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Deconstructing the Millionaire and Billionaire DNA Template with Codes of AH™

Deconstructing the Millionaire and Billionaire DNA Template is a 68 minute magical realism movie.

The movie leads you softly through a scenario of frequency upgrades, power, and wisdom from moguls known as millionaires and billionaires so that you can create prosperity.

Deconstruction is a process of breaking a solidified concept into pieces in order to discern a new perspective. Shamanism is the tool by which I broke down concepts of attracting, creating, and building wealth.

The story, commands, and visuals facilitate a release of toxic emotions, create new awareness, and wisdom to change your strategy in order to attract greater income into your life.

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Deconstructing the Millionaire and Billionaire DNA Template with Codes of AH™ Movie includes 20 Videos

An entertaining deep dive into the subconscious mind of six strangers seeking to understand the millionaire and billionaire blueprint of success. The story is filled with magical realism much like an Ayahuasca vision.


The commands in this film are designed to activate extra sensory perception, release toxic emotions, create new awareness, and wisdom to change your strategy in order to attract greater income into your life. 

Chapter 1: Unstoppable, Unappreciated, and Underestimated

A powerful advertising executive has a contract revoked by the owners, causing the advertising executive to join a center for those who desperately want to be wealthy. Envision yourself as the advertising executive character in the story.

Chapter 2: Surrender Your Future

Work Harder Than Most Center welcomes you with the price tag for training.  “The fee to enter is $20,000 or all future pay increases. Which do you choose?”

Chapter 3: "Work Harder Than Most" Center

A room full of strangers in orientation that dwindle down to six determined strangers. 

Chapter 4: Let the Games Begin

Creating a simulation of struggle in order to call forward divine confidence.

Chapter 5: Right-Eye Blind

How do you expect to see anything when you’re focused on exclusively using your seeing eyes? Try using your third eye.

Chapter 6: When the Arrow Misses, it Didn't Suddenly Turn

All violence starts with a belief in failing to be perfect. Perfection is a belief in something that is non-existent.

Chapter 7: Break the Cord, Change the Map

You only have to suffer as much as you want to suffer. Break the complex. Break the cord. Change what has been programmed in your template.

Chapter 8: House of Rebirth

Four strangers build a sweat lodge with one leg, one eye, no food, and quiet concentration.

Chapter 9: Lies We Accept Create Anxiety

Millionaires and billionaires have a map installed in their DNA template from birth that attracts connections that attract results. You can magnetically pull people to you to attract guaranteed results.

Chapter 10: One-Way Map

Your map is backwards. Your map does not include two people magnetically attracting money together. Your map is sending money to your boss.

Chapter 11: Lack of Free Will Choice Creates Failure

Lack of choice is proof positive of parasites attached to your Merkaba.

Chapter 12: Choosing to Cross the Bridge of Fear

No one gives you permission to reclaim your free will choice. You accept it.

Chapter 13: Removing Implants

Implants are energetic devices that attach to thoughts, emotions, and mindsets, which dial up pain.

Chapter 14: Severing Energetic Cords

Emotions and negative mindsets create cords between you and another person. An exiting cord gives power to the other person, sucking your precious divine love frequency.

Chapter 15: New Name

You receive a new name symbolizing confidence, leadership, and alchemy.

Chapter 16: New Blueprint

The universe is built on mathematics. You receive the command of divine love, which is an angular rotation of particle spin of power.

Chapter 17: Honor the Contract

Revisiting the past to create a different result.

Chapter 18: Fear is the #1 Killer of Free Will Choice

Fear is a program your Soul enjoys deconstructing as fear stops you from choosing. Free will choice is easily accessible in a state of divine love. Without divine love, you suffer.

Chapter 19: 360 Degrees of Experience

Wealth is orchestrated from a position of 360 degrees of angular rotation of particle spin, or more specifically, 360 possibilities of power and disempowerment. There are 359 degrees of wealth disempowerment and one degree of wealth empowerment, which is divine love. Angular Rotation of Particle Spin is the momentum of your subatomic particles, which projects everything in your reality.

Create A New Map of Power by Activating Your Neurotransmitters and DNA Template

Empowerment is generated by activating a specific angular rotation of particle spin, creating a forward momentum of magnetism.

Deborah Bravandt

- Writer & Course Creator

Divine love is the power that creates, attracts, and manifests financial increase.

Professionals Who Experienced the Codes of AH


Hi Deborah, I hope this message finds you well. Thank you so much for last years DNA activation. I cannot tell you how much my life has changed for the better. I have told a lot of people about you. Take care.

Teena Montgomery


A lot of changes and transformations I can tell! I felt like some sort of layer of perception was like pulled of my eyes. I started to notice the world around me in a complete different way. More in a state of peace, completely present and observing. Yesterday I received a crystal clear vision of where to focus on in order to serve other self employed professionals with a video marketing service.

Jean-Paul Blommaert

Prosperity is Not What You Think

Wealth is less likely to be created from hard work, greater intelligence, being in the right place at the right time, being born into wealth, popularity or connections, being cheap and saving every penny, or good karma.

Prosperity is Created From

Commands are Empowering Tools!


The “unplugging”  from prior unconscious agreements and contracts is essential to be able to free yourself to fully follow your own Divine Wisdom well beyond the 5th Dimension.  Deborah had offered me a tool for create more changes and I highly recommend this empowering process.

Libby Dartez

Amazing DNA Upgrade


I have about 20 to 30 synchronistic incidents happen to me daily. It sure delights! Thanks again for a great session! Love and Light to you.

Christine Schneider

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As you focus on something you desire, your intent collapses scalar waves of consciousness into 3D. Your DNA literally becomes your projector of reality.

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