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Financial Holistic Success Activation with Codes of AH™: Activate the Keys of Frequency Selling to Attract Money in Any Economy

Bullet Proof Your Manifestations with the Keys of Frequency Selling

This course aligns you to your Soul, Monad, and God Seed Level of consciousness that can best be described as getting help from an Oracle who can see your most brilliant future then tell you how to implement the strategy in the present moment.

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Financial Holistic Success Activation with Codes of AH™: Activate the Keys of Frequency Selling to Attract Money in Any Economy includes 69 Video Tutorials

Activate Dormant Soul Blueprint Gifts Built into your DNA Designed to help you Manifest 100% Consistency with Confidence.

Module One: Code of Ethics

  • Impeccable Creations

Module Two: Shamanic Journey

  • Space of Abandoned Ideas
  • Old Way of Selling: Global Systemic Belief System of Scarcity and Fatalism
  • New Way of Selling: Golden Program of Magnetic Frequency

Module Three: 8 Business Keys for Financial Frequency Success

  • Integrity Activation for Business Advanced Mastery Code of AH
  • Success Orientation Activation Advanced Business Mastery Code of AH
  • Solution Orientation Strategies Advanced Business Mastery Code of AH
  • Brilliant Vision Orientation Advanced Business Mastery Code of AH
  • Teamwork Alignment Activation Advanced Business Mastery Code of AH
  • Sales Activations with the Universal Laws of Advanced Business Mastery Code of AH
  • Parasite Strategies Removal for Business Advanced Mastery Code of AH
  • People, Contribution and Legacy Orientation Advanced Business Mastery Code of AH

Module Four: 8 Creation Keys for Financial Frequency Success

  • Ascension Code Pyramid of Creation Code of AH
  • Finances Higher Relationships Restoration Opening Clear Channels to Receive Abundance Code of AH
  • Financial Holistic Success Code of AH
  • Grid Ascension Macro Cosmos Support Code of AH
  • Unstoppable Higher Frequency Body Mind Spirit Motivation Code of AH
  • Absolute Wealth Abundance in Tune with Divine Right Timing Code of AH
  • Core Center Chakra Code of AH
  • Activation of Master Frequency 1111 Code of AH
  • 8 Original Heroes Journey Stories written by Deborah Bravandt, which are 8 short movies featuring regular people who are forced out of their circumstances into a new reality aligned with purpose, joy, and abundance

Module Five: 8 Soul Keys for Financial Frequency Success

  • Activation and Removal of Habits of Judgment Gossip Prejudice and Fear of Actualized Ethical Present Honest Powerful Communication Through the SELF EXPRESSION Soul Reign Supreme Code of AH
  • DIVINE POWER Soul Reign Supreme Code of AH
  • Activation of Congruent, Balanced, and Response-able DIVINE CREATION Soul Reign Supreme Code of AH
  • DIVINE WISDOM Soul Reign Supreme Code of AH
  • Activation and Removal of Assumptions and Taking Things Personal Through the Embodiment of DIVINE TRUTH Soul Reign Supreme Code of AH
  • Activation of Obsession Free, Serene, Integrity Filled DIVINE ORDER Soul Reign Supreme Code of AH
  • Activation of Entanglement-Free DIVINE COMPASSION Soul Reign Supreme Code of AH
  • Activation for Alignment with the Sacred Field Power of DIVINE LOVE Soul Reign Supreme Code of AH
  • 8 Entrepreneur Profile Stories featuring the Soul Gifts of Divine Self Expression, Divine Power, Divine Creation, Divine Wisdom, Divine Truth, Divine Order, Divine Love, and Divine Compassion in ACTION

Module Six: Ultimate Manifestation Tool

  • Optical Pineal Induction Visualization for Manifestation
  • Tracking Your Outcome

Turn on New Possibilities, Ideas, and Strategies from a non-Distorted, Boundless Version of Yourself

Operate at a higher frequency of prosperity, abundance, and wealth of personal power.

Deborah Bravandt

- Course Creator

Simplify the Manifestation Process by Learning Optical Pineal Induction.

Initiate the feeling of joyful creation, love, and light based humor that magnetically attracts what you want to see appear in your reality.

Activate dormant soul blueprint keys built into your DNA designed to help you manifest consistently with confidence 100%.

Experienced Professionals Who Have Worked with Deborah


“You are very loving to work with and I thank you greatly for the little time we had together. Blessings and Love. Thank You.”

Manny Marsh


“Words cannot express my gratitude to you for all you have done for me and my daughter.”

Phoebe Olu


“I am so grateful to you and your amazing work!!! Love to you.”

Donia Papageorgiou

8 Original ‘Heroes Journey’ stories

Synopsis for the short films


Arya, the top sales performer in her company, faces her shadow self when her boss rewards under performers. She must make a decision between revenge or happiness. Will she lower her standards or fight for herself in a new way?


Jaya builds her dream business while Ace, her husband, secretly sabotages her choices with his gambling addiction and sex addiction. Her husband holds her hostage to the marriage through a hidden pre-life contract that seals Ace’s feminine DNA strands to her masculine DNA strands. Will she experience the true marriage of the internal twin flame to become the one thing she wants to become…a millionaire?


Enoch is a devout Mormon who loves God while being attracted to his gender. He enters Vomit Aversion Therapy, which fails. At a Buddhist Monastery, he develops a profound relationship with God who tells him that being gay is a manifestation of his split internal twin flame embodied as men. God tells Enoch to start a Youtube channel to teach his wisdom.


Divya is a powerful corporate lawyer who takes prescription drugs to silence the inner voices. After a violent outburst that leads to submitting herself to a psychiatric hospital, she meets a Being of Light who helps her learn the secrets of alchemy to transcend the occupants. She becomes an author who teaches online courses using spiritual gifts to build characters and a story.


Two sisters wanted to create their own businesses. One sister took action by embroidering a power word on a sweatshirt while the other sister watched. The sweatshirt became the object of envy and possessive action for the non-action sister while the action-oriented sister created a successful print-on-demand business.


Lou was a child with a special gift who easily fell into hatred when his beliefs were mocked. He listened to an entity who told him how to control other people with aggression. He became the Fixer at a car dealership, making hundreds of thousands of dollars using fear as his sales tactic. Lou’s Inner Child enters his dealership with an ultimatum.


Valesha was from East Los Angeles with a goal to succeed in real estate, yet she couldn’t close a deal. All she attracted was abuse from clients. She believed in one truth that positive thought attract results so she consulted God believing that he/she would know what is best for her. God spoke.


Shae accepted a mission from her Soul, which led to descent into the hell realms in the dream time. Hell is not what you think. No fire. No burning. No demons. Just a series of rooms where people are forced to eat food filled with intent that create anxiety, body dysphoria, physical pain, and accidents in real life. How will Shae ascend out of the dimensional abuse?

8 Entrepreneurs

Featured in the Financial Holistic Success Activation with Codes of AH™ Course

Dr. Brenda Mondragon, Mondragon Chiropractic

– Divine Self Expression

Agatha Achindu and Camila Alves, Yummy Spoonfuls

– Divine Power

Danelle Ballengee, Endurance Runner and U.S. Athlete of the Year

– Divine Creation

Chris Scott, Fit Recovery

– Divine Wisdom

Sarah Chrisp, Wholesale Ted

– Divine Truth

Ernestine Shepherd, Oldest Female Competitive Bodybuilder

– Divine Order

Yogetsu Akasaka, Japanese Buddhist Monk and Beatboxer

– Divine Love

Scott Harrison, Charity Water

– Divine Compassion

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Sculpting Your Reality with Sacred Geometry: Golden DNA Activation 1.0 and 2.0 Codes of AH© for Soul Power

Golden DNA Activation creates Higher Self awareness, which is a connection to you and your super-conscious self. It means that the 12-strand DNA template is activated so that you experience a conscious awareness of your Inner Child, Soul, Oversoul, and Christos Avatar higher self aspects as living entities. You experience the activation of the subconscious mind and super-conscious mind made aware in your conscious state.