Deconstructing the Millionaire and Billionaire DNA Template with the Codes of AH

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68 minute Magical Realism Movie

Deconstructing the Millionaire and Billionaire DNA Template with Codes of AH™

Key Concepts Covered in this Course

About Deborah Bravandt 2019

Deborah Bravandt

Writer and Course Creator

Deconstruction is a process of breaking a solidified concept into pieces in order to discern a new perspective. Shamanism is the tool by which I broke down concepts of attracting, creating, and building wealth.

The story, commands, and visuals facilitate a release of toxic emotions, create new awareness, and wisdom to change your strategy in order to attract greater income into your life.

Course Description

The movie leads you softly through a scenario of frequency upgrades and wisdom from moguls known as millionaires and billionaires so that you can create prosperity.


Empowering Process

The “unplugging”  from prior unconscious agreements and contracts is essential to be able to free yourself to fully follow your own Divine Wisdom well beyond the 5th Dimension.  Deborah had offered me a tool to create more changes and I highly recommend this empowering process.

Libby Dartez

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1 hour and 8 minutes

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$ 95.00

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Course Description

An entertaining deep dive into the subconscious mind of six strangers seeking to understand the millionaire and billionaire blueprint of success. The story is filled with magical realism much like an Ayahuasca vision.

Wealth is orchestrated from a position of 360 degrees of angular rotation of particle spin, or more specifically, 360 possibilities of power and disempowerment. There are 359 degrees of wealth disempowerment and one degree of wealth empowerment, which is divine love. 

Angular Rotation of Particle Spin is the momentum of your subatomic particles, which projects everything in your reality.

Key Features

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