Chakras Shut Down and Chakras Misplaced

Chakras Out of Alignment Create Pain while Balance Equals Ascension

What are Chakras? Why are they Important? What do they do?

  • Chakras are internal star gates.
  • Chakras are keys to ascending through the star gates.
  • Chakras are spinning wheels.
  • Chakras operate in your physical body.
  • Chakras operate in your morphogenetic body.
  • Chakras are connected to your Subatomic Particles.
  • Chakras notify you of pain as they vibrate your emotional and mental responses as exit points through cords, wormholes, portals, and personal blackholes.
  • Chakras can help you manifest money and happiness.

Chakras are Nadis or specific points in the Chinese Meridian system that serves to notify you of pain. They DO NOT create pain. They are indicators that sound the alarm bell of pain when you have experienced too much intake of emotion.

As an example, I recently felt pain from my right shoulder blade all the way down my arm, through my forearm, and into my wrist. It was throbbing pain as if I had lifted weights with my right arm for days, yet I had not lift weights in over a month because my gym has been closed for over a month due to the CoronaVirus quarantine. I had spent two hours hiking to keep in physical shape, but as you already guessed, arms are not necessary for hiking.

Why was my right arm throbbing in pain? What does my arm pain have to do with Chakras?

My right arm is linked to the Triple Warmer Meridian to indicate a specific emotion. Several Nadis or pain points alerted me of an emotion in my muscles, nerves, and fascia, so someone was sending an emotion as a “throwaway.”

I often get people coming to me in my dreams wanting to discard their guilt and failed manifestations that appear as a baby boy in the dream. I accept their baby boy, wondering,

“Does your baby need a diaper change?”

“Does your baby need food?”

“Does your baby need to sleep?”

I realize I have derailed the train tracks about chakras. I promise I will bring this story back around to the point of chakras notifying you of pain.

That being said, I knew someone had given me their pain in the dream time as it just is a consequence of my reality. Within a few minutes, I knew the emotion was hatred. Someone discarded her hatred about a lie that had been believed about me that was not true, and I had received it.

I moved into shamanic mode, which means that I did a verbal command to eliminate the source of the pain using sacred geometry as a source of mathematical correction and the 528 hertz frequency also known as divine love. It immediately ended the throbbing pain within minutes without need for medication. I have used this method of pain reduction for physical injuries, physical illness, and emotional imbalance very effectively for five years.

Once I know the source of the specific pain, I can reduce it to NOTHING.

How do Chakras factor into Pain?

When you are experiencing severe pain, it is typical that your chakras are completely out of alignment, positioning, and context. In my story of throwaway hatred, my 11th chakra was moved from its divine blueprint position of 18 inches above the head to the position of the 6th chakra but turned sideways. The 11th chakra was positioned ear to ear as opposed to front and backwards. The chakra was feeding the frequency to my Triple Warmer Meridian, which was sounding the pain signal.

Misalignment, incorrect position, and false location of chakras are a product of this reality for humans. We live in a parasitical reality where humans are hungering for power from other humans.

Why are humans so parasitical?

All of humanity is fallen, which is to say that humanity is disconnected from their Soul, Monad, and Source Consciousness OUTSIDE of Time and Space. Currently you are living on LIMITED source energy called Divine Love that is distributed from an entity known as the new Christ. This Christ is NOT Jesus from the Bible but an ascended master who has a specific mission to return the Source Connection of divine love frequency to all of humanity. Currently humans are living off of a parasitical version of divine love through this Christ who directs her divine love energy to the fallen God of this 15-dimensional time and space matrix known as Jehovah and Sophia. Both names represent the masculine and feminine within us all.

Jehovah and Sophia are two separate beings that were originally a single Twin Flame Two Spirited Being. Just as humans are or will ascend into healing their DNA template, Jehovah and Sophia will once again become one being during this epic Stellar Activation Cycle.

The literal separation of Jehovah and Sophia as the God Creators of this reality caused a fall of consciousness and separation from Divine Love Frequency. Humans have to work to get divine love frequency since it is not automatically running through their light bodies, which leads to humans to seek Source Light frequency through THEFT of power from other humans. It is both a conscious and unconscious act of survival.

This theft of power is creating the current circumstances of death, disease, fear, and destruction. In order to survive in a reality that lives off a parasitical, temporary form of life support, humans access power through verbal quarrels, fights, drama, hatred, and every form of negative connection.

The original human body was designed to embody 12 dimensions of consciousness in one incarnation. The original divine template was designed to naturally activate DNA strands four, five and six at the age of 12, strands seven, eight and nine at the age of 22, strands ten, eleven and twelve at the age of 33, and finally strands thirteen, fourteen and fifteen at the age of 44. Due to Fall of God which stopped the direct sourcing of divine love frequency to humanity, natural activations have not occurred in humanity, leaving humans activated up to DNA strand 3 or the third chakra. This means you can only experience a maximum of three dimensions of consciousness, which is limited growth.

The physical body holds 7 chakras. The lightbody or aura body holds an additional 8 morphogenetic chakras. Morphogenetic means that the chakras are composed of sounds, color, symbols, and light or not in the physical body yet related to your conscious identity and manifestation.

Even though chakras are connected to the central vertical current as positions located in the physical body, all chakras are energetic in nature. Energetic means to be composed of elements at the quantum level known as scalar waves that are not physical to the seeing eye.

Chakras are vortexes between one dimension to another. The divine blueprint of humanity in this time and space matrix is composed of fifteen dimensions and thus fifteen chakras. The chakras are designed as a portal to connect you to another element of your consciousness.

Why do Chakras matter?

Aside of emotional or pain indicators, chakras are star gates to higher dimensions. They are keys to pass through the star gates into higher awareness and knowledge. If you remove your chakras, you might feel emotionally better for a while, yet it will lead to stagnant behavior such as spending all your free time gaming instead of figuring out why you came into this reality. If you shut your chakras down, you might feel emotionally better for a while, yet it will be difficult to be grounded in your body. You will be prone to tripping, falling, or experiencing some kind of bodily injury.

Long story short, you need the pain indicator of the chakra to be functioning in order to keep yourself mentally and physically healthy. When you focus on emotional, mental, and physical health, it becomes easier to meditate to connect to higher wisdom from your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is composed of your Inner Child, Soul, Oversoul, and Avatar that can communicate to you in many forms, such as through visuals, voice, feelings, and intuition. The activation of your chakras is attunement to the harmony of your purpose.

How many Chakras are there?

There are 15 dimensions in this time and space matrix, thus there are 15 chakras. Each chakra opens you to a specific experience, emotion, and wisdom when you meditate upon its capacity.

Chakra One:  Base of your central vertical current, red star

Chakra Two: Sacral, orange star

Chakra Three: Solar Plexus, yellow star

Chakra Four: Heart, green star

Chakra Five: Throat, blue star

Chakra Six: Third Eye, indigo star

Chakra Seven: Crown, violet star

Chakra Eight: Thymus, gold star

Chakra Nine: Thalamus, silver star

Chakra Ten: Galactic 1, 6” above the head, blue-black star

Chakra Eleven: Galactic 2, 18” above the head, silver-black star

Chakra Twelve: Earth Star, 6” below the feet, white star

Chakra Thirteen: Earth Core, center of the earth, turquoise star

Chakra Fourteen: Universal 1, 36” above the head, pale yellow star

Chakra Fifteen: Universal 2, deep space, magenta-pink star

The goal of keeping yourself emotionally and mentally healthy is equal to keeping your chakras in the correct position and thus aligning your spiritual state to the divine blueprint. Chakras Out of Alignment Create Pain while Balance Equals Ascension. When you are aligned to the divine blueprint, it becomes easy to manifest the reality you desire to see appear in the now.

Deborah Bravandt
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