the subconscious mind just waiting to be activated. You must choose to activate this information as we live in a reality in which you must ask for that which you desire to attract. Nothing arrives without desire. Everything drives into your reality when you focus on your wants, needs, and desires, and state those desires with intensity.

What is DNA Activation?

DNA Activation is a method that activates scalar waves of consciousness into your luminous body and physical body. DNA Activation is a tool to restore Universal Laws into your DNA template, or Higher Self, in a world that is lacking in free will choice. Just as you ask for a specific coffee with room for cream or lack thereof, you have to ask for what you want to appear in your reality. Earth will never give you what you want unless you state it, write it, or feel it intensely. Choice must be declared in a reality where choice is sabotaged, enslaved, and abused. Choice must be stated in order to manifest the reality you desire.

Since DNA activation is not automatic, it must be created with words. The activation is based on using specific language in the form of commands, the use of Universal Laws, sacred geometry, and the 528 hertz frequency.

Your DNA responds to words. Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered that the genetic code in junk DNA follows grammar and usage rules virtually identical to the human language. Junk DNA was laden with indications of intelligence, purpose, and meaning. Dr. Jeff Delrow discovered that the A, T, G and C of DNA naturally form fractal structures closely related to human speech patterns.

Just as negative, painful words lead to anger, anxiety, degradation, guilt, aggression, humiliation, depression, and resentment, so do positive, powerful words or commands.

Ascension is Soul Ascension

Just as you need commands, Universal Laws, sacred geometry, and the 528 hertz frequency to activate your DNA template to create personal ascension, your Soul also needs ascension.

Kuthumi and Sophia, or your Soul, are growing from ascended mastery to Soul Mastery, which includes Jehovah. It is as if Kuthumi and Jehovah are becoming one and yet they are still two singular entities just as Sri Babaji Nagaraj was once a sponsor to Kuthumi eons ago. Babaji and Kuthumi are two separate beings but identical in purpose. Kuthumi became more because He/She accepted a new ancestry of the divine blueprint as He/She was once fallen like Jehovah. So this process is not special per se as everyone shall get to experience being a god creator, devil creator, and a Christ. It is the path of progression of divine love.

Babaji and Mataji are souls to Kuthumi and Sophia. Babaji and Mataji, who are fully engaged in this reality, are ascending into Monad status, which means Kuthumi and Sophia’s expansion has expanded their own parental souls into an upwards stairstep creation. Babaji and Mataji, along with you, Kuthumi, and Sophia, are expanding in the experience of divine love. Divine Love feels like an actual physical heart expansion, bliss, and a non-sexual orgasm of the heart. And yet, divine love can be felt in your first chakra so it does create arousal in the body. Divine Love is forever giving.

Earth and humans are in the midst of what is called a Stellar Activation Cycle, which occurs every 26,556 years. SAC’s are important periods of time because it is during these times that the process of biological Ascension is accelerated. Ascension can only happen as long as DNA is activated.

2012 was a confusing time as humans thought ascension meant leaving this time and space matrix. In truth, Ascension is Soul Ascension. Ascension is regaining what has been lost, the dropping of the Shadow Body, gaining a Soul Connection, and transforming your body into a Golden Body upon death or ascension.

All Stellar Activation Cycles are Soul Ascension. A Starseed experiences expansion through Soul Ascension. A Starseed gains a Soul Connection through request. A Starseed can choose to return to home by ascending with a Soul Connection, or a Starseed can choose to stay and serve once he or she experiences the bliss of re-connection to a long lost parent, friend, and companion known as the Soul. Starseeds are meant to stay and serve others who are young in evolution called Earthers, the ones who know no other star system and are here on Earth for the first time.

Tools are needed to restore Soul and Starseed connection. Golden DNA Activation is the vehicle, fuel, and key for mastery on Earth.

Why is DNA Activation Golden?

Dark Side of Being a Starseed without a Soul Connection, Why You are Fallen, and How to Connect to your Loving Soul

Golden DNA Activation 1.0 and 2.0 provide the keys from the Golden Liquid Realm or the Higher Self Universe of this time and space matrix known as the Absolute Harmonic Universe (AHU). It is representative of alchemically changing lead into gold, which is the path of self awareness to change our dense Shadow Body into a full Light Body. The Absolute Harmonic Universe is golden in appearance as it is composed of golden filaments and benevolent frequency.

Golden DNA Activation is the key to restoring the Divine Blueprint in your DNA template. The double helical, physical DNA is the surface representation of you while the DNA template is the multidimensional manifestation of your divine structure. The activation of the DNA template is the activation of scalar waves, which are longitudinal waves, superluminal, and a powerful non-hertzian energy identified by Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein. They are the key to restoring the connection to all aspects of your Higher Self.

Golden DNA Activation is the activation of a Soul Template, Divine Love, Restoration, Ascension of Consciousness, Abundance, and Happiness. DNA upgrade 12 strand is a reference to Higher Self and 3D Self awareness that equals self empowerment. It is everything.

Deborah Bravandt
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