Three Easy Tools to Tap into the Wisdom, Guidance, and Answers of your Higher Self

Three Easy Tools To Tap Into The Frequency Of Your Higher Self For Guidance

How do you tap into the wisdom of your Higher Self?

How do you know the difference between a manipulator and your Higher Self?

How do you know your Higher Self’s frequency?

Here are 3 Easy Tools to Tap into the Frequency of your Higher Self for Guidance.

First, look in the mirror. I know that sounds silly but your Higher Self looks like you. The only difference between you and your Higher Self is where it is stationed. The Higher Self is the god aspect of you located in dimensions 1 through 15, known as the Inner Child, Soul, Oversoul, Avatar, and Rishi. To tap into your Higher Self, change the angular rotation of particle spin in your body. Okay, that may be a little tougher to do than looking in the mirror so I will get to that later.

Second, hold out your left hand and say, “Connecting to my Higher Self.” Now ask your Higher Self a question that you know is a YES answer, such as, “Is fire hot?” Pay attention to your hand and fingers. A YES answer will feel like a faucet is turned on in your left hand, like energy is moving out your fingers and away from your hand.

Now try asking a NO answer, such as, “Is fire cold?” Again, focus on how it feels. A NO answer will feel like energy is pushing against your fingertips, or energy swirling underneath the palm of your hand rather than moving out, or that energy is stuck. This is a NO answer. If you can feel the subtle energy, you have successfully channeled your Higher Self.

Some individuals have told me, “Yes and no answers are not useful! I need a dialogue!” A dialogue between you and your Higher Self is indeed the goal and certainly possible. It takes practice to tune into the frequency that is your Higher Self.

Think about it. How often do you answer yes or no to another person, client, manager, employee, or opportunity? Daily! As you leave the grocery store, does a stranger ask you for money? What do you say? Yes or no? When your neighbor asks you for a donation to his charity, what do you say? Yes or no? When your spouse or significant other asks you to be intimate, what do you say? Yes or no? Yes and No questions are very direct, thus refined questions that evoke a definitive answer of YES or NO is a powerful gift you can develop.

Before you dialogue, know your Higher Self’s sound, color, symbols, and light. It is less about the voice and more about the feeling. Feel your Higher Self. Take one step at a time. Start with the goal of asking questions in order to get tuned into the frequency of your Higher Self.

This is a thought world in which thoughts, emotions, and mindsets of other human beings blend into your thought space through dream time and awake time. If you are dialoguing with an entity, be sure to know that it is your Higher Self as opposed to any human being who simply wants to own you like a slave master.

Let me give you an example. A woman had been dialoguing with her Higher Self for over a year. She had built up a relationship with Yes or No questions and dialogue from the practice of DNA Activation. Upon completion of DNA Activation, she could hear her Higher Self, which presented itself as both a male voice and female voice since the Higher Self is two-spirited, meaning that all aspects of YOU are composed of the masculine and feminine energies. During this timeframe of friendship development with her Higher Self, she also heard the voices of other men she was not familiar with.

While she was bathing, one man asked her to dictate. She said, “I am bathing right now. Who are you?” She could feel the frequency of the entity as being less than kind, quite arrogant, and far too intense. The entity claimed to be her Higher Self even though it did not feel like the frequency of her Higher Self as the masculine energy of her Higher Self is that of a gentleman, not a sadist.

When she resisted, the unknown male entity became belligerent and delivered words of insult masked with a pop song. She was familiar with the concept of occupants, which is another word for entities who like to take up space in your lightbody to pretend to own you and thus live off your energy. Perhaps you have heard the term “master” or “handler?” She knew it was his goal to circumvent the relationship she had with her Higher Self by forcing a false position as the handler of her free will choice. She quickly did a command to remove this entity from all levels of her DNA template and consciousness, and it was done.

Not so ironically, she would meet this man in real life within a week of this event. He forcefully followed her at a Costco store then started a conversation about coffee brands since the woman was shopping for coffee. She immediately recognized his voice. He was determined to force her to buy a specific brand of coffee as he wanted to know if he had control of her free will. She stood her ground and said, “No. I’ll buy the brand I like.” He walked away realizing he had not gained power as her handler or false Higher Self.

Third, take this relationship with your Higher Self to a deeper level by inviting dialogue, guidance, and answers by turning on more of your god self. God Self is another word for God Realization that you are indeed from Source Consciousness and All That Is, an individuation of the gestalt that is God, and thus you are a god creator.

How can you go to a deeper level of communication with your Higher Self? My practice has been activating the DNA template, which is a term for using visualization, sacred geometry, intention, and words to access the divine and personal power. When you activate the dormant, esoteric DNA within your body, you find your Higher Self. For example, when you activate your 4th, 5th, and 6th DNA strands, you embody your SOUL SELF. The Soul is the Higher Self, as is the Oversoul, Avatar, and Rishi Self.

Generally speaking, you do not have to activate your DNA template to create a relationship with your inner child as the inner child is part of dimensions 1 and 2. Humans are born with 3 DNA strands activated upon birth, so it useful to tap into this element of your consciousness that enjoys life and creativity. If you do not relate to joy, DNA activation will help restore this relationship.

What is the god self? Many people believe that Jesus Christ was the Christ because He died on the Cross. Not so. He was the Christ because He activated all 12-strands of His DNA and embodied the Christos Avatar Higher Self while on Earth. He was not a Messiah but a MaShaYa. “Jesus became what all of you must be. …Is he the Christ? O yes, along with you” (The Course of Miracles pages 83-84).

I believe that Jesus Christ turned on divine love by learning how to change his angular rotation of particle spin to a specific degree. We live in a reality that contains 360 degrees of experience of thoughts, emotions, and mindsets. Thoughts are really judgment. You can experience judgment expressed as shame, aggression, rejection, greed, lies, comparison, failure, and competition towards other human beings. Judgment or thoughts are expressed outwards towards a specific person because you are honing in on that person’s power in the form of attaching a cord to another person’s lightbody. Just as we need food, water, and air to survive, we need light to thrive in a complex 15 dimensional fallen reality.

You can also experience 360 degrees of indicators known as emotions, such as anger, fear, disgust, anxiety, jealousy, guilt, shock, and grief. You can experience 360 degrees of punishment known as mindsets, such as violence, obsession, lust, blame, depression, hatred, regret, and doubt.

All of these experiences are painful. None of these experiences invite joy into your reality.

Young Oon Kin said, “Jesus is no different from other men.” (Divine Principle and its Application, Moonies (HSA-UWC, 1968) page 75). J. D. Buck said, “It is far more important that men should strive to become Christs than that they should believe that Jesus was Christ.” (Mystic Masonry, page 62) If this is so, how can we tap into the wisdom that Jesus understood? I believe Jesus understood the reality of 360 degrees of experience, which is to say that he understood that one degree was the degree of divine love amongst 359 degrees of pain. I believe that specific degree is 45 degrees and it can be commanded as your guiding degree for life. It is divine love.

“Who is God? You! You!” (Supreme master Ching Hai)

“You are gods, in this earth, and it’s about time we start operating like gods instead of a bunch of mere powerless humans” (Creflo Dollar, Changing your world April 17, 2002 LeSea Broadcasting)

“Look behind you, your neighbor in front, to your right and left, that is what God looks like. Alright, you are satisfied? God said, ‘God made man in His own image.’ So if you want to find God, look at your neighbors. Each one of us houses God inside.” (Supreme master Ching Hai)

“The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself.” (Helen Schucman A Course in Miracles, page 147)

How do you successfully command your angular rotation of particle spin be set to 45 degrees? It requires practice. It requires a methodology or an approach to life that demands an active approach to doing the work of god realization. You cannot sit and watch TV expecting that your Higher Self will suddenly start talking to you because he or she was bored prior to this moment. You must request, focus, and do the work of DNA Activation. You must do the steps. This is a reality of focus, determination, and active seeking for truth; otherwise you simply fall into the drifting of mass consciousness.

Take the journey to activate your DNA and meet your Higher Self.

Deborah Bravandt
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