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How to Stop Anxiety of Future Failure: Power Up Your Higher Self

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I use commands naming specific places in the body where anxiety is stored like a computer file. Anxiety is released with the assistance of sacred geometry as it is a carrier code of intention that transcends to your subconscious mind.

Identify What is Causing Anxiety

Understand the Contract

Cancel the Contract

Your 15 Dimensional Higher Self

Technique to Connect to Your Higher Self

The Power of Yes and No Questions

Learn the Technique

Get answers from your multi-dimensional self that helps you navigate through the portal of anxiety into a reality designed with clarity, confidence, and self actualization.


Thank you for such a fabulous session this morning!

Sara Bovenzi

Meet the Course Creator Who Understands Emotions

All emotions initiate in the Hara Point then expand into your chakras, subtle bodies, and DNA strands.

Deborah Bravandt DNA Activation Codes of AH

Deborah Bravandt

- Course Creator

I am a Metaphysician, Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Codes of AH™ Practitioner, shaman, healer, sage, storyteller, and founder of Divine Love Blueprint. I was born with a highly sensitive light based body.

With practice in meditation in motion, I realized that a sensitive light-based body has its benefits. It created Emotional Intelligence, which I define as the ability to respond with kindness, grace, and love in conflict and see the human being underneath the layers of parasitical influence. Understanding another person’s perspective is essential in the process of responding with emotional intelligence.

Through trial and error, I created specific commands for transmuting thoughts, emotions, and mindsets at the quantum level. After having success with myself, I tested my work on willing clients who also experienced results. Divine Love Blueprint is the result.

The 15-dimensional time and space matrix where we reside is based upon a false concept that the Shadow Body is YOU. It is not. The shadow body is the activator of thoughts, emotions, and mindsets in humans in a way that feels normal but is parasitical.

When these “malware of the mind” programs are deleted, you evolve out of a state of misery, pain, and suffering and into a heart and mind based consciousness. It is love. It is benevolent power. It is vibrational harmony. It is the Divine Blueprint.

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I Feel Excellent


Huge clearing last night, Deborah.  Feel excellent today.  Had a great epiphany. Thought I’d share that. Thanks so much. I appreciate you.

Matt Baker

Peace and Transcendence


Just that sense of being totally at peace and in love with myself and life has been an enormous blessing.

Kristine Galli

No More Insomnia


Since our session on Monday I can sleep through the whole night without waking up at around 3 or 4 am. Thank you again Deborah for your amazing and great work. All the best.

Regine Halfmann

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