seven habits of highly dysfunctional people

Seven Habits of Highly Dysfunctional People

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When we fail in life, we are failing because we are being shown how our beliefs are out of alignment with success. In truth, there is no such thing as failure for it is only feedback. Yet, failure is destructive, painful, and the opposite of success.

All humans desire comfort in the form of success, thus you, like many others, desire to understand what keeps a person from being highly successful. Here are the 7 Habits of Highly Dysfunctional People:

Following a Belief System Even When it Goes Against Your Intuition

Intuition is a gift everyone is given but not everyone follows. It is one thing to listen to this inner, guiding voice and a whole other energy to follow.

Ignoring your inner truth can lead to danger. As an example, video footage has since been recovered from the Sewol ferry disaster in South Korea showing students wearing life vests in their cabins while expressing heightened fears that the boat was sinking. Why did only 155 students survive the sinking of the ferry out of 454 total students? The high school students were told by crew members to stay in their cabins and wait.

In the video clips on Youtube, it was clear that the students wanted to leave their cabins as they were listening to their inner voice that they were in danger. However, they chose to follow the belief system of obedience to their superiors as it is fiercely taught.  The belief to obey the crew was stronger than the belief to follow the inner voice to safety. I do not write this in judgment of the students, crew members, or the culture. I simply use it as an example that belief systems can harm people when it disagrees with your intuition.

Ignoring Feelings

Anger, jealousy, resentment, fear, and depression are indicators that something is not aligned in our energy field. If you choose to stomp your feelings down or ignore them, you only delay the healing process. If you choose to hide from your feelings by taking anti-depressants, it’s like turning the volume of music to mute.

If you want to be happy, you need to ask, “Why do I feel this way? What is the root cause of my misery?” When you choose to explore these feelings, you begin the healing process. Choosing to face your feelings and do something about it is a brave act. It opens the door to joy, love, and new opportunity.


When we do not speak our truth, lies become barriers to getting what we want in life. Lies create physical things that manifest as busy work, depression, and stagnancy. It’s like seeing the end but not honoring the bridge between the moat and the castle. Honest answers create integrity and personal power. Truth creates a life of ease and flow.

Laziness and Poor Diet

overeating is one of 7 habits of highly dysfunctional people 

Lack of exercise equals a poor tool for experiencing life. A diet of junk creates the wrong building blocks for a lasting body. When you eat healthy and exercise daily, the law of incremental effects is set into motion. You experience a sustainable attractor field of health.


An addiction to spending is a glaring indicator that the individual is not comfortable or happy with oneself. No amount of spending will bring satisfaction until the person gets to the core of why he or she needs things. An addictive spender does not love himself. Loving yourself unconditionally is the key.


Gossip is one of the seven deadly sins. 7 highly dysfunctional people. 

A diet of gossip is like a diet of Velveeta. It might taste good for a while, but in the end you feel miserable because you put plastic into your body. A diet of kind words, truth, reflection, and love is the key.

Accepting Fear as Normal

Fear is a low frequency energy that is designed to control your mind. No one has to accept the rule of fear or dis-ease of thought. The opposite of fear is unconditional love, which is a frequency of confidence, sovereignty, and self acceptance.

Humans have a difficult time breaking free of negative, dysfunctional patterns because these patterns have been encoded into the operating system of their minds. They are like viruses running in the control panel of the mind. To break free of these patterns, it requires an upgrade and a removal of all malevolent programs.

The biggest form of fear is God’s judgment. It’s the idea that God cannot and will not stand your choices and thus will destroy you upon death. It’s sort of two deaths packaged into one. Yet, when you die, you face your own internal judgment, which is your subconscious and unconscious mind fighting its lack of compassion and ability to apologize for bad behavior while theorizing that you had the right to do what you did. It’s survival mechanisms fighting rejection.

Ignore your feeling 7 habits of highly dysfunctional people 

Rejection is deeply rooted. You feel unloved, lost, and abandoned in a world in which God gave you up because he/she took away divine love. It’s perhaps the worst feeling a person could feel.

Did God give you up? No. You chose to leave Source/All That Is to experience reality then gain a Soul. It’s like leaving your parent to grow up and gain a new mentor parent who is more personable and accessible. The Soul is the ideal parent because because he/she sees you as an identity rather than a gestalt of consciousness. You become real, so the Soul becomes real.

How can you be destroyed upon death when you are already dead? This is a ridiculous idea. Will God’s judgment be so cruel to make sure that you suffer pain and tears for a thousand eternal years for your choices?

It’s time to let go of religion’s harsh beliefs about your choices. It hurts. It harms. It is unkind.

Religion states that you are a sinner for your actions. Your actions are simply forward motion with the intent to thrive, not just survive. Sometimes you just survive, but you want more than suffering. You want to love, expand, and feel happy. This is divine.

Religion is built upon the idea that choices are sin so that an intercessory intervenes and enforces the idea of blame, shame, and judgment in order to CONTROL. Would a religion survive without the idea of sin being exchanged for a man on the cross? No, it would not. Religion is an institution of shame and nothing less. It is designed to force one into enslavement of flaw, fault, and surrendering one’s precious free will choice.

If religions did not exist, you would work on yourself. You would apologize and make amends. This is healthy. This is normal. With religion, you believe you can be nothing bigger than a label called sinner. Without the label of sin, you are simply choosing. With the label of sin, you are forced into group thinking that enforces control with tithing, contributions, and donations. Without the concept of sin, churches would become extinct. Pastors would be unemployed and looking for jobs at gun manufacturing plants. Parishioners would be spending more time with their spouse one-on-one loving each other instead of pretending to love each other publicly. Former Christians would need to look themselves in the eye, find what is not attractive, and do the work to heal choices that do not align to their personal path of happiness. Choices exist, not sin.

Billionaires depend on the frequency of the homeless, homeless depend upon the frequency of the masses for handouts, the masses depend upon the frequency of friendship to evade guilt, and guilt as an entity depends upon humans buying into itself. Guilt is a mindset that depends upon an inherited belief system in sin, flaw, and damnation that a suffering, sinless, bleeding man — separate from you — can erase your choices and actions.

No one can erase choices and actions. Cruel actions exist just as kind actions exist. Mormons cannot erase Hitler’s cruelty by baptizing him post-mortem in their temples. Hitler’s actions are not washed cleaned of Jesus Christ’s blood. Jesus Christ did not pay for Hitler’s choices. Jesus Christ did not pay for anyone’s choices. This may be difficult to accept as humans depend upon escapism as a default mechanism for comfort. There is a deep fear in witnessing truth, enlightenment, or awareness that NO MAN, NO WOMAN, and NO GOD can erase your choices. Your actions exist.

What do you do to erase past actions? Rather than erase, consider apologizing. Consider growing up. Consider emotional intelligence. Try behaving like an adult who can say, “I’m sorry I yelled at you. I’m sorry I stole from you. I’m sorry I called you a rapist when you were not a rapist. I’m sorry I was the worst friend to you. I am sorry.”

Jesus does not take away your behavior. Guilt is a control program that causes laziness, postponement, and reincarnation. Sin is a lie. The idea that a bleeding man can take away your bad behavior is a massive lie that NEEDS TO STOP.

Own your behavior. Grow up. Apologize. Apologizing is a form of dissolving “sin” and an initiation into adulthood. This is emotional intelligence.

Erase the idea that someone outside of you can take away your choices. Erase laziness. Erase the mind virus of sin. Try DNA Activation.

Deborah Bravandt
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