7 soul responsibilities of starseeds during a stellar activation cycle

7 Soul Responsibilities of Starseeds During a Stellar Activation Cycle

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Resolve your patterns of Fear so that you can activate the earth's grids where you live

Activate your DNA Template to raise your frequency and the frequency of the planet

Help solve the polarity imbalances of humanity by resolving your anger, rage, and hatred

Drop the shadow body to activate divine love in your template and help the ascension of Earth

Learn about ascension mechanics so that you can ascend at death rather than reincarnate

Create the true marriage within by balancing your masculine and feminine frequencies

Resolve your reverse Merkaba spin by commanding the spin to be aligned to the divine blueprint

7 Soul Responsibilities of Starseeds During a Stellar Activation Cycle

If you struggle with the cycle of Fear and you are unable to manifest the reality you desire to see appear, you have options.

You can shut off the fear program and activate the divine love program by activating more of yourself. To activate more of yourself is to activate conscious awareness of your multi-dimensional nature. It is the action of turning on scalar waves at the quantum level.

Scalar waves are superluminal, so when you activate your Higher Self, you have raised your vibration. You have activated subconsciously held awareness by bringing it into conscious awareness. You have activated your dormant, junk DNA.

When you activate more of your subconscious mind, you embody your Soul purpose. Your soul purpose may be to:

  • activate the earth grids
  • activate your DNA to raise the frequency of the planet
  • help solve the polarity imbalances of humanity
  • activate divine love to help the ascension of Earth

These soul purposes resonate with Indigos and Starseeds.

Earth and humans are living through an Epic time period called the Stellar Activation Cycle, which occurs every 26,556 years. SAC’s are important periods of time because it is during these times that the process of biological Ascension is accelerated, also known as bio-regenesis of the DNA.

Carl Jung wrote about three stages of perceiving God. The Stellar Activation Cycle is the third stage of perceiving God, which is completion in which God and the Devil are integrated as one being.

Jehovah and Sophia, the separated God Creators, are experiencing completion of their polarity journey by joining back together as ONE being. The externalized war of the male and female rift is ending. They will ascend to their Monad outside of time and space in order to regain direct connection to divine love as a Christ is assisting this process, thus making them Soul Parents to humanity.

Ascension is Soul Ascension.

As your Soul regains divine love connection, you will be able to drop your shadow body, end the male-female rift within you, and regain a steady divine love connection.

All Stellar Activation Cycles are Soul Ascension and thus restoration for humanity as Jehovah and Sophia exist in your DNA template.

Tools are needed to restore Soul connection for starseeds, indigos, and humanity. Golden DNA Activation is a preferred vehicle for Soul Restoration, Soul Retrieval, Soul Purpose, Divine Love Activation, Emotional Intelligence, Prosperity, Higher Self Wisdom, and key for mastery on Earth.

How do you activate your DNA template? There are a variety of protocols available on the planet. The most effective method is the one that uses verbal commands and sacred geometry called the Codes of AH. The Codes of AH represent mathematical correction and balance based in Universal Laws. The Codes come from the Absolute Harmonic Universe, which is a perfected universe beyond our time and space matrix. Commands are essential as your DNA responds to words.

Jesus Christ chose to embody his Higher Self. He is called the Christ because he activated his Christ Consciousness, which means he activated his 12-strand DNA template. You can do the same. You embody your Christ Consciousness or Buddha Consciousness when you activate your 12-strand DNA template.

When you activate your DNA, you experience:

  • spiritual gifts like clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, intuition, telepathy, bi-location, and more
  • awareness of your soul purpose
  • soul retrieval and soul alignment
  • prosperity in line with your higher self
  • new people, places, things, times, and events
  • a life without the need to create drama
  • happiness, creativity, and bliss from the divine love frequency

Choose to embody the frequency of Divine Love. Choose to consciously create your life with Love. Choose to activate your DNA Now.

And this concludes 7 Soul Responsibilities of Starseeds During a Stellar Activation Cycle.

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