Ayahuasquero who Possessed a Client that Committed Suicide leading to Temporary Gain, Arrogance, and Waste in the form of Death by his own Hanging. Worshiping a human being as a god is dangerous as you are giving your power away to this person

Ayahuasquero Shaman Who Abused A Suicidal Client Then He Hung Himself

Mack had a gift. He could step outside of his body in spirit form then step into the body of another person, thus allowing him the ability to read the thoughts of another person’s consciousness. It was a gift that facilitated his need for adoration and gain.

Mack read about Ayahuasca and Fulgham the powerful American shaman in Peru who erased depression and was honored by National Geographic. He decided to meet Fulgham in person to advance his game.

During the ceremony, Mack slid into Fulgham’s body, hoping to go unnoticed. It was not to be so. Fulgham was more than one entity. He was a raucous house party of sorts, a collection of fractured parts, an assemblage of archetypes, and they all welcomed Mack to the debauchery.

You see, these archetypes were not nice. The archetypes, Leviathan, Lewceefur, Poopsticker – not to be confused with Potsticker – were masters at creating trust by healing depression, which merely required severing cords to a third party’s control.

Then with the artful skill of creating outward compassion that lacked inward compassion, Mack and Fulgham created new cords of control linked to the sting of adoration, so it took a while for the depression to rebuild in the unsuspecting clients.

Fulgham agreed to share his archetypes with Mack as two greedy handlers where better than one. The download of information from the archetypes excited Mack as he had never been so powerful, and yet, he was anxious from the lack of limits.

Mack lost his free will choice and took to raping men and women in the dream time. He chased them in their inner minds as their word of “no” held no power until they cancelled all contracts at the root, which was the original point of contact. During the day time, he embodied the consciousness of drunken men as it was easy to manipulate their behavior and make them look like fools.

Mack chose to up-level his power when he realized the dream time was not as powerful as the awake time. It was time to step up his efforts in 3D reality and add “Toe” to the Ayahuasca brew.

One client experienced delusions in which his masculine energy considered the feminine energy to be demonic and the feminine energy considered the masculine to be demonic. It was a true separation of the self that it led to the tourist hanging himself in desperation to escape the torment.

Mack and Fulgham were the perfect criminals as energetic attacks were unprovable, unstoppable, and untraceable, thus they never got caught.

Then it all fell apart. Mack had been handling a woman for over eight years. She had so much light that it seemed she was an endless battery of power, so he focused exclusively on her. She fought him off in the dream and day time, fearful of its power to crush her.

One day, she relented and the archetypes entered. She was amazed how the archetypes appeared more like computer programs than humans, so there was no need to fear a machine. She commanded that they exit and never return, and out they went. The archetypes stomped around the room in anger, thirsting for power that they turned on Mack’s internal supply, sucking him like a straw.

News broke out that Mack had ended his life by hanging because he was backed into an energetic corner. When Fulgham heard the news about Mack, he laughed at the reflection in the mirror. He was next.

And this is the story of an Ayahuasquero Shaman who Abused a Suicidal Client then He Hung Himself

Choose your shaman, mentors, and healers wisely.

Deborah Bravandt
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