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I use distinct tools in live sessions and the courses for restoring personal power. Thoughts, emotions, and mindsets remain fixed in the body to create pain known as complexes. Complexes are like knots in the consciousness that loop and re-create the same reality with ascending intensity. Divine Love Blueprint is a method designed to transmute the source of looping pain using words, Universal Laws, Sacred Geometry, and Frequency.

About Deborah Bravandt 2019
Deborah Bravandt — Proprietor

Your subconscious mind responds words as your DNA responds to words. Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered that the genetic code in junk DNA follows grammar and usage rules virtually identical to the human language. Junk DNA was laden with indications of intelligence, purpose, and meaning.

Dr. Jeff Delrow discovered that the A, T, G and C of DNA naturally form fractal structures closely related to human speech patterns. Just as negative, painful words lead to anger, anxiety, degradation, guilt, aggression, humiliation, depression, and resentment, so can positive, powerful words create happiness, creativity, love, and abundance.

Universal Laws are immutable, unchanging, perpetual principles that govern divine right action as they are based in ethics. Universal Laws are woven into the fabric of all creation. In a Fallen Reality like Earth, Universal Laws have been temporarily side stepped, which leads to chaos, greed, and annihilation. Universal Law is the balancing force of fairness and equinimity, which is embedded in the Codes of AH™.

Ivonne Delaflor creates the Codes of AH™, which are the frequency of a living light entity. The remarkable process and uniqueness of  their creation stage is that every single intent has a different energy signature, color, tone and shape which is matched with the vision given by the Intelligent Space to Ivonne.

Shakti is a Sanskrit term for divine feminine energy. Shakti is an experience characterized by tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. It creates expansion, heightened senses, joy, soul memory, healing, balance of emotions, and infinite creative power. A shaktipat transmission can be compared to autonomous sensory meridian response or ASMR. Shakti is the 528 hertz frequency.

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What Clients Have to Say

A lot of changes and transformations I can tell! I felt like some sort of layer of perception was like pulled of my eyes. I started to notice the world around me in a complete different way. More in a state of peace, completely present and observing. Yesterday I received a crystal clear vision of where to focus on in order to serve other self employed professionals with a video marketing service.
After each Skype session with Deborah there were great changes happening during the next 48 hrs. The “unplugging” from prior unconscious agreements and contracts is essential to be able to free yourself to fully follow your own Divine Wisdom well beyond the 5th Dimension. Deborah had offered me a tool for create more changes and I highly recommend this empowering process.
Hi Deborah, I hope this message finds you well. Thank you so much for last year's DNA activation. I cannot tell you how much my life has changed for the better. I have told a lot of people about you. Take care.
Dear Deborah. I missed you this evening, I must confess. I couldn't wait for Tuesday to come to meet with you on Skype for the session. I couldn't believe all is over. You are very loving to work with and I thank you greatly for the little time we had together. Blessings and Love. Thank You.
United States

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