How a Bully and the Mirror Opposite are Different. A Bully Feels Threatened by a Person who feels Adoration Naturally as the Bully cannot Feel Love. A Bully Condemns that which is Not Complying with his or her Adoration Needs. Donald Trump looking into a mirror expressing his self deception of specialness

A Bully Transfers His Or Her Shame By Victimizing A Powerful Person

What makes a person cruel?

All humans desire adoration and acceptance. This is an explanation of how a Bully and the Mirror Opposite are different. A bully feels threatened by a person, the victim, who attracts adoration naturally as the Bully is incapable of attracting love from his or her circle of influence. A bully condemns that which is Not complying with his or her Adoration Needs.

A Bully Transfers his or her Shame by Victimizing a Powerful Person. The Powerful Person may hold divine gifts of integrity, humility, kindness, and impeccability all of which the Bully does not possess. The cruel one transfers his disempowerment like a financial transaction.

Empowerment is based in ethics, values, integrity, and impeccability, all of which the condemner does not comprehend. Bullies seek power, but it is not power through self improvement.

It is power seeking through theft and greed. It requires crossing the line of ethics, depicting someone as abhorrent, a villain, a threat, a predator, or a rapist without the person actually being any of those things. It is defamation of character.

Defamation is a word that expresses a lie. Lies are built on creating chaos, punishment, humiliation, and condemnation. Externally, the violent one is accumulating attention and money through his words and actions of assault. Internally, he is building an energetic cord to the victim’s DNA template to entrap the victim’s ability to manifest.

Just as your body needs food, your body needs light, which is the source energy that fuels your existence in this time and space matrix.

The violent one creates complexes such as blame-anger-violence, comparison-jealousy-revenge, and rejection-embarrassment-obsession. These thoughts, emotions, and mindsets become fixed objects in your physical body, creating distress and physical pain.

Dismantle the complex, you dismantle the bully. Break the energetic cord, you break the bully’s false power.

If words such as DNA template, lightbody, energetic cords, or complexes are foreign to you, please check out my articles and my  store that features courses.

Deborah Bravandt
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